John 6:51-58 (3)


Jesus, our living bread
Reading: John 6:51-58 (3)
Additional Reading: Isaiah 55
Blanks: heaven, forever, eternal life, feeds on me
K-hymn: 214 (gospel)

When Jesus is saying that he is our living bread, what is Jesus saying?
Jesus wants to be part of our life wherever we go.
Then at the same time, Jesus wants us to have his life in us.
So, we need to eat this bread.
When we eat this bread, we say that we are going to live his life.
We are going to let him live inside of us.
And we will recognize that Jesus is with us everywhere we go.

In the time of Jesus, you have to have bread to eat a meal.
So, Jesus wants us to be the essential part of our life.

Now Christian has been wondering how we can do that.
(1) Then we figure here are five things that we can do to have Jesus as the essential part of our life.
That is, you worship God, have Christian fellowship, practice spiritual habits, do evangelism, and serve others.
In this way, you may have Jesus part of your life.

(2) Sometimes, you may “worship” more than “fellowship.”
(3) Sometimes, you may practice spiritual habits more than “service.”
But as you practice these, you may have Jesus with you.

So, let’s think about these five actions plans.

Worship God:
Worship God means that we lift Jesus higher with our words and actions.
We honor Jesus who is our Lord and our God.
We say to Jesus that we love him and want to love him.
We think of him and meditate on him.

Christian Fellowship:
It means that we need each other.
We need to pray for each other.
We need to learn how to follow Jesus together.
We need to talk about this among ourselves.
We need to help each other to follow Jesus.

Spiritual Habits:
We need to have some spiritual habits that we can repeat over and over.
Then as we maintain our habits, we will think about Jesus and study about him.
Then it will help us to grow in him.

What kind of habits can we have?
You can set aside a daily time with God.
You can pray daily at certain hour.
You can pray for others, study God’s Words, or evangelize.
Find some habits that help you.
God will guide you to have some good habit.
Then as you repeat those habits, you will get close to God.
Then you will hear God better and be able to live obediently to God.
Then you may be more fruitful in Jesus.

Jesus also maintained his spiritual habits.
He blessed those who persecuted him.
He prayed often.
Jesus prayed alone very often.
He prayed alone when he needed to make important decisions.
He taught people continually.
He kept Jewish festivals: such as the Passover.
Then he used all these to serve God.

You need to share this story of Jesus.
You need to find your ways to share the story of Jesus.
As you share, you will understand more about Jesus.
In order to evangelize, you need to invite the Holy Spirit to help you.
When the Holy Spirit governs your life, people around you will be saved.

Find something that you can do for others.
Find something that you can give to others.
You need to share Christ’s love through your words and deeds.
As you serve others like this, you will be able to live Jesus’ life.

But with what power can we serve God?
(2) We are not supposed to use only our power.
The Holy Spirit will help you to serve.
The Holy Spirit will give you various gifts and talents to serve.
Then as you use those ability, gift and talent, you can serve God.

(3) Here are some lists of spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit may give.
Which one is yours? (see ppt)
Your spiritual gift may be teaching, praying for others, evangelizing, comforting, and leadership and so on.
Find your spiritual gifts.

The Holy Spirit may have given you at least one of these gifts.
As you use one of your gifts, the Holy Spirit will help you develop new abilities and talents to serve God.
Then you will know who you are.
You don't need many spiritual gifts.
You just need to use your gift to serve others.
As you use your gifts to serve others, you will understand Jesus better.
As you serve him, you will know how Jesus may have served other people.

(3) Also, God uses you according to your personality.
So, God wants you to be you.
You don’t have to be someone else.
So, ask yourself these questions to find out your gift:
What do you love to do?
When do you feel peaceful?
When are you most productive?
What abilities or talents do you have?

God may even use your experiences to help others.
So, remember to utilize your experiences to serve God.
As you find your calling as you serve other people.
As you serve God, you realize your calling.
(2) Then you can discover your true gift and talent in God.
Then you can do something good for others.
You can serve God more.
Then you can help other people to know God.

When you live practicing these, you will be able to live the life of Jesus, wherever you are.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to get to know you.
May we share your story to understand you more.
May we practice good spiritual habits to get to know you.
May we serve others to know you and understand you.
May we worship you truly so that we may know you truly.
In this way, may we live your life.
In Jesus name, we pray.