Matthew 26:52, 5: 21-22 (3)


Be ready to help
Reading: Matthew 26:52, 5: 21-22
Blanks: Put, back, I say to you
K-hymn: 358

(1) What kinds of book do you like?
Do you like books that describe beautiful stories of love and peace?
Do you think the story of Jesus is a beautiful story of love and peace?
I think Jesus lived a beautiful life of love and peace, even though he lived in a very violent world.
(1) You know, some people tried to kill him.
They were also jealous of Jesus’ popularity.
So, they had the Roman Government crucified Jesus.

But still Jesus wanted to live for peace.
(2) Then he waited for the soldiers to come to capture him.
When that was about to happen, what did Peter want to do?
Peter wanted to protect Jesus.
Then since this was an unavoidable situation for him, he wanted to fight with the sword.
But Jesus told him that Jesus should be crucified.
Jesus was like: (Matthew 26:52)
“Put your sword back in its place.
You cannot use the sword, if you want to follow me, because I don’t to use the sword.
Besides, if you use the sword, you will die by the sword.
If you use any form of violence, you will be destroyed by that very form of violence.
If you use violent words and actions, you will be destroyed by those violent words and actions.”

(2) So, what can Peter do?
He stopped and obeyed.
Then Jesus was crucified on the cross.
Then later Peter understood why Jesus had to die.
He understood why he also had to take his own cross and follow Jesus.

Having all those powers, how could Jesus live like this?
(3) Why did he want to live like this?
Why did he say that we should love our enemy and give our life for them?

Jesus didn’t want anyone to use violence for him.
Jesus didn’t want anyone to do anything against any person.
Jesus wanted Peter to value other’s life.
Jesus didn’t allow him to call anyone enemy, because they must be someone’s mother, father, brother, sister and loved ones.
If his life is precious, their life is precious too.
So, Jesus says: “love your enemy.”

Then Jesus also said something like this: (Matthew 5: 21-22)
(4) “Try not to be angry with anyone.
Because then, you are making a mistake.
If you say to someone, “You dummy,” or “you stupid,” you are making a big mistake.
In fact, you are in a big trouble, because God will think that you are killing that person.”

When you do think you say these words to someone?
You say these words when you are not ready to help them.
So, Jesus is asking us to be ready to live peacefully with everyone, by being ready to help.
Ready to work with them.
Calm down and be patient.
Resolve the issue.
Bless them with what you have and pray for them.
When our attitude is like this, we will never say those words, because we love them.

If we are ready to spend our energy and money to help them, we will live in peace and make peace.
Then we will know that we are always becoming happier as our neighbors become happier.

So, let's get ready to spend ourselves to make people well.
(3) It is important to help people to live a better life.
When we practice living like this, being ready to help people, we will always be blessed more than enough.
Then we may become wise enough to build a peaceful society.
This attitude of giving helps us to make a peaceful world.
Be ready to help.
Look for what you can help.
Then you will live according to what Jesus says.
Then your minds will be peaceful.
Your words will be peaceful.
Your actions will be peaceful.
You will help people to live peacefully.

Then when you share the gospel of Jesus, you will share it well.
You will be able to teach people about Jesus who is the king of peace.
You will be able to make this world a good place to live in, in Jesus’ name.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, our peace, you had all the power.
But you chose to take your cross.
May we understand your mind.
And may we live like you.
May we pray for peace like you.
May we make this world a better place to live in, by the power that you give us.
May we help all God’s children to live in peace.
In Jesus name, we pray.

Who uses money to make peace?