Map (2)

A children sermon:

(Showing a map of the world)
What is this?
Right, it is a map of the world.
Do you know where you live in this map?
Right, we live here.

Where is Korea?
Right, Korea is right here.
Most of your parents are born here.

Do you know where China is?

This summer some of our adults will go here from our church.
It is called Nicaragua.

Do you know where Jesus lived?
This is called Israel or Palestine.
It is right here.
Let’s come closer.
This is where Jesus was born and lived.

If we make large this part, it looks like this.
This is where Jesus was born: Bethlehem.
Bethlehem means the house of bread.
Jesus grows up here: Nazareth. (Point out in the map).
This is where he is baptized: Jordan River.
Jesus found Peter, a disciple of Jesus fishing here.
This is where Jesus is died: Jerusalem.
After that, the good news of Jesus spreads all over Europe and reaches to America and Korea.

Since they use different languages, they write Jesus differently.
Remember five countries: USA, Korea, China, Israel, and Nicaragua.
Now let me show how they write Jesus. (Count 5)
Like this.

What is this first word?
Right in English we write Jesus like this: Jesus

What is the next?
Right in Koreans we write Jesus like this, right: 예수님.
What about this?
Do you know how Chinese write Jesus?
It is like this: 耶稣.
Do you know how they say these?

Number 4 is a Hebrew word.
This is how Jesus would have written his name, in Hebrew: ישוע.
It reads Yeshua.
Unlike Korean or English, Hebrew goes from right to left.
This name means God saves; God helps.
What a perfect name!

Now I told you that some of our adults will go to Nicaragua for a short-term mission trip.
Nicaragua speaks Spanish. In Spanish Jesus is written like this: Jesús.
(You may ask children to say after you.)

So, this is the world that Jesus loves so much.
And they use many different languages.
So, if we want to tell them about Jesus, we need to know their languages.
Anyway, since Jesus loves this world, let’s pray for this world.
Ok? Let’s pray.

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for your coming, two thousand years ago. And thank you for your coming back to life. Thank you for loving us and remembering this world. Thank you also for guiding our way. Jesus, we pray for all the people on this earth. May they know that you love them! In the name of Jesus, Amen.