John 6:51-58 (4)


How may Jesus lead us?
Reading: John 6:51-58 (4)
Blanks: flesh, life, blood, life, drink, live

(1) Today we are going to think about this:
If we believe in Jesus, how would Jesus lead our life?
If we welcome Jesus into our heart, how would Jesus is going to guide us?
So let’s think about how Jesus may lead us in the power of the Holy Spirit.

(4) Jesus may lead us through these 7 steps.
(3) First, in order to lead us, Jesus may give us a chance to learn about him.
Jesus may give us time to meditate on what he said, examine his life so that we can get to know what Jesus is like.
So, we will have a time to study about him and understand his words.

Jesus may also send some people through whom we can get to know Jesus.
Jesus may give you chances to study the story of Jesus with them.
Then as you pray together and study together in his name, you will get to know Jesus.

Like this, Jesus gives us time to get to know him.
Then if we know Jesus, we may understand how Jesus may speak to us.
Then, it will be easier for Jesus to lead us and guide us.

(3) Then for our second step, Jesus may ask us to practice what we have learned.
Because when we practice, we understand Jesus much better.
When we try to practice, we learn more of who Jesus is.
When we try to obey what he said, we often experience him in our life.

(4) Then for our third step, Jesus may ask you to share the story of Jesus.
Those who share the story of Jesus, will learn new lessons from God.
Those who share will learn new things and experience more of Jesus.
Those who share, will learn more of how to practice what Jesus said.
Those who share, will learn how to work with Jesus.

When we share, we will learn what we are lacking spiritually.
When we share, we may learn what we need to learn more about.
Then Jesus may help us to grow learning those things, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

(3) So, our mission statement is:
“Share the story of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit.”
May God help us grow and accomplish this goal.
We pray that Jesus may accomplish this goal through us.

(2) For our fourth step, Jesus may invite you to pray.
Because when we pray, we experience God.
When we try to pray, Jesus and the Holy Spirit pray through us.
In this way we meet God in our prayer.

(3) Prayer is not only talking to God but also listening to God.
When you pray, God may speak to you.
So, prayer is also listening.
When we pray, we try to listen to God.
Jesus may speak to you.
Jesus may give you new ideas.
Jesus may tell you what he wants for you.
When you pray, you may experience God in a new way.

(3) But sometimes, God calls some people to pray really seriously.
God may call some people to serve God through their prayer.
God asks them to give their life by praying for God and praying for people.
Before God does anything, God wants be in agreement with these people,
Then God works through their prayer.
So, for these kinds of people, prayer is their calling.

If you are this kind of person, you will experience a lot of things through your prayer.
You will sense that the Holy Spirit encourages you to pray.
Then you will experience God’s power.
You will also get to know Jesus better, because you experience him in your prayer.
Then when you worship Jesus and lift up the name of jesus, you will sense Jesus living in you.
You will experience Jesus who is in your midst.
So, as you pray you will also become spiritually healthy.

(4) Then for our fifth step, Jesus may help you know who you are in God.
You may discover your gifts and your calling.
You may realize what you need to do for God.

Since you need to know your gift and calling, Jesus may invite you to watch how other people, who had the same gift and calling, serve God.

Then, later, you may be able to answer to these questions:
(3) Who am I in Jesus?
What does Jesus ask me to do?
What is my gift?
What is my calling?
What does the story of Jesus mean to me?
How am I supposed to serve God in the power of the Holy Spirit?

When you know this, it will be easier for Jesus to help you serve God.

(2) For our sixth step, Jesus may help you to serve God sacrificially.
Jesus may encourage you saying:
(3) “Take up your cross.
Come and die with me.
Serve God patiently and humbly.
Be ready to suffer for the truth.”

The Bible talks about the suffering of Jesus.
Then, God encourages us to live or die in Jesus name.
We can only live like that when God helps us to understand and when the Holy Spirit empowers us to become one with Jesus.
Then, we can live like that.

(3) For our seventh step, God may ask you to focus on Jesus, because sometimes, some people try to serve Jesus, but end up serving other things instead of Jesus, because they are deceived.
There are many other things that seek our attention.
There are many other good things that seek our attention.
But the good things are the enemy of the best thing.
We don’t want to choose good things when you can choose the best thing.

So, God asks us to just focus on Jesus, because Jesus is the best.
God asks us to focus on Jesus, because Jesus is the answer.
Then, when we focus on Jesus, everything else falls into its right place.

So, God wants us to think about Jesus and learn more of Jesus.
God wants us to continually focus on Jesus.
Actually God helps us look steadily at Jesus.

(3) God may lead us through these steps so that we may get to know Jesus and find our calling and serve the living God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

If we learn of Jesus in this way, when we see Jesus in heaven, we will be not surprised.
But if we don’t learn of Jesus, we may be surprised because we might not have known who Jesus really is.
If we understand Jesus right, we will not be surprised.
So, we pray that we will get to know who Jesus really is.

God will also help us if we allow God to work in us, through us and among us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to focus on you.
Redeem our life if we haven’t focused on you enough.
May we live our life focusing on you from now on.
Help us to grow and be spiritually healthy in you.
Give us the power of the Holy Spirit so that we may live your life on earth.
We pray this in Jesus name.

When we have a chance to watch Jesus film, we may learn a bit more.
You just watch who Jesus is.

God creates us to eat and have energy, because we need to eat Jesus.
God gives us life so that we may have eternal life.