Matthew 19: 13-30 (2)


The way of Jesus Christ (first become last, last become first)
Loving Jesus more than anything (first become last, last become first)
Reading: Matthew 19: 13-30

When people came to listen to Jesus more and more, Jesus might have this kind of problems.
Let’s see whether we can catch that.
Let’s first watch:

(3) Can you understand this?
As the movement of Jesus became popular, more and more people came to listen to Jesus.
There were already some disciples who had joined the movement of Jesus.
But still new people came to listen to Jesus.
Then Jesus tried to help them understood the truth.
Then they were also changed to live a new life.
But these people had relationship problems.
They had some people that they didn’t wish to come to Jesus.

But then they came.
They came to listen to Jesus.
They came to explore the movement of Jesus.
But these new people were those whom they were not associating with. hey didn’t want to hang out with them.
They thought that the other people should not join their movement.
If they could decide who could join his movement, they wouldn’t choose them.
But Jesus knew the better.
Jesus wanted to welcome all.

Then Jesus decided who could join his movement.
Those who were changed listening to his words could join his movement.
Like this Jesus continually invited all people to his movement.
Everyone could come and learn about God.
And then they could decide whether they would want to join him or not.

To help them understand, Jesus told many stories about the lost coin, and the lost son, to tell that Jesus rather wanted to leave them to find the lost.
That was why God sent Jesus into the world.
What does it mean to them?
They need to welcome each other.
If they wanted to be part of his movement, they needed to open their arms.
They needed to help people to realize the worth of Jesus.
They should help people to listen to Jesus’ teaching, and learn.

Knowing all these intuitively, children ran to Jesus.
They knew that Jesus accepted them.
They would not understand many of his teachings.
But they knew one thing that Jesus would welcome them.
Jesus would enjoy having a good time with them.
Jesus was right there in their level having fun.
Jesus was also having so much joy because of them.
So those who know Jesus love to welcome them, because his movement are for them.

In the church, this is what Jesus wants people to experience.
Jesus welcomes every child.
Jesus wants every people to know that God is welcoming them.
God is welcoming you.

So, Jesus is here to welcome everyone who comes.
People come and have a chance to listen to him and experience him.
Then they understand God’s heart.
They understand the worth of Jesus.
They understand God’s movement and be part of his movement.

Welcoming everyone may not be easy, because of those who already know Jesus and wouldn’t want to share with other people.
Welcome people, just like God welcomes everyone is not easy.

But Jesus tries to welcome all God's people.
Jesus tries to welcome the poor.
Jesus tries to welcome those who have baggage: wounds and hurts.
Jesus tries to work it out.

Though some people didn’t like Jesus, they understood that Jesus welcome them.
At least they knew that Jesus wanted to welcome everyone and gave a chance to learn about the way of life.
Some of them wouldn’t be able to come to Jesus, unless Jesus extended his hand.
Those who follow Jesus must do that same in terms of welcoming everyone.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help me to welcome everyone into your church.
In your name we pray.