1 John 4:7-21


God is love
Reading: 1 John 4:7-21
Blanks: God, love, Son, Son, love, Jesus, loves, love
K-hymn: 9

(2) God loves you.
Because God loves you, God is very interested in your hearts.
God is very interested in your minds.
God is interested in knowing what is going on in our heart, because God wants to know who really loves God.
Then often God acts based on this knowledge.

(2) So, do you love God?
Do you love God more than anything?
If you love God more than anyone, you tend to remove all the stumbling blocks to your very happiness.

So, Jesus encourages us to love God more than anything, more than even our life.
When we love God like that, we can make good choices for our lives.
Then we can produce something good.

Do you know also that our heart has to love God?
(3) If it doesn’t love God, it gets sick.
Then our heart behaves strangely.
It worries a lot.
It may get easily addicted to some negative thoughts and feelings.
It may even feel uncomfortable, even when things go well.
It may even be afraid of happiness and run away from it.
So, if we don’t love God, our mind gets confused and get frustrated.
When you are like that, people may run away from you, because they feel you don’t love them, either.

Then how can we love God?
We can love God by seeking God’s happiness.
How can we seek God happiness?
(2) What makes God happy?
Jesus makes God happy.
So, God is very happy when you try to know Jesus.
God is very happy when you invite Jesus into your heart.
God is very happy as you gain more understanding of who Jesus is.
Then you will learn how to love like Jesus.
(3) Then we can love God.
And you can love people as God loves them.

If we love like this, what happens to them?
They experience Jesus, who loves them.
They experience God’s love, because Jesus loves them through you.
Then Jesus can lead their life and help them to do what God wants them to do.

(3) The Holy Spirit also seeks God’s happiness.
So, the Holy Spirit asks us to have Jesus as the most important person in our life.
Then our life will move much smoothly.
Then God’s thoughts will flow into your mind so that you may live a good life.

But sometimes, we may make some mistakes.
We might make some wrong choices.
Then we may stop loving God or loving people.
Then the Holy Spirit may come and show us that we have sinned against God, because we didn’t love God or love people.
Then the Holy Spirit may ask us to confess our sins to God.
(3) Then when we confess our sin to God in Jesus’ name, God forgives us.
God cleans our hearts and purifies it so that we may practice God’s love and kindness.

But some people may say:
“Why do we need to confess our sin to God, when we have sinned against anyone?
I mean, if I cheated anyone, or lied to anyone, if I have mistreated anyone, I have sinned against that person, not against God?”

When we sinned against anyone, we sinned against God.
So, God suffers.
That is why the Bible says if you don’t love your brother or sister, you don’t love your God.
Why? Why is that?
It is because God loves everyone and lives within every one.
God suffers, because God knows everything and loves everyone.
So, when one of us suffers, God suffers the same.
So, if you think about it, it is not fun to be God.
It is tough to be God.
But that is what is like to be God.

(3) So, you know, Jesus just couldn’t stand there when God suffers like that.
So, Jesus came to die for our sins.
Jesus came to pay the price for our sin.
We might have thought it was ok.
We might have been ok with our sinful life.
But God couldn’t stand it.
So, Jesus was like:
“I am going to die and pay for all your sin, as if I were responsible for your sin.
Then I am going to take away your sins.
Then God will be able to forgive you completely so that you may start all over again.”

Jesus lived like this, because he knew so well, who God is.
So, when we truly understand what Jesus has done for us, we will start to change.
Our hearts will start to change.
Then, Jesus may say something like this:
“Now hold on to me as I hold on to you.
Live in me, as I live in you.
Trust me with your life, and live my life.
Then I can make all things possible.
Then you can truly do what you truly want to do.
So, try to do what I ask you to do.
Then I can create wonderful life for you.”

(3) You know sometimes, I ask God:
“God, what do you want me to say to these people?”
Then God seems to say:
“Go, tell them I love them.”
So, I am telling you:
God loves you.
May you experience God’s love today. Amen.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for loving us.
Thank you for loving this people.
May we understand your love.
Thank you for giving your Holy Spirit.
Thank you for getting involved in our life.
May we want to do what you want us to do.
May we be the light and the salt of the world.
May we love our people.
May you love them through us.
And may your love be remembered forever.
In Jesus name, amen.

Because we are sinners like this, if we don’t agree with anyone, we say: "God loves me even when God does not agree with me.
God even has died for me.
This God has died for you, too.
So, you can have your place at this church.”

We have all obey God selectively.
We may have done that, because we cannot agree with God.
But still the graceful God accomplish his good will even in our disobedience.
When we know this, we will not judge anyone.