Luke 11:1-13 (3)

Praying for nations
Reading: Luke 11:1-13
K-hymns: 489

Jesus again teaches people through a story.
He told a story like this:
“Let’s say you have a best friend who was traveling a lot.
He is extremely busy.
Then one night, he came to your house unannounced.
You were so happy to see him.
So, you invited him in but realized that you have no food to offer.
You went to all the stores which were all closed.
So, you ran to another friend’s house and waked his friends saying:
“Do you have some food that I can borrow?”
Then you explained your situation.

But your friend was like:
“Don’t you think it is late?
I got to get up early tomorrow.
So, don’t bother me. Go away.”

But he could not give up, because he had someone at home.
Even though he knew that he was bothering his friends, he asked again and again and again.
So, his friend got up and started to prepare something.
He realized that in this way, he would get more sleep.

(1) Why would Jesus tell this story?
Jesus wanted to explain about praying.
At this story, Jesus may be talking about intercessory prayer.
It is to pray for someone else.
It is to pray for our friends so that God may help them.
We pray that God may give strength to our friends.
We pray that God would give spiritual power to our friends.
Then God’s power is available for our friends.

Telling this story, Jesus is saying:
“Don’t give up after praying once or twice.
Even if you don’t have enough faith to ask God, ask God again and again.
Then God will help your friends.
Pray again and again, until you receive what you pray for.
Then God will work through you.”

But some people may say:
God knows everything.
Why should we pray again and again?

For some prayer, you don’t have to pray twice.
Then you see God answers your prayer.
But for other occasions, you need to pray again and again.
Then, God’s thoughts will flow through you.
Then God’s power will flow through you.
Then, God will make something happen.
(2) As you pray again and again, you give yourself permission to experience God who gently works through you.
The power of Gospel happens as you pray for others.
In this way, you love them.
In this way, you become part of God’s team.
Then God will inspire you to pray for various persons.
Then God will work and make it happen.
God will work miracles for those people.
In this way as God change the world.
It is wonderful to recognize that God answers your prayer and moves along with your prayer.

So, I think everyone should have a prayer list written out.
Then it is easier to pray again and again for our friends.
Then we will experience God making something happen.

God desires to help.
But one condition is that we pray again and again.
Then we sense God’s good plan for our lives.
Then we can even pray according to the will of God.
It is a great service to God.

Talking about prayer, we can also pray for churches and nations.
That is, you can help a church or a nation to experience God.
You may pray for missionaries, ministers, spiritual leaders, deacons and elders of a particular country.
You may pray that they may live holy and pure life.
Then, you may even change that nation with God.

For this kind of prayer, you may need to pray over and over.
For example, many people have been praying for North Korea.
Sometimes, it is discouraging.
But at the same time, we have seen God is working for that nation.
So, we pray continually, knowing again everything is possible in God.

If you like news, you have a lot of information to pray for the world.
You can pray to make our world peaceful and safer and prosperous.
Then God may make the world peaceful and a better place.

As we pray, we celebrate the fact that God is good.
So, we praise and give thanks to God.
We express our love to God in your prayer.

Lastly, I heard about someone who didn’t really believe in God.
But he decided to have a test by praying for awhile.
Then as he prayed, he sensed or realized that God really listened to him.
God was working through his prayer.
He experienced the power of God.
Then he ended up knowing more of God.
Then this person even find God’s will and plan for his life in Jesus Christ.
So, help us pray according to the will of Jesus, so that we may become like him.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to pray so that we may truly help those who are around us.
Encourage us to pray so that many nations may find peace in you.
In Jesus name we pray.