Matt 1:18-25 (2)


Mary, did you know?
Reading: Matt 1:18-25
Additional reading: Galatians 4:4-5, Isaiah 7:14
Blanks: Holy Spirit, Immanuel,

(1) Merry Christmas!
Since this is the week when Christmas comes, I am just going to tell you the old Christmas story that you all know.

Many, many years ago, God told Jewish people:
(2) “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son.
And they will call him Immanuel.”
What is Immanuel?
Immanuel means “God is with us.”

When God said this, Jesus, the Son of God, was living among the angels.
But Jesus wanted to be with people.
So, Jesus decided to become a man.
Then, Jesus was wondering who could be his mother.
Who could give him a chance to be born?
Then, Jesus thought Mary could be his mother.
So, Jesus sent her an angel to get her permission.
Luckily, Mary said yes.

(1) Then, Mary let this news known to her fiancé, Joseph.
But Joseph was confused, because Mary was so serious about this.
But Joseph was like:
“What is this?
Is she trying to break up with me?
Then what does it mean that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit?
Is she saying that she was unfaithful to me?”

Aaa. It was too much.
So, he went home and went to bed.
Then he relaxed enough to receive God’s thoughts.
(2) Then, in his dream an angel appeared and said:
“Joseph, do not worry about marrying Mary.
She is really pregnant by the Holy Spirit.
So, get married.
Then when she gives birth to a son, call him Jesus, because he will save his people from their errors.”

Joseph might have wondered:
“Is it really from God?
Is God really speaking through dreams?”
Then he remembered that in the bible that God often used dreams to make the plan known.
In the bible some people interpreted the dreams to know the plan of God.
So, Joseph also decided to have a go
(3) Joseph accepted that God had a bigger plan.
So he took Mary home as his wife.

You know, sometimes, God can speak to you through your dreams.
Sometimes, your dream may be speaking you about something.
Of course, sometimes, your dream doesn’t make sense at all.
But God seems to understand it.
God seems to understand what your dream is all about.
So, if you can understand it, you may know about yourself or about God’s plan.

(1) Anyway Mary gave birth.
Joseph called him Jesus.
The name Jesus means “God saves.”
This name simply explains what Jesus would do.
Jesus saves his people from their sin.
Then Jesus helps them to become the children of God.

Now let’s watch a video: http://youtu.be/A1oHJR2g7Tw

(1) Mary, the mother of Jesus, didn’t really know who Jesus really was.
Even when Jesus started his ministry, Mary didn’t understand.
But she heard every day that:
Jesus was healing the leper.
Jesus walked on water.
Jesus gave sight to the blind.
Jesus healed people on the Sabbath.
Jesus calmed the storm.
Jesus served the poor.
Then Jesus died and rose back again to show who he is.

Then, Mary understood who Jesus was.
Mary understood that Jesus was God who created her.
Jesus was God who will one day rule the nations.
So, Mary believed her son.
Then because of her son, her sin was taken away.
Because of her son, she became a new person.
Because of her son, she understood God.
Because of her son, she was saved.
Then she followed Jesus and lived like him.

In a sense, our calling is very similar with that of Mary.
We also need to have Jesus in us.
We need to welcome Jesus into our hearts.
We need to allow Jesus to grow in us.
Then Jesus will live his life through us.
Then Jesus will guide us, save us and free us from our sins.
Then Jesus will make us a new person in God.
So, let’s have Jesus in us and let him to grow and grow and grow so that he can live through us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to listen and obey.
Sometimes, you speak to us through our dreams or through our circumstances.
May we listen to you and obey, so that we may serve you forever.
We pray in Jesus name, amen.