Mark 10:46-52


Try again
Reading: Mark 10:46-52
Prop: yoyo
Blanks: mercy, stopped, What do you want me to do for you, Go

(1) What is this?
Right, it is yoyo.
Have you played with yoyo?
If you want, you can learn these skills.

Now let’s say I want to learn these skills.
What do I need to do?
Of course, I need to practice.
I need to practice daily, until I learn these skills.

Then what is practice anyway?
To practice means to try again and again until you get used to it, and until it becomes your second nature.

(1) Today we read about a person who tried hard to reach out to Jesus.
His name was Bartimaeus.
Let’s call him Mr. B.

Mr. B was blind for many years.
But two thousand years ago, there were not many things that a blind man can do.
It was not easy to make a living.
So, he sat on the street and begged for money.

Then, Mr. B heard a large crowd passing by.
Then he heard that this big crowd was here for Jesus.
(1) So, he began to shout:
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

People were saying:
You are hurting my ears!”
Oh, gee, please be quiet!"

But Mr. B was so excited to meet Jesus.
He wanted to see Jesus, too.
So he shouted all the more.
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

He also knew that Jesus could heal him.
Jesus could make him well.
So, Mr. B continually tried to get Jesus’ attention.
He shouted various ways:
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

Then Jesus heard him.
Jesus heard his faith as Mr. B continually sought Jesus’ attention.
So, Jesus asked people to bring him.
(1) Then Jesus saw Mr. B had faith to heal himself.
So, Jesus simply said:
“Your faith has healed you!”
Like this, Jesus gave him his sight.
Then, Mr. B also followed Jesus.

Jesus was like this.
When people tried hard to meet Jesus, sometimes, Jesus saw their faith.
Then, Jesus simply responded to their faith.
Then people were healed and got well.

We were talking about practicing.
If we keep on trying, there are many things that we can learn.
(2)If we keep on trying, we can even learn to trust in Jesus.
If we try daily, we may learn enough to believe in Jesus.

(2)Learning to pray is the same.
If you want to learn to pray, you need to try continually.
Then you may learn how to pray.
As you try continually, you may be able to talk with God better.
Then, you may see that things start to happen.
Then we may know what Jesus can do for us.
Then we may be able to trust in Jesus even more.

(2)Getting to know Jesus is the same.
If you want to know him, you may need to try.
Then you may need to read about him and seek him.
Then you may get to know him personally, because he is alive today.
Jesus is trying to reach out to us.
So, let’s us also try to reach out to Jesus.
Then we will get to know Jesus better.

(2)Finding out our calling is the same.
If you want to know what on earth you are here for, we need to try. .
You need to pray about it and try to find it.
Then you will know why you are here.
You will know why Jesus wants you to be here.
Then as you try to carry out the task that Jesus has given to us, you may know how much Jesus can do for all of us.

(2)Lastly, this is a thanksgiving Sunday.
We have a thanksgiving Sunday every year.
It is because we want to practice giving thanks to God.
We want to try to give thanks so that our hearts may be always thankful to God.

So, these are what we try and practice.
I hope you practice daily, so that you get better and better.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for encouraging us.
Thank you for helping us to pray so that we may experience you.
Thank you for giving us our calling in life.
Help us to find it so that we may also serve your people, according to your will, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
In Jesus name, we pray.


Matthew 9: 9-13 (3)

ppt korean

God’s love can change people
Reading: Matthew 9: 9-13 (3)
Additional reading: 1 John 3:15, Luke 6: 27-39
K-hymn: 493

(1) Two thousand years ago, in Israel, not many people were able to read and write.
But Matthew could read and write.
He was really good at it.
He was also good at organizing things.
So, he became a tax collector.

But there was one problem in his life.
In those days, tax collectors were Jewish men.
They took taxes from Jewish people and gave money to the Roman Empire.
So, Matthew’s job was to make his people money and gave to the Roman Empire who was occupying their land without their permission.
Moreover, he had to overcharge his Jewish people, in order to make some profit for himself.

So, you can guess that Jewish people didn’t like the Romans and didn’t like their tax collectors.
They didn’t want to meet Matthew.
But Matthew was waiting for them in the place where they had to pass day by day.
So, they had to pay taxes even though they knew that they were overcharged.

(1) Then one day, the Jewish Jesus saw this Matthew collecting taxes on the street.
Jesus thought: “Hey, Matthew could be a good disciple.
You know, he could write down my teachings and organize so that other people could read about it.”
So, Jesus said to Matthew:
“Follow me and be my disciple.”
Then Matthew got up and really followed him.
Then Matthew learned about the teachings of Jesus.
He really liked it.
So, he became a good student of Jesus.

But initially, people were puzzled when Jesus invited Matthew to be his disciple.
But soon they were able to see why, because Matthew was changing as he experienced Jesus and his teachings.

