Matthew 17:14-20 (2)

Reading: Matthew 17:14-20
Prop: mustard seed and a bandage
Actors: a mother and a child; the disciples; and Jesus.

How many of you are 5th graders?
Come forward, please.
I need your help.
You are going to be my actors, ok?
You are going to be a mother and a child.
(Put a bandage to the son)
You are going to be the disciples of Jesus.
You are going to be Jesus.

Ok, let me tell you a story.
One day, Jesus went up to a mountain to pray.
In the meantime, his disciples were just hanging around.

Then one mother and a child came and said:
Is Jesus here?”

The disciples said:
"He went up to that mountain to pray.
Can we help you?”

The mother said:
“Yes, it is about my son.
He needs of healing.
I hear that Jesus can heal him.”

The disciples say:
“Oh, we can do that.
We learn from Jesus.
We are his disciples.”

So the disciples try to heal that boy.
One by one, disciples try to heal.
(Ask disciples to heal.
Just pretend.)
But their all fancy techniques failed.
But they continue to try.
Then, Jesus returns.

Jesus says:
“What do you doing?”
The disciples say:
“Huh, we are trying to heal this nice young man.
But it does not work.”

Then Jesus sighs and says:
“Bring him here.
God loves you, son.”
Then Jesus heals the boy.
(Jesus take off the bandage and let him go.)

The mother says:
“Thank you.
Thank you.
He is completely healed.”
Then they left.

The disciples asked:
“Jesus, how come we cannot heal him?”
Jesus said:
“Because your faith is this big.
This is a mustard seed.
Your faith needs to grow.”

The disciples said:
“Well, our faith must be bigger than this.”

Jesus said:
If you have faith as big as this mustard seed, you can tell this table to move and it will obey you.”

Well that is our story today.
Thank you all the actors.
Now you can have a sit.

Jesus says:
“If you have faith as small as this mustard seeds, you can do amazing things.”
But then how can we have this faith?
We have faith when we listen to Jesus, his story and his promises.
Jesus can give us this faith.
So, Jesus asks us to pray and ask God to give us the faith of Jesus Christ.
Then we may have this much faith, right?
So, now let’s ask Jesus to give us faith so that we may do what God wants us to do, ok?

Let’s pray:
Jesus, give us your faith so that we can walk with you, talk with you and be happy with you.
In your name, we pray. Amen.


Matthew 17:14-20 (1)


Living with the unlimited belief of Jesus
Reading: Matthew 17:14-20

Sometimes, we may have a limited belief, a limited faith.
We may even have an unhealthy belief or an unhealthy faith.
We may also live with those who have a limited belief, a limited faith, an unhealthy belief or an unhealthy faith.
So, we may not recognize that we have a limited belief, a limited faith, an unhealthy belief or an unhealthy faith, because we have lived with those limited beliefs so long.
Since we have been living with them so long, we thought this was a norm.
And we learn to think like them and live like them.
So, we feel normal.
But because of it we suffer without knowing the full potential that is given by God.

Maybe you are living with those who always say:
“You cannot do that.
You don’t know anything.”
They may say this limited belief about you and about themselves.
Then since you grew up in that environment, you may be always complaining saying:
“It didn’t work.
It is too difficult or impossible.
I am too young. So, I am not able.
I am too old. So, I cannot do that.
I cannot do that, because I don’t have an education.
I cannot do that, because I don’t have a degree.
I cannot do that because of my situation.
I cannot do that, because I am a Korean.
I cannot do that, because I am an Asian.
I cannot do that, because I am an American.
I cannot succeed because my sister or my brother has not succeed yet.”

You may be saturated with these wrong thoughts.
Then saying these things, you may not resist doing new things even when God inspires you.
You may not even try, because you have a limiting belief.
And it limits your thinking.
Your limited beliefs lead to limited imagination.
A limited imagination leads to mediocre results.

How can we get rid of these limiting beliefs?
We change them by the grace of God in Jesus name.

But we may also do two things to help God work in us.
First, we need to read the story of Jesus.
We need to read about the unlimited faith of Jesus.
This unlimited faith leads to unlimited prayer and unlimited imagination.
Then we may need to verbalize these in our prayer time.
In this way, God may change our limited and false belief.
Then we may pray according to our unlimited belief which will lead to a great result in Jesus name.

So, secondly, Jesus invites us to talk to God.
When we talk to God, we understand what God thinks.
Then God may give us a wonderful imagination about how our life can go on.
God gives us an idea to bless other people and God.
When we pray, God can free us from all those false and wrong beliefs.
Then as we pray, you may understand.
As you pray, you may have ideas, visions or goals.
Then you can plan your life based on God’s vision and dream toward you.
So, praying in Jesus’ name, we can have a goal.
Then we can pray about various actions plan.
Then we can carry out those plans in Jesus name.
In this way, we learn to do more and do better and do well.

When we read the story of Jesus, we become a good manager of our mind.
Sometimes, God may intervene and ask you to obey Jesus.
Then we may learn to forgive and do what Jesus wants for our life.

For example Jesus said:
“You have so little faith.
The truth is that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move.
Nothing will be impossible for you.”
We need to learn this new powerful thoughts of Jesus.
We need to teach this powerful belief of Jesus.
In this way, we get to know God through Jesus the Christ.

Jesus was trying to help us going beyond some limited beliefs.
Jesus was trying to create an unlimited belief in us.
So, Jesus wanted us to say:
“All things are possible for those who believe in Jesus.
We are called to have power beliefs in Jesus' name.
Jesus can update our thoughts and beliefs according to the truth.”

You may also gather all the powerful promise and beliefs of Jesus Christ.
You may think of these beliefs to strengthen you.
For example:
“As for God all is possible.”
“We can do all things in Jesus name.”
“God loves you.
God loves you and gives the Son of God for you.”

Some of our limited and false belief may be hard to change.
One of the things that we can do is to add doubt to our false and limited beliefs.
(1) When you face some limiting beliefs that you have, you ask:
Is it true?
In this way, you may question and weaken these false and limited beliefs.
Some people have a weird belief saying:
“If I succeed, my siblings and friends would feel terrible or jealous.
So, I should not succeed.”
Then add doubts:
Is it true?

Some people add doubts when Jesus says:
“As for God all is possible.”
We add doubts.
Then because of it, we could not experience the truth.
So, we should add doubts to false, limited beliefs, instead.

Lastly, it is good to have an unlimited belief.
But having this unlimited belief does not mean that we can do whatever we want.
This unlimited belief also has a limit, because we want to have the unlimited belief to please God.
So, we draw a line according to our calling in life.
Then, we stay inside the line: inside of our calling.
That means we know when to say no.
We say no to other things that is not our calling.
When we know our calling, we know what we are not going to do.
It is good to know what we are not going to do, because we only have 24 hours per day.
Then we can say yes to our calling and devote our time to it.
Then we can follow our calling.

So when we have new opportunity, we prayerfully decide what we are going to do, based on our calling.
We also prayerfully decide what you are not going to do, based on our calling.
Then our life will eventually produce the wonderful results that God intended even before we were born.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, we believe that we can do all things in your name.
Help us to know what to do with our life.
Then help us to move forward with your plan.
In Jesus name we pray.


Luke 6: 27-39


Jesus speaks of God's kindness
Reading: Luke 6: 27-39

When Jesus explained how he was going to live, he said something like this:
“I do not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.” (Luke 4: 4)
Jesus chooses to live according to every word of God.
He decided to seek to obey God more than money or food.
He decided to seek to obey God more than any comfort.

In every word of God, the character of God is seen.
So, Jesus lived out God’s character/nature.
Then his life showed the nature/character of God.
His life manifested various actions of God.

So, now we know how God manifests in our world.
God’s thought is seen in the ministry of Jesus.
So when we understand how Jesus was faithful to obey every word of God, we understand God.
When we understand why Jesus forgives, loves, and serves.

