Mark 10:13-16 (3)



Jesus, the Child of God
Reading: Mark 10:13-16

About this time, Jesus becomes very famous.
He is well known as an authoritative spiritual leader.
So, people brought their children to Jesus.
Children felt peaceful and joyful coming to Jesus.

Jesus understands the mind of children and wants to have fun with them.
He is about to play with children.
He loves to welcome their childlikeness.
He was about to bless these children.

But the disciples rebuked the parents and drove them away.
They were moving away from Jesus.
This kind of actions didn’t give Jesus peace.

So, Jesus was like:
“Yo! Let the little children come to me. They are special.
I like them. I am theirs. Let them come to me, just as they are.
Let them experience my blessings.
O, how I wish that people would come to me like these children.
Then they would experience the eternal life.
They would feel joy.
They would feel peace.”

Jesus stopped his students because he worried how these children would feel because of their words and actions.
Then, he blessed them.
He loves to bless them.
Jesus loves to bless their lives.

When Jesus blesses, what does he do?
He imagines with God.
He discusses things over with God.
He listens to God’s plan.
Then he prays that God may act for them.
He prays that they may live peacefully.
He prays that God may solve their problems.
He prays that they may meet the wise God.

God created them, beautifully based on God’s imagination.
Jesus wanted to serve them beautifully based on God’s imagination.

Here he also shows that it does not require much to welcome children.
You don’t need a big house and a lot of wealth.
You just need to be simply there, sharing what you have from God.
So, here, Jesus simply welcomes them and prays for them.
No giving a toy or cookies.
He simply stands up for them.

Children have their own imagination.
Following their imagination, they can go out, run around, jump around, and become a superman, batman or something like that.
They can travel time and space. (Teleport)
Everything is possible.
Their imagination is their art.
Later in their lives, they may start imagining a life they want to live.

Sometimes, children like to act like someone and have fun.
They play acting this person or that person.
They learn things acting like this person or that person.
They learn to think like this person or learn to think like that person.
Playing like that, they are becoming someone.

So, sometimes, they need someone to respect and act like.
At this time, Jesus wants to show who he is.
He wants to say: “How about me?”

When Jesus welcomes children, Jesus is welcoming their imagination.
Jesus desires to protect their imagination.
Jesus wants to help their imagination find a right path.
Jesus wants them imagine with him.
He wants them to imagine that God feels joyful, being with children.
Looking at Jesus, they would imagine, daydream and plan something.
Children need this.

Then later, they would remember:
“When I did that, I felt joyful. Wait a minute. Being with Jesus was also peaceful and joyful.”
Then they may imagine what would be like if they follow Jesus.

Jesus says in the bible: (Matt 18:5)
When we welcome children in his name, we welcome him.
When we welcome children in the name of Jesus, we welcome Jesus, their creator.
When we welcome children thinking of Jesus, we welcome Jesus himself.

Jesus is calling for those who humble enough welcome children.
Jesus is calling people to guide them and teach knowing that they are precious.
Jesus is calling people to engage with them in their imagination; listen to their thoughts; and allow them to share what they receive from God.
Jesus is asking people help them imagine correctly about God.
Jesus might have imagined a world of joy and peace of children.

Jesus, as the Son of God, follows his joy and peace.
So, when we follow him, sometimes, we may feel his joy and his peace.
Have you felt peaceful in Jesus?
Have you felt joyful in God?
Have you felt peace in the Holy Spirit?

This feeling may inform you are experiencing Jesus.
This feeling comes as we are about to enter into the promise/word of Jesus.
When we follow our peace, we end up in the promise land.

For example, Jesus says, “Bless your enemy.”
That is the word has a promise in it.
So, we believe him and bless people.
When we obey his request for love, we find peace.

You can just imagine what you would feel when you bless your enemy.
Then you even feel peace already.

But then how can we bless our enemy?
We bless them, imagining a wonderful world for them,
We bless them, imagining that they get all kind of blessings.
We pray that they receive good idea and thoughts.
We pray that what their all wishes may happen for them.
We pray that they may receive spiritual blessings as well as material blessings.
Then we will find our own peace.

When we try to obey his teaching, we understand him.
Obeying the words of Jesus, we understand the character of God.
When we welcome children, we understand Jesus.
Then we can explain who Jesus is.
Then we can introduce who God is.
Then we can live humbly the truly rich life that Jesus talks about.
So, may you be able to imagine like Jesus.

When the disciples tried to drive the children away, why Jesus was so upset?
He lost his peace.
There were some kind of thoughts and impressions that give him peace.
But when people love God and love children, he finds peace.

So, when Jesus makes an important decision, he gives it a time to think.
He may wait for a peaceful conviction from God.
He may give enough time until a decision comes to him or form within him.
Then he is able to make things in God’s speed.
He is able to build things according to the heart of God.
He is able to build things that last forever.

Do you wait for Jesus to lead you?
Do you wait to have a conviction?
Then you may have less regret.

It means that if we don’t know what to do, we don’t do anything.
We wait. Be still. Be very still.

God will say things about that.
God will guide you.

Then we want to know:
Am I ready to move toward it?
What kind of effort would I make to move toward?
Do I feel peace thinking about moving forward with this idea?
Is this idea good for everyone?
It is something I cannot give up?

When we are sure enough of this, we try out.
Try out the idea.
Test it out.

Then if we make mistakes, God is there to uphold us.
We sometimes make mistakes in our life.
But Jesus forgives us and restores our life.

When you find a roadblock, find another path for life.
Jesus will create new things.
Jesus will find another way for you.

When we make decisions feeling peace, we may make the world toward a peaceful society.
Then we may be able to love children and make a better place for them to live in.
More children may find the love of Christ in their heart.

You are children of God.
God plants God’s idea and imagination in you.
God is dreaming things through you.
God will show what God wants you to do.
Have faith and persist in doing it.

Note: Additional reading: Isaiah 11:6-10