Matthew 13:44-46 (2)


Use what God gives (God is near)
Reading: Matt 13: 44-46

Let me tell you a short story.
This is not a true story.
Once upon a time, there was a man who was happy about his life.
He owned good acres of land.
He liked to walk and rest in his land.
He was living comfortably doing what he loved.
He was rich and lived a happy life.

(1) But one day he heard about some rich fund managers in the city.
These fund managers became so rich that their children lived like kings and queens.
When he heard about this, he couldn’t sleep at night.
He wanted to be like them.

So, he asked people about how to become a fund manager.
(3) Then he left his comfortable home and his land and went to a big city to become a fund manager.
He worked hard to become a fund manager.
But then not having much work experience and having problem in finding a job, he ended up losing all his money.
(3) Then disappointed, he came home.

(3) Then a few years later, he found some nice looking stones in his land.
(4) So, he put some of them in his house.
A friend came to his house and saw these stones.
He said these stones were diamonds.

(2) It turned out his land had a lot of diamonds in it.
Selling those diamonds, he could become much richer than fund managers that he wanted to become.

What does this story tell us?
People tend to think happiness is over there.
It is out there, somewhere else, not here.
Other people seem to have all the good things.
With this kind of mindset, it is very difficult to find happiness, because happiness will be always out there.

But if we think that happiness is right here, we can find happiness.
There is no reason we cannot find happiness right here.
God is with us.
God is giving us wonderful ideas.
God is interested in making our life interesting.
God has various ideas.
God wants to give God’s ideas to us.

So, God may be asking us to think and pray, because if we can sit and think, we may be able to find God’s gifts and treasures.
We may find our treasures in our thoughts.
When we sit and think, God can help us think and find our own treasures and happiness.
When we think, we can recognize God’s ideas and make use of it.

When God is trying to work in our life, God may send us some great dreams.
When we have some dreams, we may be able to plan ahead.
Then we may have some good opportunities.
Then we may also find our treasures.

So, when you think with God, you may find what you really want to do and what you can do with your life.
When you think with God, you find what you are made for.
When we think with God, we find the will of God for us.
Then we may also realize why God’s greatest treasure is Jesus Christ himself.

(3) But here is something to think about.
Sometimes, God has God’s own way of communicating with us.
Sometimes, God may insist using God’s own method to communicate with us.
God may provide some circumstances and send signals until we realize God’s way of communicating.
God may persist using this method through time.
God may persist even when we may not recognize it at all.
God may persist even though you may not recognize it for a long time.
God persists knowing that one day you will understand.
God persists believing that one day you will get it.
Then one day you will have a wonderful and beautiful realization about yourself and your God.
Then you may know how God lives in you.
You may know how God works.
You may know how God answers your questions.

God persists because God believes in God’s own plan.
God persists because God wishes that we learn God’s way and find God’s way of communicating.
When we get to know it, we become honest with ourselves and with God.
When we get to know it, we may understand God’s plan for our lives.

(3) God was like that when God planned out the life of Jesus in detail.
His life was not an overnight product of God.
After planning it out, God explained to people for thousands of years.
God still tried to help people understand.

Then Jesus accomplished what God has spoken to people.
Jesus worked hard for it.
Jesus traveled a lot and suffered for it.

(3) Then Jesus died for God based on God' will.
Jesus also died for us believing that people would accept God’s plan and live fully.

Then God raised him up to give us his perfect life as our treasure.
Through him God saves us from the death so that we may live.
Through him, God gives what we need today.
The story of Jesus is the treasure to be found.
Jesus is God’s awesome treasure.

(3) Now this Jesus is in you.
Jesus is already available to you.
Now if you have found Jesus to be the most important treasure, you may need to find what you can do about the story of Jesus, your treasure.

God is interested in our life.
What are you going to do because you know the story of Jesus?
Because of Jesus, God speaks to you and gives you ideas so that you can live boldly.
So, you may need to find out what to do if you find Jesus is God’s treasure.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to discover our life according to your plan.
Help us to live boldly when we experience your idea.
We pray this in Jesus name.