(1) Then Jesus also told his other students something like this:
“Matthew is your brother now.
So learn to work with him.
I think Matthew would be very important person for my ministry.”

Then Jesus helped Matthew to be a good teacher.
Matthew was also having fun because he could use his organizing skill for Jesus.
He even organized Jesus’ teaching according to its theme.
(2) Then later, he wrote a book called the gospel of Matthew.
It is one of the best written gospels we have.
God’s Church is still using this book to learn about the teachings of Jesus.

This kind of change was possible because Jesus didn’t judge him or condemn him.
Instead, Jesus sort of told him like:
“Your sins are forgiven.
Now all is ok.
Live your life for me.
Receive the Holy Spirit and live your life for God.
Then you can live like me and change the world for me.”

The students of Jesus also tried to work with Matthew.
They pray for him.
They forgive him.
Then, a tax collector becomes a gospel writer.
Then through his book, he was still preaching the gospel today.

Jesus was changing one person at a time, knowing that in this way, he could change the world.

Jesus liked like this, calling Matthew, because he knew God’s love is the most powerful way to change people.
Jesus knew that when mercy is shown, people change.
When forgiveness is shown, people change.
When compassion is shown, people change.
When freedom is given, people change.
So, Jesus forgives many sins and mistakes and helps them to find the right path for them. (1 Peter 4:8)

In this church, Jesus is trying to do the same.
Seeing God’s possibility, Jesus adds various people into his ministry.
Jesus was like:
“I am a good doctor.
I can cure you.
So, hang out with me.
Be with me.”
Like this, Jesus still finds those who haven't served God and then train them to serve God with their gifts and talents.
So, if we want to follow Jesus, we need to pray for these people, forgive them, and give them another chance to serve God.
This is the only way that we can follow Jesus.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you welcome people.
Then you help them to serve God.
You help us to know the joy of serving God.
Change our hearts also so that we may see, speak and act like you.
May we practice your compassion and ministry so that there may be more disciples like Mathew.
In Jesus name, we pray.


Matthew 12: 1-8 (3)


God understands
Reading: Matthew 12: 1-8 (3)
K-hymn: 404

Jesus and his students traveled a lot.
They went to various places to preach and teach and heal people.
Then, some people voluntarily provided foods and moneys.
They gave enough money so that Jesus could help the poor.

But today it was different.
Because they were traveling on Sabbath, there was no place to buy food.
So, they were hungry.
Then, as they passed by a field, they picked some heads of grain and ate them.

But at this time, there were other religious group who thought that working on the Sabbath, meaning, picking the heads of grain was sin.
It so happened that these people were watching Jesus and his students.
Then they were shocked seeing the students of Jesus were picking some heads of grain and ate them.
They thought that Jewish people should not work on Sabbath.
They thought that they should not make God mad at them, by breaking the Sabbath like this.

So, they were saying to Jesus like:
“Jesus, what is this?
Your students are breaking the Sabbath!
Why don’t you stop them, huh?”

As for Jesus, he had more important things than keeping the Sabbath.
It is to preach the gospel.
He spent his time traveling on Sabbath, because there were others who needed to listen to the gospel and experience the gospel.
So, even though they were poorly prepared for Sabbath, they traveled to help people understand God.

So, Jesus told them like this:
“Let me help you understand God.
God gave Sabbath for people to rest.
The same God understands our situation and would not judge my students.
So, relax, because God is merciful.

“It is like this.
When people had to run away to save their lives, they can run even on Sabbath.
God understands.

“Or it is like this.
Some people had to work on Sabbath to serve God.
They are pastors, church leaders and so on.
God understands that they need to work to preach the gospel.
So, God would not judge them.
Instead, God would bless them to work well on Sabbath.
“So, I don’t judge my students who eat because they are hungry.
My students can live like this.
They have more important works to do.
Besides, I am the creator of the Sabbath.
I am creating the Sabbath.
I’m creating the rest that is necessary.
So don’t worry.
“Instead, trust that God is merciful like this.
In other words, blessed are the merciful, for they’ll receive mercy.
So, dare to be merciful and kind like God.
Dare to forgive and love.
Then you will receive mercy.
Then you can serve God in the way that God wants.”

Jesus has a different understanding about sin.
Jesus understands that sin is inside of us.
It is jealousy, envy and hatred and so on.
Jesus is struggling with these because God understands our deepest thoughts.
So, even though Jesus didn’t call his students sinners, because Jesus understood about God, Jesus offered his life on the cross to take away our true sins.
Then when he rose back, Jesus said:
“Everything I taught is right.
So, remember my faith, my life style and my attitude toward life.
This is the life that I give you so that you may have the eternal life.”

