Something Beautiful Sunday

Prop: a handy microphone

This is Something Beautiful Sunday when you can share something that is beautiful to you.
We have Something Beautiful Sunday on the last Sunday of every month.

So, you can share about something that is meaningful to you.
It can be songs, words, pictures, or anything.
You can share something that you are thankful for in these days.
You can share little bitty testimonies or stories that show that God was in action in your life.

(If no one says anything) I brought something here today. This is “These Days.” This is a daily devotional material or book where you can use to read daily and pray along with it. I don’t know whether you are familiar with Quiet Time. When I was a young Christian, I was encouraged to have a Quiet Time with God daily, in the morning. It means that you spend some times alone with God before doing anything else. I am still doing today. It makes my day starts. It is something beautiful to me.

(At the end) This is your opportunity to share with your faith community about what you are thankful for these days. In this way, you can encourage and edifies other believers in faith.

Let's pray: Christ, thank you for being our life.