John 20:19-23


Let's try to keep our faith always up in our hands
Reading: John 20:19-23
Prop: a yo-yo
Blanks: peace, receive, forgive

(1) I have brought a yo-yo.
Have you played with a yo-yo?
Can anyone of you show how to yoyo?

(1) The most basic and important move of yoyo is to make yoyo go up and down; up and down.
The yoyo is just made for this.

Let’s say that this yoyo is our faith.
Sometimes, our faith can go up and down, up and down; up and down, right?
When our faith is up, we believe in God and that God is in control and that God will lead us and guide us.
But when our faith is down, we are not sure.
We are not sure where God wants us to go.
Then we may get scared or worried.
We may start complaining a lot.

Yoyo is made to go up and down.
But our faith is not made to go up and down.
Our faith needs to be always up.

We don’t want to drag our faith either. (dragging yoyo)
Then we may even lose their faith.

We want to keep our faith.
We want to cherish our faith.
In other words, we want to experience God clearly and powerfully.

How then can we keep our faith?
Is there something that we can do?

We can pray daily.
We can study and think about Jesus and learn more of Jesus.
We can talk about our faith with our Christian friends.
We can gather together to worship God.
We can check whether our faith is up.
Then we may be able to keep our faith always up.
Then we may be able to continually trust in Jesus.

We want to learn about Jesus and keep our faith in him.
Then Jesus can make our faith perfect.
We can also learn about how Jesus maintained his faith so well.
Then we may also maintain our faith and keep our faith like him.

In the bible, there was someone whose faith was up and down.
Do you remember his name?
(2) Do you know what his name is?
His name was Thomas.

When Thomas was with Jesus, he had a strong faith.
But what happened after Jesus died?
His faith went down.

Even when Jesus came back to life, Thomas didn’t believe at first.
He didn't believe that God raised Jesus from the dead.

But when Thomas saw Jesus with his own eyes, his faith went up.
Then he believed again!
Thomas believed that God is in control. (slowly)
Then he became the man of faith.
He believed that Jesus is truly alive and that Jesus is in control.

Jesus wants us to have faith and keep our faith.
Jesus wants us to believe that Jesus is good all the time.
Jesus wants us to believe that Jesus loves us.

In order to keep our faith like this, I would like you to practice one thing.
I would like you to pray daily.
You may need to set aside a time of prayer.
Try to give a certain portion of your time to God.
Some people try to give at least one hour of their time daily.
Then during these times, they read the story of Jesus and pray.
In this way, they keep their faith.
They may increase their time of prayer as God guides you.
In the beginning, this may be difficult for you.
But you may sense that Jesus guides you and leads you.
I guarantee that then later, you will love this time with God.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, give us your faith.
Help us to keep that faith with us so that we may live our life having your faith all our lives.
We pray this in your name. Amen.