Luke 9:27-36 (2)


Jesus transformed
Reading: Luke 9:27-36
Additional readings: Hebrews 1:3-14, 2 Peter 1: 16-18
Blanks: Pray, Listen

(1) Jesus prayed a lot.
But a lot of times, Jesus prayed alone.
So, we don’t really know about what Jesus pray about.

But it seems he wants to be in conversation with God all the time.
It seems prayer is necessary for him to follow God.
It seems that the more Jesus prays, the more he can help people.

But how did Jesus pray?
How did Jesus discuss things with God?
What kind of feelings did he experience when he prayed?
Did Jesus experience something supernatural during his prayer time?

Jesus also prayed for a long time.
So, it seems it was very important for him to pray.
It seems that through prayer, Jesus figured things about his life.

Then, today Jesus invited his students into his prayer life.
It was because Jesus wanted to show his students who he really was.

Then as they enter into his prayer life, they realize who Jesus really is.
They learn Jesus is superior to any teacher.
They learn that Jesus is superior to any angels.
They learn that Jesus is fully God and fully human.
Then they learn that Jesus can really teach them about God and about God’s plan.

(2) The story goes like this.
Jesus went up on a mountain to pray.
This time, Jesus took three students with him: Peter, John and James.
When they went to a quiet place, Jesus started to pray.
Then the more Jesus prayed, the more his face has changed.
(2) His clothes became really, really, really bright.
(3) Then two men, Moses and Elijah, appeared also shining.

Now who is Moses?
(1) Moses is a prophet who lived on earth more than fifteen hundred years before the time of Jesus.
He was the one who receive Ten Commandments from God and gave to the people, right?
(4) What are Ten Commandments?
Do you remember?

(2) Next who is Elijah?
Elijah was also a prophet who lived on earth more than 8 hundred years before the time of Jesus.
Elijah served God well.
Then after finishing his ministry, Elijah went straight up to heaven to live there.

(3) Now these two people were visiting with Jesus.
Moses must have been about fifteen hundred years old by now.
Elijah was about 8 hundred years old.
But they both looked great.

They came to talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus.
They all agreed that Jesus needed to take up his cross and die in Jerusalem.
In their minds, it was so clear.
This is what Jesus had to do.
So, they asked Jesus to be courageous.

Jesus of course was willing to lose his life to save all people.
Jesus also knew that he has to die and rise again.
In this way, everyone will be forgiven and saved in Jesus.

(3) At this time, Peter, John and James waked up and saw Moses and Elijah.
Jesus helped them to recognize them, right away.
They also saw for the first time the shining Jesus.
This Jesus was little different.

Even though Jesus was living on earth, he was able to live in heaven too.
Jesus was able to talk with anyone who lived in heaven.

Many people studied about Moses and what he said.
But Jesus was talking with him directly.
People needed to study the bible to know about Elijah.
But Jesus talked with them to know about what they were thinking.
And because Jesus was in conversation with them, Jesus was able to teach really, really well.

But only three students saw this.
Some of you may wonder why Jesus showed it to only three people.
He could have shown to all the people.
(15) Jesus might have walked around like this shining.
But Jesus didn’t want to show off, like that.

Jesus wants to show only to these three who are very close to him.
They follow him faithfully, as leaders of his movement.
So, Jesus wants to show them more so that their faith may become stronger.

Here is the deal.
So, if you are close to Jesus, you will know more of him.
The more you learn of him, the more Jesus will teach you.
The more you learn of Jesus, the more you know of Jesus.
The more you follow Jesus, the more Jesus shows himself to you.
The more you join him in his prayer life, the more you will learn to pray.
The more you pray, the more you know that Jesus listens to your prayer.

(5) But this Peter was in shock.
He didn’t know what to do.
So, Peter spoke up:
"Jesus, I like this place.
Let us build three tents for you guys!
You guys just need to stay right here all the time."

But, before Peter making a mess out of this wonderful experience, God decided to appear.
(17) First, God sent some cloud.
The cloud came down.
Then when they were in the cloud, God said something like this:
"This is my Son.
I have chosen him.
Listen to him.
Peter, you need to listen to him. (smile)
He knows everything.
He can teach you all the truth."

God trusted Jesus.
God was very proud of this Son.
As for God, Jesus was the most important person in the world.
But God decided to give this Son to us.
In order to teach us, God sent Jesus to us, because Jesus can really show who God is.
Jesus knows exactly who God is.
Because Jesus was in conversation with God all the time.

So, it is important that we learn of God through Jesus Christ.
In fact, if we see Jesus, or understand Jesus, we understand God.
That is, if we are in Jesus, we are in God.

(18) Anyway then the cloud disappeared.
Then Jesus was left alone.

Then, Jesus asked his students not to tell anyone about what they have seen until he rose from the death.
Now why do you think Jesus ask them not to tell anyone about this?

I don’t know maybe Jesus wanted to pray alone.
If everyone knows what can happen when Jesus prays alone, they may want to see it.
They might secretly follow Jesus.
Then Jesus might not be able to pray alone.
Who knows!

Anyway now Jesus is in heaven.
Now he can listen to anyone.
When we pray, Jesus will appear.
(9) In fact, Jesus wants us to join him in his prayer life.
Jesus is calling us to enter into his life of prayer.
Because then God can really manifest in our life.
Then we will also know that Jesus really listens to our prayer.

How is your prayer life?
Do you pray?

As you pray, you may be able to work with Jesus.
As you pray, you may be able to help others to know Jesus.
As you pray for each nation and its people, you may learn how powerful your prayer can be.
Through your prayer, you can really serve God.

(10) But then how can we learn to pray?
We learn to pray by praying.
As you pray, God will teach you how to pray.
If you don’t give up, you will learn to pray.
It is something that we need to learn alone.

As we learn, we may be able to live like Jesus
Then we may follow Jesus.
We may be able to live humbly, in Christ, like Jesus, right?

Let us pray: