John 6: 51-58 (2)


Eat Jesus? (Lord’s Supper)
Reading: John 6: 51-58
Additional reading: Isaiah 30:15
Shouting: Jesus
Blanks: heaven, forever, eternal life, feeds on me
Prop: Communion cup and bread
K-hymn: 488

(1) Jesus said something like this:
“I am food.
I am the food from heaven.
God sent me to be your food.
I am the healthy food ever.
So, you can eat me and live forever.”

Now why is Jesus saying that we need to eat him?
Then what is like to eat him anyway?
So, we are going to think about it.

Now then, let’s think about eating.
(3) Do you like eating?
You cannot live without food, right?
So, you think about food a lot.
So, Jesus is saying:
“Think about me a lot.
I am much better food.
If you eat me, you can live forever.
I am the true food.
So, if you eat me, you can truly live.”

(1) So, during the communion, we sort of eat Jesus, right?
But let’s think about this way:
(2) Jesus is God.
Then does it mean that we are eating God?
But how can we eat God?
God creates everything.
Can God be our food?

Yes, in fact, God wants to be our food.
Because if we eat God, we become like God.
Then God can teach us about the truth.
Then we will have courage to be like Jesus.
Then we can do what Jesus does.
Then they can overcome the world.
So, all those who eat Jesus will have Jesus in them and become new people.

(3) So, in order to give this food, Jesus died on the cross.
Then Jesus rose back again so that he can help people live again.

(3) Jesus also told us:
“Drink my blood, because my blood will cleanse you.
My blood will protect us.
Then you will be free from your sin.”

So, Jesus died on the cross to offer his blood for the forgiveness of our sin.
Then Jesus will save all those who believe in the power of his blood.

But again Jesus is God.
So, it is God who bleeds for us.
It is God who was wounded on the cross.
It is God who gives his blood so that we may live forever.
So, Jesus is asking us to drink his blood, and think about the power of his blood.

(3) Again, Jesus is saying:
“This bread is me.
So, eat it.
This cup is my blood.
So, drink it.
If you eat it, you can have me in you and you can live my life.”

(2) But here is one more thing.
We always eat Jesus and drink Jesus together.
Why do we always take communion together?
Because we need to see that everyone is having Jesus in them.
Not only me, but everyone.
So, we recognize that God will work through everyone.
God will strengthen everyone.
God will work through everyone.

It also means that everyone needs to remember what Jesus says.
Everyone needs to think about his death and life.
Everyone needs to love God and love people.
Everyone needs to live a pure life for him.

(3) So, we eat Jesus together.
Then we try to understand the meaning of his life together.
We try to obey together and practice what Jesus says.
We try to turn to him and find rest in him, knowing he loves us this much.
We can trust him, and even pray to him knowing that Jesus even wants to be our food so that we may have the eternal life.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for listening to our prayer.
Thank you for shedding your blood for us.
Thank you for your words.
Thank you for your life.
Thank you for strengthening us.
Thank you for making us live spiritually.
We trust in you.
So, by participating in your Lord’s Supper, may we proclaim your story until you come.
In Jesus name, we pray. Amen.