Luke 13:10-17 (2)


Jesus frees from the law of Sabbath
Reading: Luke 13:10-17
Additional readings: Romans 14:5-12
Props: Various signs

I would like to show you some signs.
Here is the first one.
If you see this sign, what do you need to do first?
Right, you need to stop first and then you need to look around to see whether other cars are coming.
Then you can pass through.
This sign can be seen a lot on the roads.

Now let’s see the next sign.
You see this sign at some shop.
Sometimes, they close their shop time to time.
So, when they are ready for business, they put out this sign to say that they are open and ready to receive customers.

Now let’s look at this sign.
What is this saying?
It asks not to park your car here.

Now in the time of Jesus, there was a strange sign.
They put out this sign because Jesus was healing many people on everyday.
Jesus heals people even on Saturday and Sunday.

But then there were some people who thought that God didn’t work on Saturday.
So, they asked Jesus not to heal people on Saturday.
But today Jesus was coming to their meeting places.
Jesus saw their sign that said:
“No Healing Ministry on Saturday and Sunday”

Then Jesus wanted to teach them that God works everyday.
God asks people to keep this day holy many, many years ago, because God wants people rest regularly and spend their day thinking of God.
God also asks them this because God wants to give them rest one day, the real rest in heaven.
But as for God, God can work whenever God gets chances.
So, Jesus can heal people on Saturday and Sunday when God wants to use him to heal people.

So, seeing this sign, Jesus entered into their meeting place.
(3) Then he saw a lady with a cane coming into their meeting place.
She couldn't walk straight.
She was bent over like this for eighteen years.

When Jesus saw the woman, he sensed that God wanted to heal her.
Then Jesus received the power to heal the lady.
(4) So, Jesus made her back straight.

But then those who put out the sign were really mad at Jesus.
They were like:
“Don’t you see the sign?
No healing here on Saturday and Sunday.
Can't you read Jesus?
This is Saturday.
And you just healed her.
Don’t do that.
Do that in other days!”

(3) But Jesus was like:
“God is working today.
You just saw God healing this lady.
God can heal people on Saturday.
Let God do what God wants.
God gives you freedom to obey God.
You need to rest regularly.”

Jesus understood that resting before God is important.
But obedience to God is more important.
God is upgrading their old thoughts.
Then Jesus is teaching them how to rest in God.

From now on, we can find rest in Jesus Christ.
This lady just found her rest in Jesus the Christ.
Since God healed her, she can rest properly.

Also Jesus is asking them to be more compassionate.
God is compassion.
So, they should be glad when God can show God’s compassion by helping people to find rest in Jesus.

Jesus is the Sabbath.
Jesus is the king of the Sabbath.
So, God wants to help people to rest on Saturday and Sunday in Jesus.
Then the Sabbath can be found in Jesus.
People can find rest in Jesus everyday.

So, Jesus is saying:
“You need to have a new sign.
It is supposed to say:
‘God can heal people everyday.’
Let God work to free people everyday.”

Jesus is freeing people from laws.
Jesus is freeing all people to find rest in God.
Jesus is freeing people from Sabbath laws so that they can truly have rest in God.
Jesus frees us from all the laws.
Now we really have only two laws: love God and love people.

You can still rest one day per week to be refreshed and recharged.
But it is not God’s requirement any more.
God is more interested in freeing people from these regulation and laws.

Let's pray:
God, help us to do your will everyday in the power of the Holy Spirit.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.