Mark 10:46-52


Try again
Reading: Mark 10:46-52
Prop: yoyo
Blanks: mercy, stopped, What do you want me to do for you, Go

(1) What is this?
Right, it is yoyo.
Have you played with yoyo?
If you want, you can learn these skills.

Now let’s say I want to learn these skills.
What do I need to do?
Of course, I need to practice.
I need to practice daily, until I learn these skills.

Then what is practice anyway?
To practice means to try again and again until you get used to it, and until it becomes your second nature.

(1) Today we read about a person who tried hard to reach out to Jesus.
His name was Bartimaeus.
Let’s call him Mr. B.

Mr. B was blind for many years.
But two thousand years ago, there were not many things that a blind man can do.
It was not easy to make a living.
So, he sat on the street and begged for money.

Then, Mr. B heard a large crowd passing by.
Then he heard that this big crowd was here for Jesus.
(1) So, he began to shout:
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

People were saying:
You are hurting my ears!”
Oh, gee, please be quiet!"

But Mr. B was so excited to meet Jesus.
He wanted to see Jesus, too.
So he shouted all the more.
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

He also knew that Jesus could heal him.
Jesus could make him well.
So, Mr. B continually tried to get Jesus’ attention.
He shouted various ways:
"Jesus~, have mercy on me~!"

Then Jesus heard him.
Jesus heard his faith as Mr. B continually sought Jesus’ attention.
So, Jesus asked people to bring him.
(1) Then Jesus saw Mr. B had faith to heal himself.
So, Jesus simply said:
“Your faith has healed you!”
Like this, Jesus gave him his sight.
Then, Mr. B also followed Jesus.

Jesus was like this.
When people tried hard to meet Jesus, sometimes, Jesus saw their faith.
Then, Jesus simply responded to their faith.
Then people were healed and got well.

We were talking about practicing.
If we keep on trying, there are many things that we can learn.
(2)If we keep on trying, we can even learn to trust in Jesus.
If we try daily, we may learn enough to believe in Jesus.

(2)Learning to pray is the same.
If you want to learn to pray, you need to try continually.
Then you may learn how to pray.
As you try continually, you may be able to talk with God better.
Then, you may see that things start to happen.
Then we may know what Jesus can do for us.
Then we may be able to trust in Jesus even more.

(2)Getting to know Jesus is the same.
If you want to know him, you may need to try.
Then you may need to read about him and seek him.
Then you may get to know him personally, because he is alive today.
Jesus is trying to reach out to us.
So, let’s us also try to reach out to Jesus.
Then we will get to know Jesus better.

(2)Finding out our calling is the same.
If you want to know what on earth you are here for, we need to try. .
You need to pray about it and try to find it.
Then you will know why you are here.
You will know why Jesus wants you to be here.
Then as you try to carry out the task that Jesus has given to us, you may know how much Jesus can do for all of us.

(2)Lastly, this is a thanksgiving Sunday.
We have a thanksgiving Sunday every year.
It is because we want to practice giving thanks to God.
We want to try to give thanks so that our hearts may be always thankful to God.

So, these are what we try and practice.
I hope you practice daily, so that you get better and better.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for encouraging us.
Thank you for helping us to pray so that we may experience you.
Thank you for giving us our calling in life.
Help us to find it so that we may also serve your people, according to your will, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
In Jesus name, we pray.