Matthew 7:24-27 (1)


Build your house on the Rock
Reading: Matthew 7:24-27
Blanks: practice, foundation

(1) Two people were starting to build their houses in a desert.

One was building his house on the rock.
Do you see these huge rocks?
He learned that these rocks could be the good foundation for his house.
So, on these rocks, he was going to build his house.
He was building his house thinking of eternity, thinking of long term.
So, it might take some time.
But he didn’t mind.
Because he wanted to build a strong house that would last forever.

There was another person who was building his house.
He was digging the sand to find out whether he also had some good foundational support there.
But there was nothing but the sand.

(2) However, he started to build his house anyway. (smile)
He thought that it would be alright.
And he just wanted to build something quick, without spending too much time.
(3) However, it wasn’t safe to build his house on sand. (smile)
But it was easy to build.
So, in few days, he finished his house, right away.

The one who builds his house on the rock put another stone at the top of other stone very carefully. (slowly)
He built it slowly, making sure that everything was in the right position.
(4) Then after few days, he also finished his house!
Then he was very satisfied.
Now he could do something else, without worrying about his house.

But then the rain came.
The rain came heavily.
Then because of the rain, small streams have formed.
In this desert, a big stream can appear and disappear during the course of a day.
So, they wondered when this rain would stop.

The one, who built his house on the rock, started to worry about the house on sand.
So, he said:
“Hey, why don’t you come in and wait until the storm pass by?”
But the other guy said that he would be alright.

(6) Then a big stream appeared and hit against the house. (surprised)
Then the house on sand was completely destroyed.

(7) Eventually, the rain stopped.
But he barely saved his life.
And his house was gone.
And he was ashamed.
Now he needed to build another house all over again.
At this time, he would build his house on the rock as well.

Jesus told this kind of story to explain something.
What is he trying to explain?

(2) Well, Jesus taught many people.
Jesus told many stories to explain how to live and how to love God and how to love people.
So many people were listening to him.

(2) Then he made up this story to say something like this:
“There will be two kinds of people.
There will be those who hear my words and practice them.
And there will be those who hear my words, and don’t practice them.

“The one who build his house on the rock are those who practice what I say.
The one who build his house on sand are those who don’t practice what I say.

(5) “We may not know who is wise until the rain comes.
But when the rain comes and the stream rises, they will know who is wise.
When the winds blow and beat against their houses, they will know.

(6) “Those who don’t practice what I say may have a house that falls with a great crash.
Then they may need to build another house all over again.

(7) “But those who listen to me and practice what I say will be safe.
Those who trust what I say will last forever.
Their house will last eternally.”

So, these houses are like symbols for our lives.
When we live making good decisions, based on what Jesus says, we will build a house on the rock.

Now what does the rock represent?
These rocks are the teachings of Jesus.

The wise people live according to the teachings of Jesus.
They plan their lives based on what Jesus says.
They live their lives practicing what Jesus says.
They live in the way that Jesus wants them to live.
Then, they can protect their life and thee life of their loved ones.
Then they don’t need to worry because they build their houses on the rocks.

That was why Jesus is giving us the best teachings that he can ever give.
Jesus was teaching us to practice, so that we could live forever.

We also want to live our lives listening to Jesus.
We also want to practice what Jesus says to us.
Jesus is encouraging us to listen, think and practice.
Then, as we practice, we really learn why he says what he says.

(1) So, here is homework.
I want you to find at least one of his teachings and practice it this week.
Practice just one of them.
For example, you can practice by being kind to those who are lonely, by becoming a friend to those who are alone, or by helping people around you.

(For only youths: For example. Let’s watch this. Some of you have seen this already, I think.) http://youtu.be/vkv3AgnzSh0

If you try to find the lonely, they are always with us, right?
Then, you will never be alone.
Helping them to be part of the group, you can also build your house on the rock.

Anyway, Jesus is teaching us to practice something.
Jesus is calling us to obey.
When we obey, we may understand the power of his words.
Then we can relax because we have our life secured in the power of the One who creates us.

Jesus created us and created this world.
And he is trying to create something more through those who obey his teachings.
Then, Jesus will protect those who learn his ways of thinking, and his teachings, by practicing what he says.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to practice what you want us to practice.
And help us to love you and love people.
Help us to be patient and kind.
Help us to follow you.
In Jesus name, we pray.