John 19:26–27

3. “Woman, here is your son,” “Here is your mother.”
Reading: John 19: 17-37, John 19:26–27
K-hymn: 135 (434), 144, 469, 181 (Gospel), 545

Jesus took the risk of faith.
Then Jesus was on the cross.
Finishing his ministry, Jesus said that he would die like this.
Jesus had to die like this.
In this way, he carried away all our sorrows.
In this way, he opened up the heaven so that people would have a new living relationship with God.
In this way, he updated the old temple in Jerusalem.
Then Jesus became the new eternal temple through which people would receive forgiveness and salvation.

But then on the cross Jesus might have thought about his mother.
Because she came.
Jesus didn't want to show her this painful sight.

She felt terrible looking at her son at the cross.
Standing near her, there was John who also felt terrible.
Looking at them Jesus felt painful as well.

Mary was taking care of him ever since she became the mother of Jesus.
Mary was biologically wired to take good care of him.
It was in her DNA.
She would not know how to stop caring for him.

Humanly speaking, Jesus might have worried, looking at his mother under the shadow of his cross.
Jesus might have worried about his mother:
What if his mother becomes bitter carrying han?

So looking at her, Jesus might have said something like this:
“Mom, forgive all people.
I am ok.
Everything will be ok.
Forgive everyone.
You have done something so beautiful for all humanity.”

Then Jesus saw John.
Jesus loved this man.
So Jesus gave him something to do.
Jesus might have said something like this to the disciple:
“I am leaving.
I am not bitter.
I am still trying to build something good.
Now I am going to honor my mother through you.
I want you to take good care of my mother.
Help her to carry her cross.
Help her.”

Then he said to his mother looking at John:
“My lady, here is your son.”

Then he told to the disciple:
“Here is your mother.”

Then the disciple might have nodded to say:
“I promise.”
Then the disciple took her into his home, and carried out his new assignment.
And Jesus might have been very thankfully.

Then after three days Jesus rose again.
Then Jesus came to her mother to comfort her.

John was also rejoicing.
He saw Jesus’ resurrection
He saw Jesus’ ascension.
Then for the rest of his life, John preached the story of Jesus.

John also remembered his promise.
So John took good care of the mother.
John also learned about Jesus' childhood from the mother of Jesus.
John also shared with her about the ministry of Jesus that he witnessed so closely.
John lived a long life.
I assumed he took good care of the mother.

Today is Good Friday.
We remember that on this day Jesus died on the cross.
Today the world is remembering Jesus.
Then today Jesus may be saying something like this to all:
"Thank you for remembering me.
I am here with my good Father God.
So don’t worry about me.
Instead, take care of each other.
Take good care of each other just like John and my mother took care of each other."

As Jesus says this, maybe he is with all those who have gone before us to heaven.
Then these people may say something like this in heaven:
"Thank you for remembering us from time to time.
We are with Jesus.
So don’t worry about us.
Instead just like Jesus said, take good care of each other.
Take good care of each other, just like Jesus took care of his students and his mother."

Let’s pray:
Christ Jesus, thank you for your presence with us.
Whether you are visible or not, we know you are close to each one of us.

It is unbelievable sometimes, that you find joy in us.
You find beauty in us.
Then in order to help us even more beautiful, you died for us and rose again for us and ascended into heaven for us.
Then you will come back again one day to establish a new world.

Help us to take good care of each other.
Help us to see the goodness that resides in each everyone of us.

Help us to live your life on earth.
In Jesus name, we pray.