Luke 10: 25-37 (4)


Help those in need
Reading: Luke 10: 25-37 (4)

(3) I am going to tell you a story.
This story happened in a kitchen.
In this kitchen, there were many utensils.
Some of them were used all the time.
Some of them were rarely used.

In this kitchen, there were two very competitive groups.
(4) They were forks and chopsticks.
They are getting more competitive in these days, as they couldn’t get along very well.
They often argue with each other.
The forks were saying that they are more useful.
The chopsticks were saying:
“We can do more things than what you can do.”

The forks were saying:
“People loved to use us to eat pasta and fruits.
The chopsticks were saying:
“People use us to eat noodles and rices.”
Then after awhile, they didn’t even like each other and didn’t talk to each other.

Then one day, one fork had to go out and was about to pass the tool box.
(2) Then suddenly from the toolbox, hammer, electronic drivers and scissors came out and gathered around him.
Then they beat him; twisted him; took his money; and left him lying there.

(3) Then after awhile a beautiful fork came by.
This beautiful fork was very religious.
He was always clean and very useful.
Other forks wanted to be like him.
But when this fork saw another fork lying there twisted like that, he was afraid and passed him by quickly.

(3) Later, another huge fork came by.
This big fork was respected as he could do a lot more things that other forks could not do.
But then when this big fork saw the victim, he slowly looked around carefully.
Then he realized that no one was looking at him.
So, he quickly ran away.

(3) Many passed him by that day.
Even a teddy bear passed him by.
But he didn’t even look at him.
Like everyone else he also passed him by.

The fork wondered why no one would ever want to help him.
Then he saw a pair of chopsticks coming.
Oh, the fork didn’t expect very much from them, you know?
He guessed that the chopsticks would just pass him by like others.

But the chopsticks stopped and helped him up and brought him to a repair shop.
(3) Then the chopsticks paid so that this fork could be fixed and become useful again.

(3) After telling this kind of story, Jesus asked his people:
“Who was a friend to the fork in need?
Who was kind to the fork in need?”
(3) Chopsticks.
Why did the chopsticks stop and help the fork?
Because the fork was in need.
That is why.

So when God works in our hearts, and then when we see those in need, we give our hands, even when they may not be very close to us.

Those who follow Jesus is asked to do these things.
If we want to follow Jesus, God will help us to help those in need as God wants to help them.
God will give us God’s power and God’s heart so that we may help those in need, as God wants us to help each other.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, give us power to help those in need even when they don’t expect us to help.
Help us to help others in your name.
In Jesus name, we pray.