Looking at this life, we form a community to practice what Jesus practices.
So, we would not judge easily when people made mistakes.
Before that, we try to understand God.
We try to understand a merciful God.
Then we try to understand people and their situation.
We try to understand their mental and psychological situation.
We try to understand their upbringings.
We try to understand their thoughts.

Then we can be merciful to people.
Then, we would not condemn those who are innocent.
Then, we can truly help people.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you are compassionate.
You understand.
Help us to understand so that we may also be merciful.
May we be easy on people like you so that they may experience you the most merciful one.
In Jesus name, amen.


Revelation 3:20


Four Spiritual Laws
Reading: Revelation 3:20
Props: Four Spiritual Laws for each person who is attending
Blanks: knock, voice, opens

Today I like to introduce a small booklet.
I am sure that some of you already know it.
Have one.

This booklet is for those who don’t know anything about God.
So, people use this booklet to introduce God.
Some people give out this booklet so that other people can read it.
Or, people use this booklet to start a conversation.
You know, they can say:
“Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?
If not, can I explain to you?”
Or, they can say:
“We are surveying how this booklet is received by people.
Can I read this booklet to you and know your opinion?”

Anyway, let’s go through some big ideas in this booklet.
We are going to read only the left sides of the booklet, since only that is in English.

This booklet talks about four spiritual laws.
(1) If you turn to the page 2, it gives you the first spiritual law: that is, “God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.”
Then on the page 6, it suggests a second spiritual law: let’s read together.

(2) Then on the page 8, through this diagram, it explains that because God is holy, it may be difficult for people to know God.

But through Jesus the Christ, we can know God:
So, on the page 10, it gives the law number three: let’s read together.
Basically, it says that Jesus saved us from our sin.
(2) So, on the page 12, through this diagram, it explains that through Jesus Christ, the holy God is able to communicate with you.
And through Jesus Christ, you can communicate with God.

Then, on the page 14, it gives you the law number four: let’s read together.
It asks you to invite Jesus into your hearts:
(2) Then on the page 16, it explains when you invite Jesus into your hearts, they can move from a self-directed life to Christ-directed life. (read)

Then after explaining these Four Spiritual Principles, on the page 18, it shows you how to receive the Christ through a prayer.
Here people can have a chance to invite the Christ into their heart.
So, let’s read together their suggested prayer that starts with “Lord Jesus” in the middle of page. Can you find it? Let’s read together.

Saying this prayer can be very important because it may be their first prayer based on God’s promise.

(2) Then on the page 20, it says if you pray that prayer, Jesus will keep the promise, because Jesus said this:
(2) Then, on the page 22, showing this picture, it asks you to trust in his promise, instead of feeling, because feeling may follow your faith, as your faith follows God’s words.
So, it encourages you to trust in his promise.

On the page 24, it explains what will happen because of this prayer.
It says at least these things have happened: (read)

Then on the page 26, it encourages people to grow spiritually doing these things: What are they? (read)

Again, people use this booklet to evangelize people.
If you understand these four spiritual laws, you can also help people to invite Christ into their life.
Since this booklet logically explain each step, those who think logically tend to respond well in this approach.

But, this small booklet cannot contain every teaching of Jesus.
So, on the page 28, because many teachings of Jesus are not in this booklet, it encourages people to go to church and learn the teachings of Jesus.
It encourages people to part of a church that teaches the good teachings of Jesus.

(1) Jesus also said: (John 14:21)
“Those who obey me are those who love me.
My Father will love those who love me.
I will love them, too.
And I will reveal myself to them.”

Jesus is saying as we obey his teachings, we will experience his love and get to know him more.

For example, Jesus taught us to love our enemy and pray for them.
When we obey, we will experience Jesus and his love.

Anyway, there are various teachings of Jesus that is not here.
(2) Some people show Jesus film like this in remote villages, so that people can learn about the story of Jesus more.
Then they invite people to pray to receive the Christ.

That is to say, there are various ways to share the story of Jesus.
You can pray for people.
You can explain the meaning of the story of Jesus, as you understand.
You can tell people what God has done for you.
You can help people so that they can experience God Jesus.
There are various ways, and many options.
This booklet is one option.
I share this today hoping you can find your own ways to share the story of Jesus with others.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for entering into our heart.
We pray for those who don’t know you yet.
May they also know you and live a wonderful life that you promised.
Then help all of us to understand you and live faithfully with you.
In your name, we pray, amen.

Now let’s watch a short video.
This is about one person who didn’t know what to share when he evangelized.
It was his first experience of sharing and inviting a person to pray the prayer.
Let’s watch:


Matthew 5: 14-16 (2)


Share your love
Reading: Matthew 5: 14-16
Prop: a bowl, candles and the Christ Candle, an envelop, a piece of paper that says "God Loves You!"

What is this?
Right, it is an envelope.
Do you know when we use this kind of envelope?
We use this when we have an important mail to send.

