Matthew 10:26-33 (1)


Living courageously for God
Reading: Matthew 10:26-33
Additional readings: 1 Pet. 2:23, Hebrews 12:2, Isaiah 53:10
Blanks: speak, proclaim, acknowledges
Words: let the children explain words.

(1) Jesus said something like this to his students:
“There are times, when you need to tell people what I told you.
Tell them all our secrets.
Let everyone know my teachings.
Because everything will be known anyhow.
It doesn’t matter whether they people don’t want to listen to you to not.
Everything will be known.

“But still some people might not want to listen to you.
They might ask you to stop preaching.
They might make you afraid of them.
But they cannot do anything against your soul.
They cannot determine your future, either.
God can decide about your future.
God has power over your life.
So, fear God and be afraid of God, because God is so good and kind.
Move forward with God.
Courageously try to do what God asks you to do.”

Jesus was saying like this because God wanted to accomplish something good in this world.
So, Jesus is asking:
“Let’s be courageous.
Let’s move forward with God’s good plan.”

(3) I think Jesus was a very courageous person.
That is why Jesus was able to do whatever God asked him to do.
Jesus spoke for God.
He was fearless.
People tried to kill him.
But Jesus still spoke for God.
Jesus knew that if he kept on speaking for God like this, he would die on the cross.
But still it didn’t stop him.
He was courageous.
So, let’s think about that moment, when he was crucified.

(3) It was after three years of ministry.
Jesus was about to be captured.
Judas Iscariot was bringing soldiers to where he was.
Without Judas, they would be able to catch Jesus.
But because it was Judas, his friend, it was more painful for him.

But because Jesus knew why he had to die on the cross, he didn’t run away.
He was courageous.
But then Jesus prayed honestly to God.
He said something like this:
“God, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me.
But then I know through the cross, this cross, there is a greater victory.
I will experience the resurrection of my body.
I will rise again.
“Then I can show my students who God really is.
My students will know who I really am.”

(5) After praying like this, Jesus waited for the soldiers to come.
Jesus could have run away, again.
But Jesus chose to be captured.
Then he suffered alone, because his students all ran away.
But Jesus still believed in God.
(2) Jesus surrendered all to God.

At this time, Jesus might have said something like this to himself:
"Even though they might kill my human body, I will live again in the power of God.
My God is the miracle maker.
My God can heal me and raise me from the dead.
God will somehow protect my soul.
I am safe in God.
I know that I am valuable to God.
So, it is ok with me.
I want to do what God wants me to do.”

(3) Then he was nailed on the cross.
Why did Jesus have to be nailed on the cross?
If anyone has done something wrong, if they have sinned, they might need to suffer because of their wrongdoings.
So, Jesus suffered for them, instead, because Jesus wanted to take away their sins, and all our sins like this.
So, Jesus endured the cross alone.
Jesus endured its shame alone.
Like this, he showed his faith.
Like this Jesus forgives all our sin.

(6) But then there was another crisis at the cross.
So, Jesus cried out in a loud voice:
“My God, my God, why have you forsaken/abandon me?” (Pause)

What is going on?
Well, God might have answered something like this:
“My son, because you are taking care of all the sin of this world at this time, even I cannot be with you.
Now I have to turn away from you.
So, you have to bear it alone.”

Jesus was able to bear it alone because he was the Son of God and the son of man.
But still Jesus didn’t lose his heart.
Jesus didn’t give up, even though he was tempted in every way.
If he wanted, he could have called out all the angels in heaven to come and take this nails away and lift him up.
(2) But instead, he chose to obey God, at the cross, because God is most wise.
Then at the end, Jesus said:
“It is finished.”
Then he died.

(1) Then after three days, Jesus rose from the death.
Then he said to his students:
“Because I live, you will live also.
Because I live, you will enter into heaven with me, even if you die.
(3) In fact, I need to go away for awhile, because I need to prepare your rooms in heaven.
So, in the meantime, I give you my Holy Spirit.
Have a great time with the Holy Spirit.
Then you will be ok.”

Jesus likes to help his students to learn to live his life on earth.
After that, Jesus can have them live in heaven, because he forgives all their sin.

(2) Jesus was courageous.
When God wants to say anything to people, he spoke for God.
He lived this life even when they and his students didn’t understand him.

Looking at this Jesus, his students learn what God really wants from them.
Jesus also said something like this to them:
(3) “Don’t worry about what people think of you.
Worry about what God thinks of you.
Fear God who loves you so much.
God has the real power over your life.
When you obey God, you will see God’s power.”

Jesus wants them to have courage.
They didn’t need to be afraid of anybody.
They didn’t need to be afraid of death and dieing.
With Jesus, they can pass through the death.
With Jesus, they can rise again.
With Jesus, they will live forever.
So, they can have peace in their mind and in their heart.

But Jesus didn’t believe that they or we could live courageously by our own power.
So, Jesus gives them and us the Holy Spirit.
When the Holy Spirit comes, the Holy Spirit will try to organize our life for God.
So, let’s think about this.
When the Holy Spirit comes to us, the Holy Spirit may work like this in our heart.

So, I am going to show you two pictures.
Think about what it might mean.
(1) Here is the first picture. (5)
(2) Here is the second picture. (5)
What do you think of them?
What are these pictures explaining to you?
First one (5) and second one. (5)

(1) This room is like our hearts.
The Holy Spirit wants to come in and live with us.
But this guy wants to clean his room first.

(2) But then the Holy Spirit is just asking him to just open the door because the Holy Spirit has all the equipments for clean his room. You see all these equipments.
The Holy Spirit can come and help him to clean his rooms.

Like this, the Holy Spirit may ask us to open our hearts so that the Holy Spirit may come in and clean our hearts.
The Holy Spirit may want to come in and organize our life wisely together with us.
After the Holy Spirit cleans our hearts, we may be able to do what God wants us to do.
The Holy Spirit is coming to prepare us so that we can serve God.

How does the Holy Spirit prepare us for God?
The Holy Spirit does that by explaining the life of Jesus.
Because Jesus lived a good and perfect life.
Because Jesus lived such a courageous life.
The Holy Spirit wants us to learn of Jesus.
Then we can live the life of Jesus, right?

Let us pray:
God, prepare us so that we can live the life of Jesus.
In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.