Prayers of the people 16

Jesus, you love us.
You know what we need.
You know we need you.
We need your faith.
We need the Holy Spirit.

So you gave us the Holy Spirit.
So, through the Holy Spirit we find the way of the truth.
Through the Holy Spirit, we learn to trust and believe and turn to you Jesus.

May we grasp and understand the language of the Holy Spirit.
Help us listen no matter how gently or softly the Holy Spirit speaks.
May we be quiet and pay attention and listen what the Holy Spirit speaks to us.
May we understand the Holy Spirit and make the Holy Spirit comfortable living among us.
Help us to learn how the Holy Spirit is speaking to us.
Remind us of what the Holy Spirit is saying today.

Jesus, may we learn to obey you daily.
May we understand you, Jesus, the Words of God.
May we love what you love!
May we love you and serve you.
We learn to give thanks in all situations.

Now we would like to pray for our family and friends and those who ask for our prayer and those who pray for us.

Jesus, believing you, we proclaim your faith:
They are new creation in you!
They are new creation in you.
Help them to experience your healings.
Help them to understand the meaning of your story.
Help them to think your thoughts.
Help them to love you and follow you.

Thank you for protecting our families and friends.
We also pray for all those remained in our heart.
Show yourself to them even now.
Help them to live in faith, instead of fear.
Give them healings, understandings, right knowledge for their lives.
May God’s love flow through our church to the world.

Now some of us are about to teach children and youths.
Thank you for guiding us and leading us.
Touch and heal us and our minds.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we may speak what Holy Spirit want to speaks and live according to your good will.
Jesus, this is your school.
This school happens when you take over and teach.
Then we will see and be amazed what you are doing with us.

So, Jesus, please take over and teach through us, in us and among us.
Guide children and guard their minds.
Help them to love you.
Help them to find hope in you.
Help them to live like you.
May we all receive your grace.
May you receive all the glory and honors and praise, because you are accomplishing all the good works here.
Thank you.
We pray this in Jesus name. Amen.