Luke 17: 20-25 (3)


God's plan for our life (You will come to know it)
Reading: Luke 17: 20-25
Blanks: is in your midst, lightning, suffer, rejected

(3) Jesus said something like this:
“The kingdom of God is a bit different.
So, you cannot say:
'The Kingdom of God is over here.
Or, the kingdom of God is over there.
Or, God appears here.
Or, God appears there.'
Well, the truth is that the kingdom of God is in your midst.”

What does it mean?
(2) Jesus is saying:
“You find the kingdom of God, as soon as you know what God is doing.
You need to find how God works, because God works here.
God works right before you.
I am also right here to show that.
I am doing what God is doing.
I am saying what God is saying.
So, when you understand me, you will understand the kingdom of God.”

Jesus was saying like this because some people saw the kingdom of God and could not recognize it as such.
They saw God working right before them.
But they could not say it was God.
(2) Instead, they were saying:
“How does God work here?
We don’t know how God works here.
We don’t know how to hear God.
We don’t understand what God is doing.
So, we don’t know what to do.”
They were saying this when God was trying to guide them.

So, God sent Jesus right before them to teach them about the way of God.
(2) So, Jesus came and helped them understand God’s character so that they might understand how God might speak to them.
Jesus also pointed out what God is doing so that they could notice God.
Jesus also spoke for God and asked them to obey God.

(4) Jesus also obeyed God to show them how to obey God.
Jesus obeyed God by dieing on the cross and rising back again.
Jesus did this so that people might not be afraid of death, but instead fear God who holds the power of life.

God loves people.
And God is very interested in people’s life.
(3) So, God spoke to them in various ways.
Sometimes, God sent coincidences and creates circumstances so that they know what God wanted for them.
God also spoke to them through the Bible.
God spoke to them when they prayed.
God spoke to them through their dreams.
God sent them the peace of mind when they were doing good, so that they might understand God’s will.

But still they were saying:
(3) “Was it all God?
Was God speaking to us like that?”
Then they doubted it.

(2) So, Jesus was saying something like this to them:
“God is in you.
God is in you to be discovered.
Try to notice what God is doing in your heart.
Try to see how God works.
Then when God asks you to do something, try to obey God.
Try to do something good for God.
Try to truly help people.

“Because when you listen to God and obey, you will end up doing what you truly love to do.
When you surrender all to God, you end up living your best life.
Because God will help you to use your gifts and talents.
God will help you understand who you are.
God will help you find a great joy in God.
God will help you live a good life.”

(3) So, when you hear anything from God, first, make sure that is from God.
Then if it is from God, cherish it.
Dedicate your life for it.
You can build something positive.
You can give something precious to this world.
In fact you will be God’s gift to this world.

Then people will also follow you, because they know God is in you.
They will join God, because they know what God can do for them as well.
In this way, many people may find God and find who they are in God.
In this way, many people may be saved.

So, your job today is to find what God is doing here.
Then you will be able to change your life and your world.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to find God in our life.
Give us a blessing to live according to your will and do what you have us to do.
May we also help others to find you and obey you.
In Jesus name, we pray.