John 1:43-51 (1)


Come and see
Reading: John 1:43-51
Blanks: Come, Nazareth, real, heaven, open,

(1) In the time of Jesus, there were sort of two kinds of Jewish people.
One group was living near Jerusalem.
The other group was living near Galilee.

Those who lived near Jerusalem tended to be religious and very Jewish.
And they thought that the Jewish people in Galilee were not Jewish enough.
Sometimes, they looked down on them.
And they made fun of their pronunciation or their dialect.

But Jesus loved to hang out with the Jewish people in Galilee.
(1) Jesus found many of his disciples in Galilee.
In fact, today, Jesus went to Galilee to find more disciples.
(2) Then, when Jesus found a new disciple, he said to him:
“Follow me.”
Then he said “Ok” and followed Jesus.
His name was Philip.
Philip was from the town where Peter and his brother, Andrew were from.
So, Peter and Andrew welcomed their hometown boy, Philip.

(1) But then Philip remembered his good friend, Nathanael.
So, he went and found him and said:
“Hey, we’ve found the Messiah that the Bible talks about!
He is Jesus from Nazareth!”

Nathanael said:
“Nazareth? (Laughing)
Can anything good come out of Nazareth?”
Even though he was a Galilean, he didn’t expect very much from his people.

But Philip said:
“Come and see~.”

(1) So, Nathanael came to see Jesus.
Then Jesus said:
Here is a very spiritual man!”

Nathanael said:
“Whoa, how do you know me?”
Jesus said: (pause)
(1) “I saw you, under that fig tree, before Philip called you.”

Nathanael was surprised because he had an experience under that tree.
But Jesus seemed to know what happened there.
Jesus seemed to know his secret life of prayer.
Well, of course, Jesus knew because Nathanael was praying to God who is Jesus under that tree.
So, Nathanael said:
“Rabbi, you are the Son of God.
You are the King of Israel!” (smile)

Then Jesus said:
“Wait a minute.
I just told you that I saw you under that fig tree.
Is that enough for you?
Well, you’ll see much, much more.
You all will see the heaven opened.
You will see the angels coming down, going up, coming down, going up on me!”

Some people thought about what really happened to Nathanael.
Then they made a video out of it.
So, let’s watch: http://youtu.be/k7ZZfSDWR44

(1) Because Nathanael was a spiritual man, Jesus came to him like this.
Jesus showed he is the Messiah like this.
But remember?
Initially, Nathanael thought not much of the people of Nazareth or Galilee. He thought that they were not Jewish enough or religious enough.

But Jesus chose these people as his disciples.
Then Jesus taught them, trained them and empowered them.
Then, Jesus sent these Galileans to make disciples in all nations.
They were sent out to teach others.
So, other people needed to be humble and listen to what God was saying through them.

Today, Jesus may still come to us like this.
He would train the humble and send them to teach others.
So, if we look down on them just because they are different, or because they don’t speak English or Korean, or because their language sounds weird, we are making a mistake.
God can use anybody.
So, we need to be humble and be ready to hear what God is saying.
Then we may receive God’s blessings that are coming to us.

(1) So, the bible says: (let’s read together)
“In humility consider others better than yourselves.” (Philippians 2:3-4)

This is our homework today.
We are called to respect others as if they are better than us.
We need to think other people well and treat them well.
We need to humbly serve other people.
Then we will be able to live the life that Jesus wants us to live.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for coming to us from Nazareth and Galilee.
You have lived the holy life there.
The power of God was even working through your disciples.
Help us to be humble and patient so that we may also be able to live your life wherever we are.
In your name, we pray.