Matthew 5: 14-16 (1)


(A children sermon for a Hallelujah Night)
Reading: Matthew 5: 14-16
Prop: a box, candles and the Christ Candle

(2) Have you heard about this song?
“This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine. (x 3)
Let it shine. (x 3)
Everywhere I go, I am going to let it shine. (x 3)
Let it shine. (x 3)”

Ok, we are going to learn about the meaning of this song.

Now what is this?
Yes, it is a candle.
Let’s say that this is Jesus’ Candle.
This candle is not Jesus.
But let’s say that this candle represents Jesus, ok?
Using this candle, we can think about how Jesus can be our light.

The Bible says Jesus is the light of the world.
Jesus is here to shine the light.
How can Jesus be the light of the world?
Let’s think about that.
So, let’s light this candle.

Now have you ever been afraid of something?

What do people do when they are afraid of something?
They hide, right?
Me, too.
In fact, when I am afraid of something, I like to hide myself in the box.
(Hide in the box)
Then I feel I am safe.

But then Jesus come bringing his light. (Bring the Christ Candle near the box)
Then Jesus may stay with me awhile.
Then Jesus helps me to get comfortable with his light.
Then Jesus may also say:
“I am your light.
So, don’t be afraid.
I will be with you.
I will travel with you.”
Since Jesus is with me, I know I am safe.
Then I may feel peaceful.
Then I may travel with Jesus following his light.
I can go anywhere with Jesus.

But sometimes if I am afraid, I may want to go back to the box.
Then Jesus may encourage me to follow him, because then everything will be ok.

Jesus is God who created the heaven and earth.
Jesus can protect me.
Jesus is powerful.
Jesus can guide me into the right path.
So, I don’t need to be afraid.

So, I can come out of the box.
I can do something good with Jesus.
I can help people and shine God’s light.
That is what we can do with our lives.

In this way we can shine the light that Jesus gives us.
So, let’s practice.
We are going to give you a candle.
Everyone, have a candle.
(Give out candle)
When every one of you has a candle, we are going to turn off all these electric lights.
Are you going to be afraid?
Don’t worry.
I will keep this light of Jesus alive.

What we are doing is to practice shining the light of Jesus.
We will try to receive the light from this Jesus candle.
We will all share the light.
In this way we will think about what is like to share the light of Jesus.

Are you ready?
Ok, turn off the light please.
Now from this Jesus candle, let’s all share.
When you receive the light, share with your neighbors, ok?

When you have the light, you shine the light.
When you have the light, you can share your light with your friends and with your family.

Another way we can shine the light, is to pray for people.
Then God will do something good for them.
God will shine the light of Jesus for our friends and for our family.
So now let’s ask God to keep them safe.
Let’s pray:

God, thank for you giving us your light.
Thank you for giving us your peace.
May you be always with us.
May we share your peace and your light with our friends and family.
May you keep them safe.
May you bless them giving them wisdom and peace.
Give them power to follow you.
In Jesus name, we pray.

Now let’s sing this song one more time:
“This little light of mine, I am going to let it shine. (x 3)
Let it shine. (x 3)
Everywhere I go, I am going to let it shine. (x 3)
Let it shine. (x 3)”

Now we are going to turn on the light.
Now you can blow off your candle.
Teachers, please collect the candles.

Jesus says that we are the light of the world.
Jesus will shine God’s light through us.
So, now let us go out from this place and allow Jesus to shine God’s light through us.

Now for our second programs, we are also going to play some games and learn stuff.
Are you ready for that?
Ok, let’s go out.