Luke 15:1-10 (6)

A children sermon for vbs
Reading: Luke 15: 1-10, (Matthew 28:16-20)

Prop: some coins, a large coin in a small bag

Hello friends.
Do you know what this is?
Right, I brought some coins.

Now, I have a question.
What do you think I would do if I lost some coins?
(Drop some of coins in various places. Pretend that you don’t know.)
Would I just walk away?
I may ask you to help me find them, right?
So, help me find my coins. (Let children put them in the bag.)
Thank you for finding my coins.

Now I have another question.
Have you also ever lost your money and found them again?
Was it a lot of money?
Now think about the time when you find them?
What did you feel?
Did you feel joy?

You know, Jesus is also looking for something.
He always looks for something.
Do you know what he is looking for?
Jesus looks for people.

So, Jesus told this story, a long time ago.
He said: There was a woman who had ten big coins like this. Then she lost one coin. She then lights a lamp and sweep the house and search and search until she finds it. When she found it, she invited all of her friends and had a party at her house.
Then Jesus said that this is how God feels when God find people.

But I have another question.
Can God really lose people?
How can God love people?
It may happen when people don’t understand God and run away.
They may think that God is mad at them. So they run away.
Since they are hurry in running away, they do things without thinking and without asking God.
Then they may make mistakes. Then they blame people and God.

That makes God sad and God feels God lost them.
God wants everyone to love God and love people.
God wants to be their friend.

God wants to be part of your life, because you are very important to God.
God wants to be with you and protect you.
God looks for you because God loves you.

So, when we love God and love people, God rejoices and says “I have found you again.” God throws a party in haven and celebrates.

Now I have the last question?
What do you think God would feel if you help people to love God, and love people?
God would jump up and down in joy with all the angels in heaven, because God really loves them and cares for them.

God looks for people because God loves them.
God wants to find them and bring them to right places in life.
So, let us help people to open up to God, and experience forgiveness and a wonderful life. OK?

Let’s pray: God thank you for finding us. Help us to fund people for you too, so that they may be with your always. In your name we pray, Amen.