Mark 9: 38-42


Reward for Kindness
Reading: Mark 9: 38-42
Preparation: Print out the words, “Reward" and "Kindness" on a paper. Cup.

(1) What does the word, Reward, mean?
When do people get rewarded?

Now what does the word, Kindness, mean?
How can we show kindness?

(1) Jesus says:
“If anyone gives you a cup of water, because you belong to Christ, they will receive reward.”
What does that mean?
Why do you think Jesus says this?

Let me explain.
Let's say that Jesus asks you to go and tell people that God loves them.
So you go and tell people that God loves them.
Now because you obey what Jesus asks you to do, Jesus will reward you for your obedience, right?

But then, some people saw you obeying God.
So, they come and give you a cup of water to drink.
(Another teacher brings an empty cup and gives to you.
You pretend to drink that water)
This person wants to be kind to you and help you.
So, this person will also receive reward from Jesus.
This person will get rewarded, because this person is kind to those who share God’s love.

You can do the same.
You can be kind to the missionaries and those who are doing God’s works.

Now let’s think about that.
What are the ways that you can be kind to them?
Of course, we can give them something to drink.
You can welcome them.
You can make them feel home.
You can make them feel loved.
Or you can pray for them, saying:
“God, please keep them safe.”

In that way you can be kind to those who do God’s works, right?
Think about how you can be kind to others, ok?
You can be kind to them in various ways.
Be creative about it.

Jesus is kind to us.
Jesus wants people to be kind to each other.
Kindness is very important for Jesus.
So Jesus even asks us to be kind to strangers as well.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for being kind to us.
Thank you for helping us to be kind to people.
In your name, we pray.