Matthew 5:21-26 (2)


Using our mind to bless
Reading: Matthew 5:21-26 (2)
Blanks: reconciled, Settle
Words: raca – worthless in Hebrew, altar – a table on which sacrifices may be offered.

Have you ever mad at someone?
Have you ever angry at someone?
Have you ever been in this situation where it is difficult to live peacefully with someone?

I am sure you don’t have any experience like this.
But let’s pretend.
(1) Let’s say that there is someone who is so mean to you.
So, with their friends, they have been spreading rumors about you.
And because you are being talked about, your friends are now turning against you or become less friendly to you.

(1) At this moment, Jesus may ask the same questions:
“Have you ever mad at someone?
Have you ever angry at someone?

Then we may say:
“Uh, maybe. Yeah, sometimes.
We may get upset or angry at someone sometimes.
It can be because of misunderstanding or miscommunication.
Or it can be because someone has done something wrong.”

Then, Jesus may ask a strange question like this:
Have you ever killed someone?
Then we may say: “What? No! Never!”

But then Jesus may say:
“If you were mad at someone, or if you were angry at someone, you were killing that person.
Then we may say: “What?? No, it is not.”

Then Jesus may say:
“It is because even when you don’t know, you may wish that something bad may happen to them.
It may happen to them.
Or you may call names in your mind.
I think that is killing a person.
You are doing something terribly wrong.
It is called sin.
So, if you live like that, you will feel miserable.
(2) You may feel like living in a prison.
This prison may be called the prison of hatred and anger.
You need to get out of that prison.
Because that prison is very close to hell.”

Can you understand why Jesus says things like these?

(2) Jesus is saying that because our mind has a power, we need to use it well.
God has given us a great mind.
Jesus asks us to use our mind to make people well.
Jesus asks us to use our mind to bless each other.

It may be like this.
Have you ever make other people happy by saying some nice words or by just listening to them? (Pause)
(2) For example, if you say to your parents that you love them, how would they feel?
Even though they may not show it, they would be very happy inside, right?

Likewise, if you pray for someone, you may be able to bless that person.
Because of your prayer, they may live a new life.
They may experience the Holy Spirit in their life.

(5) So, Jesus is saying when you are upset about someone, you may need to pray for them.
They may need your prayer.
They may need your blessings.

So, when you find yourself mad at someone, you may pray like this:
(3) "God bless them.
Give them what they want in life.
Give them everything they desire in life.
Listen to their prayer.
May they live a good and healthy life.

“Make their life joyful.
Make their life move smoothly.
Bless them in every area of their life
May they understand the story of Jesus as well.

(1) “May their family be blessed.
May their loved ones be blessed.
Nurture them.
Guide them.
Provide them more than enough.
Give them wisdom and power.
So, in return, may they also bless everyone around them as well.
We pray this in your name, Jesus. Amen.”

Then God will answer your prayer.
God will bless both of you.
And Jesus will be very happy.

(1) After this prayer, you may do something else to forget about this situation.
Find something that makes you happy.
Do some activities that give you joy.
Find something that takes your mind off this situation.

But then this kind of situation may happen.
You feel it is too much for you.
You feel that you have to express your feelings.
(1) You want to go and talk with them.
Then, make sure that you are cooled down first.

If you are still upset, try to get away awhile from there.
When you are upset, you may not be able to think well.
Then, you may say something that you will regret later.

(1) So before you talking with them, you may find a place where you can be alone for awhile.
Make sure that no one can hear you.
Then you can ask God like this:
“God, this is not a prayer.
I just need to let these feelings out.
I need to express my feelings before you so that you may heal me and sooth my emotion so that I can calm down.”
Then your may express your feelings alone.
You may hit your pillow.
You may scream.
You may say what you want to say.
Afterward, you may feel better.
You may feel good enough.

But then there can be an opposite situation.
We are not perfect.
So, we may make mistakes, even when we don’t know.
So, we may have made someone mad at us.
We may have bothered someone or annoyed them.

Then what would happen?
They might be upset and couldn’t think well.
Then they may judge us, and say that we are bad in their minds.
Then they may not be able to do what God asks them to do, because they were too upset or mad at you.
In this way, they may be killing us in their mind.
We shouldn’t make them a murderer.

So, if we have done something wrong, we need to apologize, saying “I am sorry.”
If someone was so upset and wanted to have a break from you, give them a break.
In the meantime, we may be able to pray for them.
We may bless them.
In this way, we can use our mind nicely and beautifully for God.
In this way, we can serve God, using our minds.

(3) Jesus is asking that we live peacefully without any enemies.
Jesus is asking us to become good friends to people around us.
Jesus is asking us to become good friends to everyone.
Jesus is asking us to try to understand people who are a bit different from us.
Jesus is asking us to become easy to love.
In this way, we may live our life for Jesus Christ.
And God will help us in this, right?

Let us pray:
Jesus, we want to bless everyone.
May God bless everyone and keep them safe.
In your name, we pray. Amen.