Mark 12:1-12

(A children sermon)

Reading: Mark 12:1-12
Props: apples and a hat for a farmer.

Narrator: Today, I need 5 volunteers to tell a story.
Thank you.
I need you to be actors.
Three of you will be apple trees. You stand here.
You will be a farmer. You stand here. (Give a hat)
And you will be Jesus. You stand here.
I will guide you, ok?
We are ready.

Narrator: There was a great orchard.
In this orchard, we had many apple trees.
Jesus helped these trees to produce wonderful apples.
Jesus would say:
“Relax. Good. God has planted here.
God provides you sun and water.
Receive good energy from sun.
Receive good nutrition from the land.
And, relax. God will work through you. OK?”

Narrator: Then one by one, they had wonderful apples.
(Give apples to their hands) These trees felt good.

Then Jesus sent a farmer to pick some of these apples.
But the trees didn’t want to give.
They were like:
“Don’t touch it.
Don’t pick my apples.
Leave them alone.
It looks nice on me.”

Then the farmer came to Jesus and explained the situation.
Then Jesus came and said:
“They need your apples.
Share what you have.
Trust me. I can give you more apples.
I will help you.”

But they said:
“No. This is mine. This is ours. Leave us alone.”

(2) Then Jesus showed them this picture and said:
“Do you see these rotten apples?
If you don’t give, your apples will be like this.
So share your apples.
Let this farmer have your apple.
Then God will give you more apples.”

What do you think about this story?

Sometimes, God wants to produce something good through you.
God gives you ability and power.
Then God produces something good through you.
God does so that you may also give something back.

Like these apple trees, they can give their apples.
They can use their talents and ability to give something to others.
But if they keep only for yourself, it may be rotten.
It may become ugly.

When God produces something good through you, God may want you to share.
Trust God that you will continually produce more and more because of God.
God will work through you continually.
So, let’s us share what we have. OK?

Let’s pray:
Christ, thank you for helping us to produce wonderful fruits.
Help us share nicely. We want to share.
May you help us to use our ability for those who in need.
In your name we pray. Amen.

Thank you actors. Now you can go to your class. Right, you can put your apples here.