The story of Jesus

It is not easy to explain.
But I will try.

Experiencing the story of Jesus is like experiencing an art.
It is like listening to music.
Listening to some music, you may feel the beauty of the music.
You may sense its beauty.

I don’t care what kind of music you like.
You know its beauty and its power.

But if you think about it, you are just hearing sounds coming out of various instruments.
You are hearing airs coming out of various holes of instruments.
If it is a guitar.
You are hearing noises coming out of a wooden box, because of vibrations of various strings.
There is no reason to be moved by it or feel beauty about it.
But you may feel its beauty.
You are created to feel it.

Think about watching a movie.
Have you ever cried watching a movie?
You know it is not true.
You are watching talented actors who were acting out of the script.
These actors pretend that they fall in love.
These lovers may have no desire to see each other after finishing that movie.
But you are crying and laughing over them.
Even funnier thing is that you feel good after crying and laughing for awhile.
Your mind may say it is just a movie.
But your hearts explain something else.

Now let’s think about a face of baby.
Have you ever been there when you felt the power of baby’s face?
As soon as you saw a baby, you suddenly forgot all your worries and stresses.
And you are happy.

The story of Jesus is like that.
But at the same time, the story of Jesus is more than that.
It has a power to change lives.
It has a power to give you courage.
It gives you faith.

But your mind asks:
“Why did Jesus have to die?
Why was his resurrection necessary?”
You may have many questions.
But if you allow God to touch your heart, there is some power in this story.
As you think about it and meditate on it, you experience more of it.