Matthew 5:38-48 (5)


Lose to win for God
Reading: Matthew 5:38-48 (5)
Additional reading: Ephesians 6:12, Exodus 21:22-25
K-hymn: 94, 93
Blanks: go, Give, love, pray, greet, perfect

(2) Sometimes, Jesus may ask us:
“Do you love your enemy?
Can you love you enemy?”
What would you say?

Some people may say.
“Who does that?
Love our enemy?
Hehe, we need to hate our enemy.
If they hurt our people, we hurt their people.
If they blame us, we blame them back.
If they take the life of our people, we take theirs.
We are going to fight back.”

So, Jesus has been saying something like this:
“C’mon, you guys love your enemies and pray for them.
Because God lives like that.
(3) God gives rain to you and to your enemy.
(3) God gives sunshine to your enemy and to you.
God gives God’s best to everyone.
God provides all the good things.
So, if you live like this, you are God’s children.

“So, love your enemy, say hello to them and pray for them.
Then, God will bless you.
In fact, then, God cannot help but to bless you because you are doing exactly what God will do to them.”

Now in order to understand what Jesus is saying, let’s think about this.
(2) Do you know who they are?
Right, this is David and Goliath.
They are about to fight.

(2) Now let’s say that Jesus appears here.
What would he say? (wait)
He may say:
(2) “No more of this!
I will show you a far better way to live.
David, this is Goliath.
Goliath, this is David.
Have you met each other?
I would like you guys to be a friend.
I want you to get along with each other and love each other.
Then you guys will be my disciples, because you are doing what I am and what I do.”

Then Jesus may say something like this to everyone:
(2) “Now, I give you a new rule to live by!!
That is:
Love your enemies and be good to them.
If your enemy slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other also.
If they want to take what is yours, give more than what they want.
If they want you to go one mile with them, go on two miles for them.
If they want to borrow from you, give more and think about what else you can give them.
Be good to them, beyond their wild imagination.
Then God will be good to you and provides for you give more things.
Then they may sense God’s working in your life.
And they may be able to learn God’s way of living.
Then they may change and live with God.”

Jesus, as the Child of God, also lived like this.
(3) When the religious leaders took him to a court to take his ministry away, Jesus gave what they wanted, knowing he would have the victory of God.
(3) When Jesus was beaten, he took it humbly.
When they tried to crucify him, Jesus took his cross and went his way.

(3) Jesus was ready to lose because God will provide even more.
God will defend his case.
So, he prayed for them so that they may have a better life.
(3) Then he dared to live like this, knowing that he would rise back again to live a better life and enjoy God’s abundance.
Rising back again, Jesus is able to have all the things of God.
More importantly, he gained all things in God’s way.

Jesus is able to have that because he lost his life for God.
Then because of that, Jesus can now open the heaven’s gate to bless people.
(3) That is, he can now free people and forgive people so that they can become God’s friends again.
Jesus helps them to serve the living God.
Jesus gives them the abundant life so that they can become children of God!

So, when people try to take yours, give because God can provide even better things.
(3) Today, Jesus is asking us to be good to everyone, because God is good to everyone.
When we live like this, we will be called as children of God.

But we cannot live like this by our own power.
We can only live like this, when Jesus and the Holy Spirit helps us.
When we allow the Holy Spirit to work among us, we may live like this.
This is a miracle that can happen among us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for offering your life.
May your healing power work among us so that we may live like you.
May you give us your mind and thought so that we may be able to live your life.
Thank you for your work among us.
In Jesus name, we pray.