Romans 5:1-11

Reading: Romans 5:1-11

Have you seen this book: Manga Messiah?
This cartoon book shows the story of Jesus.

A Japanese Christian, Kelly Kozumi Shinozawa drew this book.
Drawing this book, she felt that it was God's will for her to draw this book.
She felt all of her past experiences empowered her to draw this.
She felt she was supposed to draw this.
When we find our calling, we often feel like her.
We feel like we are supposed to do that.

Anyway, she said that she was fortunate to draw this book.
It was her calling.
Drawing this, she also became very familiar with the story of Jesus.
Especially, she said that she was so moved, drawing the crucifixion.
It was also a difficult experience.
She said that she could not stop crying, as if she saw a real crucifixion.
For several hours she cried and prayed thinking about Jesus.
She also prayed saying:
"I am so sorry Jesus.
You suffered for all my sin.
I am sorry.”

She was able to feel how much Jesus suffered on the cross, because her father had died about this time.
In the pain of Jesus, she saw also her father.
In the paint of her father, she saw Jesus.

I would like to show a video.
Here she shared her testimony of making this book.
So, let watch this:

She embraced the God of hope, as she became a Christian.
Then before her father died, she was able to explain to him about the God of hope who would not disappoint her father.
Her father also embraced the God of hope that would not disappoint him.
Then, they both felt that God’s love was pouring out into their hearts through the Holy Spirit. (Romans 5:5)
It was irony that she was able to share the gospel to her father who encouraged her to draw this Manga Messiah at the first place, when she was young.

Hearing her testimony we also see that how important to choose what we see and create.
What we see influence our imagination.

Our imagination can influence our mind.
Imagination is like a channel.
We can use it for God.
Then through imagination we can even meet God.
Based on her experience, when we think about the life of Jesus, we may be able to imagine something beautiful for ourselves and for others.

Some good imagination can strengthen us.
Good imagination can bring a good life.
Good imaginations bring a happy life.
Good thoughts and prayer brings a good life.
Good thoughts and prayer brings a happy life.
It is like you reap what you sow.
You may reap what you imagine.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, bless Kelly Kozumi Shinozawa and her family and ministry.
Help us also to share your story.
And help us to see you in the face of the poor, knowing that taking care of the poor, we are in fact taking care of you.
Help us to live according to your teachings.
We pray in your name.


(You may need to wait a bit for it to be downloaded.)
You may read her interview at http://bibleillustration.blogspot.com/2009/12/guest-bible-artist-interview-6.html