Matthew 11:28-30 (1)


There is a true work that if you do, you will find rest
Reading: Matthew 11:28-30
Additional reading: Psalm 131: 1, 2
Props: bag, basketball,
Blanks: rest, yoke, easy, light

What is this?
Right, it is a bag.
What’s inside?
What is this?
It is a basketball.
What about this?
Who put this in the bag anyway?
Well, there was one person who carries this kind of bags all day long.
I don’t know why she does that.
So, let’s find out.
We are going to watch this video to find out:

(2) Can you understand this video?
Ok, then why did she carry all those bags?

She carried those bags because she was anxious.
She worried about things.
So, she carried each bags.
Then when she worried about her future, she added more bags.
When she worried about meeting people’s expectation, she added more bags.
Then it became too many.
So, she could not live a normal life.

So, she tried to share her bags with her friends.
But most of her friends could not understand why she carried all those bags.
So they didn’t want to carry her bags.

(1) She also wanted to be free from her bags.
But she didn’t know how.
So, she added more bags.
Then she struggled to carry all those bags, without knowing how to get rid of them.
That is, she didn’t know how to stop worrying.

(2) Then some people asked her invite Jesus into her life.
They said instead of just carrying the bible, she could give her life to Jesus and be free.
Because Jesus has the power to create heaven and earth, Jesus can take all her bags.
So, she started to give each bags to Jesus. (put the bag)
She started to give her worries to Jesus.

This is a mystery.
Then she took the bag of Jesus.
Then she was free.
When she carried Jesus' bag, she was free in Jesus.
She was free to do what she truly loves to do.
She was free to help her friends to do what they truly love to do.
She can help people because she was free to live in God’s power.
She was free to live a new life with Jesus.

(3) Then the more she got to know Jesus, the more she could give her every worry to Jesus.
The more she knows Jesus, the more she can give her bags to Jesus.
The more she understands Jesus, the more she can give her worries to Jesus.
Then the more she gives, the more she was free.
Then, she stops worrying about things.
She stops worrying about her reputation.
She stops worrying about her family’s expectations.
Then she just lives her life with Jesus.

(1) To every people, Jesus said something like this:
“Don’t carry al those bags, burdens and worries.
Come to me. I will give you rest.
I will give you freedom to do what you truly love to do.
Continually learn from me.
I am gentle and humble.
So, live my life.
Then you will truly find peace and rest.”

Jesus wants to show you how to live an easier life.
If we understand Jesus, we can live that easy life with Jesus.

So, let’s carry his bag.
Meaning, let’s live his life:
We can live his life in the power of the Holy Spirit.
We will be able to do what Jesus wants us to do.
Then we will find joy.
Then we will find rest and have peace in our heart.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you always wait for us.
So, we will give all our worries to you.
Then help us to listen to you.
Help us to live your life.
Because then, we will be just fine, because of you.
May we find peace and rest in you.
May all people find peace and rest in you. .
In Jesus name, amen.

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.