Matthew 14:22-33 (1)


Walk in humble faith
Reading: Matthew 14:22-33

After teaching people awhile, Jesus paused a bit.
Then, he feed his big crowd miraculously.
Everyone ate spiritually and physically.

Then Jesus had his students get into the boat to leave first.
Jesus asked them to go on to the other side, first.

Then Jesus dealt with his crowd.
He dismissed them to go home.

Then Jesus went up on a mountainside by himself to pray.
He stayed there alone, until four o’clock in the morning

Meanwhile, the boat was far out to sea.
Then the wind came up against them.
They were struggling with the waves.

Then after Jesus finishing his prayer, late into the night, Jesus came toward them, walking on the water.

They said, “It’s a ghost.”
They were screaming in fear.
They were terrified.

But Jesus quickly said to them:
“It is me.
Don’t be afraid.”

Peter replied:
“Jesus, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water.”
Jesus said:

Why did Peter want to walk on water?
Just because he sees Jesus walks on water.
He wants to copy Jesus in everything he does.
Then, Jesus invites Peter to come and walk on water.
Jesus said that Peter could come and walk on water.

Then Peter got out of the boat.
Then he walked on the water toward Jesus.
When Peter put his faith in the word of Jesus, he could walk toward Jesus.
When he believed in him, he could walk and live based on the words of Jesus.

But then he saw the strong waves and felt the power of the wind.
Then, he was afraid.
As soon as he was afraid of this, he began to sink.
But as soon as his faith was shaken, he was sinking.
When Peters couldn’t trust in Jesus, he sank.

Then he cried out:
“Jesus, save me!”

At once Jesus reached out his hand and caught him.
Jesus said:
“You of little faith. Why did you doubt?”

Then they climbed into the boat.
Then the wind died down.
Then those who were in the boat bow down to him and say:
“Truly you are the Son of God.”

Maybe it is like this.
We can tell this story like this.
Often God says something to us.
Sometimes, God gives us good promises.
If we believe these promises, we may obtain it.
If we say amen in faith, we may have it.
If we humbly trust that God will keep the promise, we can have it.

We experience a miracle, if we believe that.
If we put our faith in it, we can walk toward Jesus.
If we have the faith of Jesus, we may live based on his words.

We may go through some difficulty.
But if we humbly believe what God speaks to us, we may be able to go to a place where God wants us to be.
We may be able to live in humble faith.
But if we don’t have this humble faith, we may sink.

(1) When Peter was not afraid, he went straight to Jesus.
He was walking on water just like Jesus.
He was walking when there were the stormy waves that were hitting his side.
But when he became fearful of them, he couldn’t come to Jesus.
When he became fearful, it was impossible for him to follow Jesus.

Maybe this is like our life.
Jesus calls us to do something.
If we believe, we can do it.
If we humbly trust that God will take care of our future, our circumstance or our people, we may be able to follow Jesus.
But if we are fearful of any of them, we may not be able to follow Jesus.
Then what happens?
We sink.
As soon as we are fearful, we sink.

But even in that moment, if we pray, Jesus helps.
Sometimes, we may not be able to remove our fear.
We may not be able to trust in Jesus.
In those moments, we can still say our prayer.
If we don’t have enough faith, we can call out for Jesus to help.
Then Jesus comes and helps us.
Jesus will be with us.
But then Jesus will teach us to have enough faith to walk with him humbly.

Just like Peter was not able to walk on water.
We may not be able to walk humbly with God sometimes.
Then Jesus teaches us so that we may walk in humble faith, without fear.
Then we may learn to have this faith: the faith of Jesus Christ.
Then we may be able to live like Jesus.
We may learn to live in this humble faith that Jesus taught us.