Three Trees


Three Trees (It is a very well known story)
Reading: Luke 2:1-14

I am going to tell you a story.
It is a children story.
I guess in this Christmas season, I am allowed to tell you this children story, right?
Let’s begin.

(1) Once upon a mountain top, there were three little trees.
These trees had big dreams.

(1) One little tree said:
"I want to be the most beautiful treasure box in the world!
I want to hold lots and lots of treasure, gold and diamond."

(2) The second little tree said:
“I want to be the strongest and most powerful ship in the world!
I want to travel oceans carrying powerful kings and queens.”

(3) The third little tree said:
"I want to be the tallest tree in the world.
So, when people look at me, they may raise their eyes to see heaven and think about God."

Many years went by.
All these trees grew tall.
(2) Then one day three woodcutters climbed this mountain.
The first woodcutter took the first tree and went down.
The second woodcutter took down the second tree and went down.
But the third tree felt terrified when the last woodcutter looked at her.
So, she tried to stand tall pointing to heaven.
But the woodcutter didn’t even look up.
Then he took down the third tree.

(1) The first tree was so excited when she saw a carpenter.
The first tree said:
"Yeehah, now I’ll be a beautiful box that holds wonderful treasures!"

But the carpenter was not making a treasure box.
He was making a feed box for animals.
So, this proud tree was made into a feed box and was filled with hay for hungry animals.

(1) The second tree was happy when she realized that she was going to be a boat.
Her dream was coming true.
The second tree said:
"Finally, I’ll sail oceans!
I’ll be a strong ship for kings and queens!”

But there was no need for a mighty sailing ship that day.
(3) So, she was made into a small fishing boat.
Then she was too small to sail the oceans.
So she was taken into a little lake where she spent her life carrying fish.

(3) The third tree was confused when the woodcutter made her into strong beams and threw her on a pile of lumber in the yard.
Then the once tall tree wondered:
"What happened?
All I wanted was to point all these people to God!"

Many, many days passed.
The three trees almost forgot their dreams.

(1) Then one night, the first tree saw a special star shining over her, as a young woman laid her newborn baby in this feed box.
Her husband said:
"I wish I could provide a better cradle for him."

But the mother said:
"This manger is perfect.
It is beautiful."
Then suddenly the first tree realized that she was holding the greatest treasure in the world.

One evening many years later, the second tree was sailing on the lake.
She was carrying a teacher and his students.
Then she saw the teacher fell asleep as she quietly sailed across the lake.
Then suddenly the weather changed from calm to stormy.

(1) Then the tree was scared, because she knew she was too weak to carry these people through the wind and the rain.

Then the students wake up the sleeping teacher.
(3) Then the teacher stood up and said:
“Peace! Be still!”
Then the storm stopped.
Then, the second tree knew that she was carrying the King of heaven and earth.

One Friday morning, not long after that, the third tree was surprised, when she was yanked out from the forgotten woodpile.

(3) Then her beams were nailed together.
Then a man was carrying her through an angry shouting crowd.
She was so nervous.

(2) Then she cried when soldiers nailed the man to her.
It was just too much.
Then after awhile, she felt the man had died.
Then the man was carried into a tomb.

(2) But on Sunday morning, something great happened.
She saw the man rose back up again and walked.
Then the man disappeared and appeared and disappeared and appeared and so on.
Then she realized that she was with the Son of God.
God came down and was with her.

(1) God included these trees into God’s plan.
God included these threes to be part of the story of Jesus.
So, these trees could help people to understand God much better.

Initially these trees just wanted to be powerful, beautiful, strong and big.
But God chose to be humble and weak to show who God is and to be with them.
So, these trees understood who God is, and how God may appear in their life.
The end.

Let us pray:
Jesus, thank you for all the blessings that we experience.
Thank you for honoring the humble.
Thank you for being born and dying for us.
Thank you for rising back again and live forever.
May we be the people who live with your spirit forever.
In Jesus name, amen.