Luke 15:1-10 (2)


Two Grade Cards
Reading: Luke 15:1-10
Words: repent = regret

We are going to think about one sentence today.
Anybody wants to read this out loud for us?
(1) God is very happy when one sinner repents. (Luke 15:10)
To repent means to find a right path of God.

Some of you might not know what it means.
So, I am going to explain it, ok?
In order to explain, I am going to show you this.
(2) Do you know what this is?
Right! It is a grade card or report card.
When you go to school, you get this.
If you don’t go to school, you may not have this yet.

Anyway, let’s look at this report card.
What do you think about this card?

A is the best grade that you can get at this school.
This person got A on every subject from 1st semester to 4th semester.
This person must have studied very hard, right?

(1) Now let's have a look at another card.
What is happening here?

F is the lowest grade a person can get.
In first semester, this person got F on every subject.
Maybe this person didn’t figure out how to study yet.

(3) Now let’s look at the rest of this card.
What happened during the second, third and fourth semester?

This person figured out how to study.
This person figured out what went wrong and changed it.
So, F's became C's or B's or even A's.

I have a question.
If someone brings this card home, will their parents be happy?

(2) Now let’s me show a heavenly report card.
It is a made-up.

What do you think?
Looking at this card what do you know about this person?
In the first semester, this person didn’t love God at all.
He didn’t care about people.

But what happened?
This person got to know God and was changed.
Then this person loved God and loved people.
Then at this fourth semester, he was really good at loving God and loving people.

When someone brings this card to heaven, will God be happy?
God will be very happy because this person is changed.
God will say “Wonderful!”

(2) That is what this sentence means.
God is very happy when one sinner repents. (Luke 15:10)
God is very happy when people are changed for good.
God is very happy when we are changed for good, right?

So, let's love God and let us help people to love God and love people.
Because we know when people turn to God and love God and love people like that, God will be very happy.
Right? Alright!

Let us pray:
Jesus, thank you for showing us how to love God and love people.
May we love God like you love God.
May we love people like you love people.
In your name, we pray. Amen.