Revelation 3:20


Four Spiritual Laws
Reading: Revelation 3:20
Props: Four Spiritual Laws for each person who is attending
Blanks: knock, voice, opens

Today I like to introduce a small booklet.
I am sure that some of you already know it.
Have one.

This booklet is for those who don’t know anything about God.
So, people use this booklet to introduce God.
Some people give out this booklet so that other people can read it.
Or, people use this booklet to start a conversation.
You know, they can say:
“Have you heard of the Four Spiritual Laws?
If not, can I explain to you?”
Or, they can say:
“We are surveying how this booklet is received by people.
Can I read this booklet to you and know your opinion?”

Anyway, let’s go through some big ideas in this booklet.
We are going to read only the left sides of the booklet, since only that is in English.

This booklet talks about four spiritual laws.
(1) If you turn to the page 2, it gives you the first spiritual law: that is, “God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life.”
Then on the page 6, it suggests a second spiritual law: let’s read together.

(2) Then on the page 8, through this diagram, it explains that because God is holy, it may be difficult for people to know God.

But through Jesus the Christ, we can know God:
So, on the page 10, it gives the law number three: let’s read together.
Basically, it says that Jesus saved us from our sin.
(2) So, on the page 12, through this diagram, it explains that through Jesus Christ, the holy God is able to communicate with you.
And through Jesus Christ, you can communicate with God.

Then, on the page 14, it gives you the law number four: let’s read together.
It asks you to invite Jesus into your hearts:
(2) Then on the page 16, it explains when you invite Jesus into your hearts, they can move from a self-directed life to Christ-directed life. (read)

Then after explaining these Four Spiritual Principles, on the page 18, it shows you how to receive the Christ through a prayer.
Here people can have a chance to invite the Christ into their heart.
So, let’s read together their suggested prayer that starts with “Lord Jesus” in the middle of page. Can you find it? Let’s read together.

Saying this prayer can be very important because it may be their first prayer based on God’s promise.

(2) Then on the page 20, it says if you pray that prayer, Jesus will keep the promise, because Jesus said this:
(2) Then, on the page 22, showing this picture, it asks you to trust in his promise, instead of feeling, because feeling may follow your faith, as your faith follows God’s words.
So, it encourages you to trust in his promise.

On the page 24, it explains what will happen because of this prayer.
It says at least these things have happened: (read)

Then on the page 26, it encourages people to grow spiritually doing these things: What are they? (read)

Again, people use this booklet to evangelize people.
If you understand these four spiritual laws, you can also help people to invite Christ into their life.
Since this booklet logically explain each step, those who think logically tend to respond well in this approach.

But, this small booklet cannot contain every teaching of Jesus.
So, on the page 28, because many teachings of Jesus are not in this booklet, it encourages people to go to church and learn the teachings of Jesus.
It encourages people to part of a church that teaches the good teachings of Jesus.

(1) Jesus also said: (John 14:21)
“Those who obey me are those who love me.
My Father will love those who love me.
I will love them, too.
And I will reveal myself to them.”

Jesus is saying as we obey his teachings, we will experience his love and get to know him more.

For example, Jesus taught us to love our enemy and pray for them.
When we obey, we will experience Jesus and his love.

Anyway, there are various teachings of Jesus that is not here.
(2) Some people show Jesus film like this in remote villages, so that people can learn about the story of Jesus more.
Then they invite people to pray to receive the Christ.

That is to say, there are various ways to share the story of Jesus.
You can pray for people.
You can explain the meaning of the story of Jesus, as you understand.
You can tell people what God has done for you.
You can help people so that they can experience God Jesus.
There are various ways, and many options.
This booklet is one option.
I share this today hoping you can find your own ways to share the story of Jesus with others.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for entering into our heart.
We pray for those who don’t know you yet.
May they also know you and live a wonderful life that you promised.
Then help all of us to understand you and live faithfully with you.
In your name, we pray, amen.

Now let’s watch a short video.
This is about one person who didn’t know what to share when he evangelized.
It was his first experience of sharing and inviting a person to pray the prayer.
Let’s watch: