Prayers of the people 17

Jesus, we know one day you will help us enter into the world where there is love, joy and peace.
Thank you for this wonderful hope.

Jesus Christ, thank you for being present in our life.
Thank you for nurturing us to be your disciples.
Thank you for guiding us daily to discover a wonderful life in you.
Thank you for showing us the direction that you design for us.
Thank you that you help us trust in you in all circumstances.

Thank you for all the gifts and talents that you give us so that we can serve you and others.
Forgive us if we have ever misused your gifts only for selfish purpose or only for our pride.

We believe in you who rule the universe.
Thank you for helping us to look to you.
Thank you for helping us to seek your kingdom and your righteousness.
Thank you for adding all the good things in our life.
Thank you for helping us to work for you who are the source of all blessings.
Thank you for helping us to find the meaning and true value in you.
Thank you for making us new creatures in you.
Thank you for healing our minds, and filling them with your love and faith.

Now to you we entrust our families and friends, all who have asked for our prayers, who pray for us.
We lift these names up to you silently.

We also pray for those whose names are not spoken but remained in our hearts.

Jesus, you provide all the blessings.
Give them also healings if they need healing.
Give them peace and understanding.
Show yourself to them if they need to know that you are near.

Today, we again pray for a miracle.
May you show up in our classrooms, in our worships, and in our life.
May teachers, preachers, students altogether be blessed today, because you are able to work here today.

We pray this in your name.