I prepared a letter to send.
It has a very important message in it.
Let’s see what’s inside.
It says?
“God loves you!”
God loves you more than you ever know.

This is the message from Jesus.
Jesus wants to tell us this.
Then in order to show how much God loves, Jesus was willing to die for us, and rise back for us so that we may live with him forever.

You know, we are like this envelope.
God puts an important message in us. (Put the letter into the envelope)
God puts God’s love inside of us.
Then God mails us to tell the world that God loves everyone.
God is saying:
“Go and tell the world that I love them.
Wherever you are, share my love with people.”

Now, I like to explain that using this Jesus candle.
I am lighting this candle.
Lighting this candle, I want everyone to see it.
So, I would not hide this light, like this. (cover the light with a big bowl)
I will let it shine.

Now I want to show you something.
In order to show you, I need to give you a candle.
So, have one.
Have you all got your candle?

Now we are going to turn off all the electric lights.
Then we will all receive the light from this Jesus candle.
Then we can help this light to shine brighter.
If we share the light from this Jesus candle, we can make this place shine brighter.

Are you ready?
I need two volunteers who can come and receive the light from this Jesus candle.

Ok, now we are ready.
Turn off the light please.
See it is pretty dark here.
So, let’s receive the light from this Jesus candle.

(To two volunteers) Now when you receive the light, go back to your seat and share with your neighbors, ok?
Then when you guys receive the light, share with people next to you, ok?

Now as we share this light with each other, we make this place shine brighter and brighter.

Have you all received the light?
Because we all receive our light from this Jesus candle, we make this place shine brighter.
This is what will happen when we share God’s love with one another.
When we share God’s love with one another, we can help Jesus shine brighter like this. (Pause)

Remember that we are like this envelope.
So, we like to share God’s love with one another so that more people can see and experience God’s love.

Now, let’s pray:
At this time, you can open your eyes and pray, since you need to be careful of your light, ok?
Now, let’s pray:

Jesus, thank you for giving your light.
Thank you for giving your love.
Thank you for sending us to the world.
Help us to share your love so that the world may shine brighter and brighter.

We pray for our friends and family.
May you keep them safe.
May you give them peace and wisdom and power to follow you.
May we also share your love and peace with our family and friends.
Help us to share your love through words and life.

May all of us be always yours forever.
In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.

Now we are going to turn on our electric light.
And you can blow off your candles.
Teachers and parents, please collect the candles.

Now we are going to go out and play some games.
As you play, remember that you are like this envelope.
Remember to share God’s love with everyone, because God mails you to the world so that you share God’s love with everyone.
Ok, let’s go out.


Luke 17:11-19 (2)


Reading: Luke 17:11-19
Prop: linen, a flower

(1) One time, 10 people came to Jesus and said:
“Jesus, have mercy on us!”

What’s going on here?
These people had a big problem with their skins.
And in those days, people didn’t have any medicine for it.
So, other people were wondering whether it was contagious.
So, they asked these people to live somewhere else.
So, these ten people lived separately from everyone.
And they lived a lonely and poor life.

So they were here asking Jesus to heal them.
Then Jesus simply said to them:
“Go and show it to a priest.”
In those days, priests were like doctors.
They were supposed to examine their skins and proclaim whether they were healed or not.
(3) So, they understood what Jesus said and see a priest.
But on their way, they saw that their skins were healed.
Their skins were beautiful and clean.
They were so happy.

But only one person thought that he should go back and give thanks to Jesus.
(1) Only one person came back and said:
“Jesus, I am so grateful, grateful to you.
Thank you! Thank you!
And thank God because God has sent you!"

Jesus was also happy and said:
“Your faith has saved you!
Go home. Have a wonderful life!”

(2) Then Jesus waited for 9 other people.
Jesus knew that everyone was healed.
But they didn’t come to say “Thank you.”

You know, Jesus has the great power to heal people.
Jesus loves to heal people for free.
He always wants to make people well.
But, occasionally, Jesus wanted to hear people say, “Thank you.”

God is like that.
God loves when people say “thank you” to God.
When people say “God, thank you; we love you,” then God loves it.
That is the joy of being God.
So, Jesus wants people to show their gratitude to God.

So, we came here to say “Thank you” to God.
We sing songs and hymns to say “thank you” to God.
I want you to say a lot of "thank you" to God today.

We want to show our gratitude to God.
So, I brought this flower to say “thank you” to God.
We want to thank God for all the blessings.
We want to thank God for loving us and caring for us.
Then because of you, God would be very happy.

Let's pray:
God, thank you for all your blessings.
Thank you for loving us and caring for us.
Thank you for sending us Jesus the Christ who shows the wonderful truth about you.
May we live our life based on that truth.
Thank you.
We pray this in Jesus name.