Luke 15:1-10 (1)


Two Grade Cards
Reading: Luke 15:1-10
Words: repent
Blanks: welcomes, joyfully, Rejoice, rejoicing

(Receive questions)
Anyone has some kinds of faith question?
Is there any question about faith, God or Jesus?

We are going to think of one sentence today.
Anybody wants to read this out loud for us?
(1) "In the same way there is joy in the presence of the angels of God when one sinner repents." (Luke 15:10)

Some of you might not know what this means.
So, I am going to explain it, ok?

In order to explain, I am going to show you two objects that may be very familiar to some of you.
When you go to school, you get this.
Some of you wait to see this.
And maybe others of you never want to see this.
Do you know what I am talking about?

Right! Your grade card or report card.

I don't want to make any of you feel bad.
I just want to explain something using these.
So, let me show you two different grade cards. Ok?
Both of them will be a surprise to most of you, I think.

(2) Here is the first card.
Take a good look at it.

This is the kind of card that everyone wants to have, right?
Do you like to bring home this kind of report card?

Every subject has A throughout the school year.
Those who get this card must have studied very hard, right?
They might have used their brain to the limit, I think?
If they show this card to their parents, their parents must be very pleased, right?

(1) But let's take a look at another card.

What do you think about this report card?
I covered up the later grades.
Now we only see for the first semester.

Maybe this person didn’t figure out how to study, right?
What do you think will happen to this person when he or she brings this card home?
Would their parents be happy?

(3) But I want you to take a look at the rest of this card.
Let’s see what happened in the rest of the school year, ok?
Do you see the change?

This person figured out how to study, right?
F's became C's or B's or even A's at the end of the year.

What do you think happened?
This person knew what went wrong and changed it, right?
Would their parents be happy?
I think their family would be very proud of them, right?
This is wonderful.
These report cards can explain how God feels about us when we are changed for good.

(1) Now let’s think about this text again.
"In the same way there is joy in the presence of the angels of God when one sinner repents." (Luke 15:10)

We may explain this text like this.
(1) God is happy when people love God.
When people love God and people, God is so happy.

(2) But then let’s think about this situation.
There was a person who didn’t love God or love people.
This person was mean and awful.
But this person got to know God and was changed.
Then this person lived like Jesus.

Then how would God feel about this?
God loves it!
God will be very happy because this person has changed.

Jesus knows how to make God happy.
So, Jesus wants to help people to love God and love people.
How can we change people to love God and love people?

We might be able to change them by loving them.
When we love people like Jesus loves them, they may get to know the love of God and be changed.

Anyway, Jesus likes to help people to love God and love people.
Jesus asks us to help him by loving everyone.
Then through our love, many people may learn the love of God.

Let us pray: