Eat This Bread, Drink This Cup


Jesus Christ knew unless he died, we could not have Jesus as our Savior.
Jesus knew we would not have Jesus unless he was killed.
This was our inner reality.

So, he decides to give himself.
He gives his body, his bruised body.
Then Jesus gives his own blood.
This is the cost he paid to be our Savior.

Knowing this deeper spiritual meaning, Jesus says:
“Eat me.
You will never be hungry.
Drink my blood.
You will never be thirsty.
You will have eternal life.
You will be filled and satisfied.”

Through this communion, we get to know this reality.
Through this communion, we get to understand Jesus.
Through this communion, we get to know Jesus.
Through this communion, we get to be with Jesus.
Let’s participate in this communion, thinking about this.

Let us pray.


Matthew 16:24-28, 17:1-9 (2)


See God at the Cross
Reading: Matthew 16:24-28, 17:1-9
Blanks: face, clothes, love, Listen, the Son of Man

Jesus said something like this:
(2) “God really loves you.
God really cares for you.
God also wants to do for you what only God can do.
So, God asks me to die for you at the cross.
Because then you will be forgiven forever.
So, I decided to do that so that God would rejoice that you could have a good life now.”

(3) Then Jesus said something like this to his students:
“Because you are my students, I want you to take your cross and carry it with me.
In this way, you can make our message available to more people.
So, carry it with me."

(3) But Peter was not listening.
He had his own plan.
He wanted Jesus to continually perform miracles and heal people.
And he wanted Jesus to be the king who would rein the whole Israel.

(2) So, Peter was like:
“How can I stop Jesus from thinking his cross?
What can I do for him?
Because I am not going to allow Jesus to die on the cross.
I am going to protect him. (Matthew 16:21-24)
I am going to make sure that he is safe.”

You see, he wanted to protect Jesus in his own way.
He could not understand why Jesus had to take his cross.
So, he tried to build some strong supports for Jesus’ ministry.

(4) But Jesus knew that Peter could not protect him.
Some religious leaders were making plans to kill him.
And they would succeed.

(3) So, one day, Jesus took Peter, and two of his students, to a high mountain.
(3) Then when Jesus was praying, the face of Jesus was shining.
His whole body was shining.
(3) Then tow historical figures appeared.
They were Moses and Elijah.
They appeared to have a talk with Jesus.
They might have said:
“You really need to die on the cross.
Did Peter understand it now?”

(2) But when Peter saw this, he was so excited.
Peter was having fun now because nobody would kill Jesus when he was shining like this.
So, Peter was like:
"Jesus, you are shining.
This is great.
Let me build three houses for you.
Then you guys can stay here together forever.”

(3) When Peter was like that, God decided to jump in.
So, God was like:
"Peter, why don’t you listen to Jesus and try to understand what he is saying.
I love Jesus.
I love Jesus the most because he is even willing to die for you guys.
So, don’t make it harder for him.
Listen to him and understand why he has to die.
Be humble and patient so that you may follow Jesus.”

(3) When God spoke speak through the cloud like this, Peter was terrified.
But then Jesus said:
“Don’t be afraid.
It is ok.”

(3) Then when they came down from the mountain, Jesus told them again something like this:
“Don’t tell anyone about what you have seen and heard until you see me raised from the dead."

(3) So, even though Peter wanted to protect Jesus, Jesus chose to die on the cross.
Then because Peter really loved Jesus, it was very painful for him to see him crucified and suffered like this.

(3) Then Jesus rose from the dead.
Then Peter was starting to understand.
Peter was starting to see God in the sufferings of Jesus.
(2) Peter was starting to understand how much painful it was for God to forgive their sin.
So, he found God here at the cross.
God humbled himself and died for them.
When Peter understood the suffering of Christ Jesus, he understood that this was the way that God would save us from our sins.
Then, Peter understood what Jesus wanted to teach all long.

We might think God is powerful and God can do whatever God wants.
But God is seen here at the cross for us.
Then God asks us to take our own cross to follow God.
God asks us to die for the people that God loves.
Because in this way, the world will see God and God’s working in us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for your cross.
Thank you for your life.
We love you and we want to love you.
So, let us love you and your people so that we may also follow you taking our cross for you.
Holy Spirit, help us so that we may truly live for the Christ who has died for us.
In Jesus name, we pray amen.


Prayers of the people 4

Jesus, thank you for giving your peace.
Thank you for rising back from your death.
Thank you for giving us your resurrection and its power.
Thank you for offering your Spirit.
Thank you for giving your faith.
Thank you for giving your wisdom.
Thank you for helping us to understand it.
Thank you for giving us wisdom to know where you are leading us.
Thank you for helping us to think what you want.
Thank you for helping us to become the person that you want us to be.

Continually live in us so that we may discover your desire for us.
Help us to listen to you as you speak to us.
Help us to understand what you say so that we may live it out.
Help us to humbly obey you and live the blessed life.
May we obey what you want and live faithfully to you.
May we act and speak of what you want us to do and speak.

Everyone can learn to follow you.
Our children can learn to follow you.
May all our children learn to follow you with their lives.

As we teach your children, teach through us.
Teach what you want to teach.
Give us good ideas.
Help us also to communicate your love with them.
Help us to be patient with them.
Help us to share the story of Jesus continually as it changes all our hearts and all our lives.

Now we pray for our family and friends.
We pray for everyone who has asked for our prayers.
We pray for those who pray for us.
We pray for all those who remain in our heart.
Bless them.
May they find peace in you.
May we also find peace in you.
We pray for your help in every area of our life.
Bless us.
Keep us all safe.

Jesus, we know that you love us more than anything.
Thank you.
May we live your life as we gain understanding of who you are.

We pray this in your name, Jesus.


Matthew 12:38-45 (2)


Jesus protects your mind
Reading: Matthew 12:38-45
Additional reading: Jonah 1, 3
K-hymn: 13
Song: Change my heart oh God
Blanks: repented, three, three, greater, rise up

(2) Do you know about the story of Jonah?
What did God ask Jonah to do?
(1) God asked Jonah to go to Nineveh and preach.
Did Jonah go?
No. he ran away. Why?
Because the people of Nineveh were the enemy of his nation.
So, he didn’t like these people.
(3) So, he ran away.
Jonah was like:
“Let’s say I go there and preach to them.
Now what if they listen to me and repent?
What if they really turn around and obey God?
Then, because God is compassionate and kind, God will forgive them and bless them.
I don’t like that.”

(2) So, Jonah took a boat and ran away.
He just wanted to go far away from Nineveh.

(2) Then a great storm came.
The whole ship was in danger.
Then Jonah realized what was happening. Oh no.
So he asked other guys to throw him into the sea.
(3) Then, a huge fish came and swallowed him.
Then, Jonah was as good as dead in the belly of fish for three days.
Then Jonah asked God to forgive him.
So, God forgave him.
(2) Then the fish threw him back to the land.
(3) Then Jonah went to Nineveh and preached to them.
(3) Then, about 120,000 people repented and asked God to forgive them.
Then because God is compassionate and kind, God forgave them and blessed them.

(2) Jesus talked about this story of Jonah when he explained something.
It was when some religious teachers asked him like this:
“Jesus, show us some signs that says that you are really the Messiah.”
They were asking this question when Jesus was performing many miracles.
So, Jesus understood what was happening in their minds.
So, Jesus said something like this:
“You don’t need any more signs!
You need God who can protect your mind.
Then you will be able to believe in me.

(3) “But you know what?
I will give you a sign.
It is the sign of Jonah.
Remember Jonah was as good as dead in the belly of a fish for three days.
I will be in my grave for three days.
That is the sign for you to believe in me.
I will die and rise again!”

(3) “But if you still don’t believe, the people of Nineveh will come and say things against you, at the Day of Judgment.
They may say:
“Why didn’t you believe in Jesus?
Jesus is the great prophet.
He is better than Jonah.
He can explain who God is.
He can perform miracles.
(2) He even died for you and rose again to give you a new life.
So, what in the world were you thinking?”

(3) Then, Jesus told this kind of story to them: (act out)
“A bad spirit came out of a man.
Then it looked for a better place to stay.
But it couldn’t find it.
So, it went back to its old place which was by now clean and all fixed up.
(3) So, it went and brought seven worse spirits.
Then they all went into that person.
Then this person would have a lot of troubles.”

(3) Telling this story, Jesus is saying:
“If I am in you, I can kick them out of your heart.
I am stronger than any other spirit.
So, these spirits cannot dare to come.
I can protect your mind.
I can make it safe.
So, trust in me.
I can do this.
I can nurture your mind to grow.
I can provide wonderful knowledge and wisdom for you.”

So, how can you protect your mind?
If you are with Jesus, your mind is safe.
Jesus will protect you.
Jesus will give you a good heart and a good mind.
Jesus will help you make good choices for your life.
So, welcome Jesus into your hearts.
Obey his words, trusting in Jesus.
Also, forgive everyone and bless everyone, as God forgives you and bless you.
Then even if you make mistakes, Jesus will forgive you and help you grow in him.
Then your heart will be pure and be able to understand and believe God’s kindness.
Then your mind will be safe.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for dieing for us and rising back again for us.
May we obey you.
May we agree with you.
Protect our mind so that we may preach your forgiveness and your cross, forever.
In Jesus name, we pray.


John 6:51-58 (3)


Jesus, our living bread
Reading: John 6:51-58 (3)
Additional Reading: Isaiah 55
Blanks: heaven, forever, eternal life, feeds on me
K-hymn: 214 (gospel)

When Jesus is saying that he is our living bread, what is Jesus saying?
Jesus wants to be part of our life wherever we go.
Then at the same time, Jesus wants us to have his life in us.
So, we need to eat this bread.
When we eat this bread, we say that we are going to live his life.
We are going to let him live inside of us.
And we will recognize that Jesus is with us everywhere we go.

In the time of Jesus, you have to have bread to eat a meal.
So, Jesus wants us to be the essential part of our life.

Now Christian has been wondering how we can do that.
(1) Then we figure here are five things that we can do to have Jesus as the essential part of our life.
That is, you worship God, have Christian fellowship, practice spiritual habits, do evangelism, and serve others.
In this way, you may have Jesus part of your life.

(2) Sometimes, you may “worship” more than “fellowship.”
(3) Sometimes, you may practice spiritual habits more than “service.”
But as you practice these, you may have Jesus with you.

So, let’s think about these five actions plans.

Worship God:
Worship God means that we lift Jesus higher with our words and actions.
We honor Jesus who is our Lord and our God.
We say to Jesus that we love him and want to love him.
We think of him and meditate on him.

Christian Fellowship:
It means that we need each other.
We need to pray for each other.
We need to learn how to follow Jesus together.
We need to talk about this among ourselves.
We need to help each other to follow Jesus.

Spiritual Habits:
We need to have some spiritual habits that we can repeat over and over.
Then as we maintain our habits, we will think about Jesus and study about him.
Then it will help us to grow in him.

What kind of habits can we have?
You can set aside a daily time with God.
You can pray daily at certain hour.
You can pray for others, study God’s Words, or evangelize.
Find some habits that help you.
God will guide you to have some good habit.
Then as you repeat those habits, you will get close to God.
Then you will hear God better and be able to live obediently to God.
Then you may be more fruitful in Jesus.

Jesus also maintained his spiritual habits.
He blessed those who persecuted him.
He prayed often.
Jesus prayed alone very often.
He prayed alone when he needed to make important decisions.
He taught people continually.
He kept Jewish festivals: such as the Passover.
Then he used all these to serve God.

You need to share this story of Jesus.
You need to find your ways to share the story of Jesus.
As you share, you will understand more about Jesus.
In order to evangelize, you need to invite the Holy Spirit to help you.
When the Holy Spirit governs your life, people around you will be saved.

Find something that you can do for others.
Find something that you can give to others.
You need to share Christ’s love through your words and deeds.
As you serve others like this, you will be able to live Jesus’ life.

But with what power can we serve God?
(2) We are not supposed to use only our power.
The Holy Spirit will help you to serve.
The Holy Spirit will give you various gifts and talents to serve.
Then as you use those ability, gift and talent, you can serve God.

(3) Here are some lists of spiritual gifts that the Holy Spirit may give.
Which one is yours? (see ppt)
Your spiritual gift may be teaching, praying for others, evangelizing, comforting, and leadership and so on.
Find your spiritual gifts.

The Holy Spirit may have given you at least one of these gifts.
As you use one of your gifts, the Holy Spirit will help you develop new abilities and talents to serve God.
Then you will know who you are.
You don't need many spiritual gifts.
You just need to use your gift to serve others.
As you use your gifts to serve others, you will understand Jesus better.
As you serve him, you will know how Jesus may have served other people.

(3) Also, God uses you according to your personality.
So, God wants you to be you.
You don’t have to be someone else.
So, ask yourself these questions to find out your gift:
What do you love to do?
When do you feel peaceful?
When are you most productive?
What abilities or talents do you have?

God may even use your experiences to help others.
So, remember to utilize your experiences to serve God.
As you find your calling as you serve other people.
As you serve God, you realize your calling.
(2) Then you can discover your true gift and talent in God.
Then you can do something good for others.
You can serve God more.
Then you can help other people to know God.

When you live practicing these, you will be able to live the life of Jesus, wherever you are.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to get to know you.
May we share your story to understand you more.
May we practice good spiritual habits to get to know you.
May we serve others to know you and understand you.
May we worship you truly so that we may know you truly.
In this way, may we live your life.
In Jesus name, we pray.