Luke 6:36-37

Living faithfully when everything is not so clear
Reading: Luke 6:36-37
K-hymn: 490

Why shouldn’t we judge?
Why shouldn’t we condemn?
Why should we forgive?

One of the reasons seems to be that it is because we live in very confusing world.
We lived in the world where right and wrong, black and white is not always clear.
Right and wrong are all mingled together without clear distinctions.

The border between love and hate is not clear.
The border between evil and good is not clear.
The border between brave and coward is not clear.
The border between care and neglect is not clear.
The border between guilt and blamelessness is not clear.

First impression is not always correct.
What looks like bad, turns out to be right.
What we thought was right, turned out to be one sided.
What we thought was correct turned out to have some errors.

Our hearts and minds may desire clarity.
We like to have a clear picture of our situation.
We like to have a clear view of how things really fit together.
We like to have a clear insight into our own problem.
We like to have a clear insight into the world's problems.
But it is not always clear.
Our human life may not offer the clarity that we are looking for.
The more we study, the more we know what we don’t know.

But then we need to make choices without knowing everything.
We may make choices without being entirely sure.
Then, we will look back and may feel regret.
We may do second guessing.
So, we talk to God about what we feel regretful.
We may ask for forgiveness.

When we recognize that we don’t know everything, God helps us move forward.
When we listen to the advices of Jesus:
Do not judge. Do not condemn. But forgive.
Then we may learn to live faithfully.

Then we can live the life forward.
We can move on.
Then we can live faithfully again.
God will help us to sees through all the possibilities again.
God will make new things and help us to see again.

Then God may use everyone and everything to speak to us.
God may speak to us through unexpected sources.
God may speak to us through emotion, intuitive feeling, words, animals, and situations.
God can even use those who seem different from us to expand our understanding.

Jesus even asks us to love enemies.
Through them our understanding may be expanded yet again.
Later, we may like them later more than others.
They may become our good friends.
Through them, we may meet God who is bigger than ourselves.
Then we may have faith that is greater than ours.
Then we may experience grace that is more than we can understand.
Then we may experience love that is far greater than ours.

Then, we can follow the Holy Spirit that Jesus gave us.
Then we can learn through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
We can grow in the Holy Spirit.
We can grow in the Spirit of Jesus.

May this kind of grace happen to us.