John 13:1-17


Feet Washing & Lord’s Supper
Reading: John 13:1-17
Blanks: Passover, God, God, water, wash, wash, understand, with me, clean, clean, understand, wash, feet, do

(1) Jesus wanted that his life would tell about who God is.
Jesus worked hard to produce a wonderful story of God.
So, today, Jesus creates a story so that his students could learn about God.

Now it was on the night he betrayed.
Jesus was having a dinner with his students.
Then Jesus wanted to explain the meaning of the Lord's Supper.
(3) So, Jesus got up, and prepared a clean towel.
He poured water into a basin.
Then he began to wash his disciples’ feet.
Then, he dried them with the towel.

(3) The students were surprised that Jesus was washing their feet.
As they wear sandals all the time, their feet were usually dirty.
So, in the time of Jesus, it was often the job of slaves.

(3) But now, it was Simon Peter’s turn.
But Peter was like:
“Lord, are you going to wash my feet?”
Jesus replied:
“You don’t understand what I am doing.
But later you will understand.”

Then this teenager Peter was like:
“No, you are not going to wash my feet, never.”

Jesus answered:
“Unless I wash you, you have no part with me.”

Peter replied:
“Oh! Then, Lord, not only my feet.
Wash my hands! Wash my head!”

But Jesus was like:
“If you’ve had a bath in the morning, you only need your feet washed.
Then your whole body is clean.
Then, you are clean.”

(3) Then, there was Judas who was going to betray him. (1 Corinthians 6)
Jesus also washed his feat, because he was also his disciple after all.

Then after washing their feet, he asked them:
“Do you understand what I have done for you?
You call me ‘Lord’ and ‘Teacher.’
Yes, I am your Lord and Teacher.
I’m greater than you.
But I have washed your feet.
So, you should wash one another’s feet.
Then you will be blessed.”

(3) Jesus washed their feet, because Jesus wanted them to serve each other.
God has given Jesus all the power.
In fact, Jesus is God.
But Jesus came and washed their feet.
Instead of ruling over them, Jesus chose to serve.
Jesus chose to be their slave so that his students may choose to serve others.

Can you imagine that God wants to wash your feet?
But is it not what God is doing?

In this way Jesus explain the meaning of the Lord's Supper.

People make mistakes in their lives.
Because of that, there can be some problems in their community.

But when Jesus sees our imperfectness, when Jesus sees our dirty feet, when Jesus sees our not-so-nice behaviors, Jesus wants to support us and assist us in our living.
Jesus comes to take care of our weakness and our shortcomings.
Jesus comes to take the responsibility of our sin and mistakes.
Then, Jesus cleanses us so that we can move forward.
Jesus wants to forgive and cover our many sins. (1 Peter 4:8, Proverbs 10:12)
Jesus gives us a new chance to live better.

So, washing the feet, Jesus was explaining his life.
(3) For this reason, Jesus shed his blood on the cross.
Through this blood, Jesus cleanses us spiritually.
Through his blood Jesus washes our sin away.
Through his blood, Jesus would cleanse us from our sin.
Through his blood, Jesus cleanses his community of faith.
For this, Jesus came from God.
For this, Jesus was willing to die.
For this, Jesus rose from the dead.
For this, Jesus returned to God.

(3) But still his ministry continues.
But still Jesus asks us to wash each other’s feet.
Jesus asks us to forgive and cover each other's many sins.
Jesus asks us to help each other and serve each other.
Jesus asks us to strengthen each other’s faith so that we all can stand for God more clearly and firmly.
This is another way to take communion, to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you serve us.
Then you ask us to serve people.
You ask your church to serve people.
May we be faithful in this service to each other and to the world.
We pray this in your name.