Mark 8:27-38 (4)


Who can share the story of Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit
Reading: Mark 8:27-38 (4)
Blanks: what about you, suffer, rise, God, deny, save, words

(1) Again how many gospels are in the Bible?
Right, today, we are going to have another look at the gospel of Mark.

In this gospel, Jesus performed many miracles.
But after many miracles, Jesus said something strange.

(3) For example, after curing this person from skin disease, Jesus said: (Mark 1:43–45)
“Don’t tell anyone.
Instead, go and show yourself to the priest.
Offer what Moses commanded for you so that they may know that this healing has occurred.”

(3) Then after raising a girl from the death, Jesus said to them: (Mark 5:43)
“No one should know about this!
OK? Now give her something to eat.”

(2) Then after curing a man so that he could speak and hear, Jesus said: (Mark 7:36)
“Don’t tell anyone.”

But the more Jesus said like that, the more they talked about his miracles.

(2) So then, after curing another man to see, Jesus was like: (Mark 8:26)
“Go straight to your home
Don’t even enter the village, because then you are going to talk about this.”
You know, Jesus didn’t want them to talk about this.

(3) It was the same when Jesus cast out demons.
Jesus would not allow the demons to speak about him.
Some evil spirits and some bad spirits knew about Jesus. (Mark 1:34)
So they wanted to talk about.

For example, one time, the evil spirits said to Jesus: Mark 3:12
“You are the Son of God.”
Then Jesus ordered them not to make him known.
Then he cast out the evil spirits.

(3) Then Jesus said something strange to his students.
He said something like this: (Mark 4:10-13, Mark 4:11)
“You need to know who I am.
I am explaining to you about me.
But to other people, it is a secret.
They are not supposed to know.
To them who I am is a secret at the moment.
I don’t want them to know who I am.
So, when I speak to everyone, I tell stories, so that they may hear but not understand.”

(3) Then, Jesus taught them in private: Mark 4.34; 7.17-23; 9.28.
Jesus explained to them the meaning of the various stories he told everyone.
Jesus tried to help his students understand the meaning of those stories.
Then, Jesus tried to help his students understand who he is.

His students understood what Jesus was doing.
So, next time when they have questions, they asked Jesus in private: Mark 13:3.
Then slowly, slowly his students understood who Jesus is.

(3) Then, Jesus asked them something like this: Mark 8:29–30:
“Now who do you say that I am?
Who am I?”

Peter answered:
“You are the Christ.”
Then Jesus was like:
“You are right.
But don’t tell anyone that I am the Christ.”

(3) Then Jesus continually proved that he is the Christ.
One time Jesus brought three students to the top of a mountain.
Then he was transformed before them.
Jesus was shining.
And in this way, he showed them about his heavenly identity.
But after this, again Jesus said:
“Don’t tell anyone about this, until I am risen from the dead.” (Mark 9:9)

Then many times Jesus told them about how he would die in Jerusalem: Mark 8.31; 9.31; 10.32-34.

(3) Now why do you think that Jesus asked people not to tell anyone?
Why did Jesus want only his students to know about him at this moment?
Why didn’t Jesus allow his students to tell anyone that Jesus is the Christ?

Well, Jesus didn't want to be famous too fast.
Instead, Jesus wanted to be known in a right way.
So, Jesus wanted to control who could talk about him, because as for him, who was talking about him was important.
So, Jesus was preparing his students to talk about him in a right way.

That is why Jesus asked people not talk about his miracles, because they didn’t know who Jesus is.
(3) That means, those who were healed didn’t know who Jesus is.
At that moment, those who came to hear him, didn’t understand.
Those who read the Bible, didn’t understand.
Even when the disciples said “Jesus, you are the Christ,” they didn’t really know what that meant.
They didn’t really understand who the Christ was.
So, Jesus said:
“Don’t tell anyone that I’m the Christ yet.
Because you may not represent me in a right way.”

(3) Then the disciples of Jesus might have wondered:
Then who can talk about Jesus in a right way?
Who can represent Jesus in a right way?
Who can really use his life to benefit others?

Jesus might have asked the same thing:
“Who can speak about me?
Who can talk about me?

Well, Jesus understood that everything should be done by God.
God’s work is to be done by God.

Jesus is God.
So Jesus came and became a man to do God’s ministry.
He came to save people from their sins and make them live forever.

(3) After that, Jesus wanted to wait for the Holy Spirit to come and help his students talk about him, because Jesus wanted the Holy Spirit to talk about his life.
Jesus wanted the Holy Spirit to talk about who he is.
Jesus wanted the Holy Spirit to speak through his students.
And if his students allow the Holy Spirit to speak through them, they can talk about who Jesus is.

So, still today, Jesus wants those who have the Holy Spirit to talk about him.
Jesus wants us to experience God’s love in the power of the Holy Spirit, first.
Then we may be able to know who Jesus is.
Then we may understand Jesus.
Then the Holy Spirit may speak through us, so that Jesus is known in a right way.

Then people will understand God's love.
People may notice the working of the Holy Spirit.
People may notice that the Holy Spirit is speaking through us.
Then People may experience the Holy Spirit and understand Jesus.

So, we pray that the Holy Spirit may empower us and work among us and through us so that we may be able to talk about Jesus in a right way.
Then we may share the story of Jesus in God’s way.
It is possible.
So, let’s pray that the Holy Spirit may work among us and do a wonderful ministry.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, may you live your life through us.
May we know who you are, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, work in us so that we may tell your people about who Jesus is.
In Jesus name, we pray.