Living waters for the world

Now let me explain one of the reasons why we do this concert.

(1) Have a look at these kids.
What do you think they are doing?

They are going to a nearby river to get some waters.
They know the water is not clean.
But they have to drink something you know.
(3) Because they don’t have this facet at home or at their village, they have no other choice.

(2) So, sometimes they use this yellow container to travel very far every day to get water.
Then, they drink the water.
Then, because of that, they get sick.
Some die, usually children.

(1) So, let me introduce an organization.
It is called “living waters for the world.”
What do they do?
(3) The purpose of this organization is to provide clear water.
So, they train people to go and put this water filtration system in various villages and in various towns.

(4) Then they teach local people how to use this machine.
Then these people can have clean water.
(5) See they have clean water.

So, after this concert, as you go out, you will have a chance to give your donations.
(2) Then we will send the donations to this organization so that they may continually provide clean water in various villages.

So, today, we have two purposes for our concert.
The first one is to remember that Jesus Christ is born.
The second one is to help people to have clean water.
Sound good, right?