For example, as for Jesus, kindness is very important.
Jesus encourages people to be more generous in their thinking.
Jesus emphasized this saying: “God desires mercy.” (Hosea 6:6)

Some religious leaders disagreed with Jesus and accused many of Jesus’ action and teachings.
For example, a religious group called “Pharisees” accuses Jesus and his students: Matthew 9: 9-13 and 12: 1-8.
They asked:
“Why do you eat with sinner?
Why do you eat with those who are far away from God?”
Jesus answered:
“Because God desires mercy.
So, I hang out with those who are away from God.
If you want to please God, do not judge them.
Rather, be kind to them.
That is more spiritual.”

People thought this was a new teaching.
It was totally against their tradition.
But Jesus taught:
“Be kind to the unexpected and the not religious.
Be generous and easy on them: outcasts or sinners.
Be particularly kind to those who least expected.
If you know God, you live like this gracefully.
The love of my Father is seen like this.

One time, the students of Jesus were so hungry.
Then when they passed by some field, they picked some heads of grain and ate them.
According to the religious tradition of Pharisees, this was a violation of the important religious law.
It was breaking the law of Sabbath, because they were working and picking heads of grain to eat.
So, they accused Jesus saying that his students were working on the Sabbath.
They wanted to know what was happening.

Jesus gave the same answer:
“God desires compassion.
Be kind to my hungry students.”

But they were too religious in a wrong way to accept this truth.

Knowing that God is compassion and kindness, Jesus offered his life on the cross to reconcile human beings to God and God to human beings.
If Jesus wanted to live for God, he had to show the truth of compassion and kindness.
So, Jesus took all responsibility upon himself to save the human kinds.
Then his life showed God’s true nature.
The resurrection of Jesus is God’s recognition of the life, teaching and life of Jesus.
Though people didn’t understand why Jesus had to die, God understood this must be done to bless all humanity.
So, God moved with Jesus Christ to show God’s kindness.
Then when we become close to Jesus, we also become kind.
We also become loving.
We also forgive all.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, may you help us today to experience your kindness.
May you help us to show your kindness to the people near us.
In your name, we pray.


Prayers of the people 1

Compassionate God, thank for you giving us your son.
In your Son’s name, you free us.
Through your Son, you heal us.
Through your Son Jesus, you renew us and revive us.
You help us to continually live our life in the power of your Son.

Jesus Christ, thank you for your love and mercy.
Thank you for giving your life and redeem us.
Thank you for purifying us and make us your own.
Thank you for taking our weakness and taking care of our future.
Thank you for creating a new life for us.
Thank you that you allow your Spirit to live within every human being.

Holy Spirit, you empower us to serve the human family.
You inspire us to live loving each other and respect each other.
You continually bless those who serve you in every nation, sharing the story of Jesus one way or the other.
May you continually manifest among us.
May all people receive your peaceful healing, peaceful reconciliation and peaceful redemption.

Now, we pray for our family and friends, all who ask for our prayers and who pray for us.
We pray for those who we don’t know well but remain in our hearts.
Help them to think the thoughts that you want them to think.
Help them to imagine what you want them to imagine.
Help them to feel what you are feeling.
Help them to understand what you want them to understand, as you continually touch and heal their minds and bodies, and fill them with your love and power.
May you heal our mind, body and life so that we may love you and love people.

Jesus, help us to worship you and experience you, today, so that we may know more of you and live according to your words.
May we learn of your story of joy, love, faith, and victory.
May your Spirit empower us to live your life so that we may be able to share your thoughts and your will.
May we be able to do what you want us to do.
May we share your love, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We pray this in your name. Amen.


Matthew 19: 13-30 (3)


The Worth of Jesus Christ
Loving Jesus more than anything (first become last, last become first)
Reading: Matthew 19: 13-30
Blanks: good, good, perfect, follow, easier, possible, first, first

Let’s try to think of today’s story like this.
Let’s try to listen between the lines.
(1) One day, a rich young man came to Jesus and asked:
“Teacher, how can I have eternal life?
What good things must I do?”
He was a smart young man who has been obtaining what he wanted.
He knew how important it was to set a goal, because then he was able to obtain it.
He knew how to be successful.
So, now, he wanted to obtain eternal life that Jesus talks about.

Then Jesus said something like this:
“Why do you ask me about what’s good?
God is good.
Human beings are not good enough.
Your best effort is not good enough for God.
What you do and what you say is not good enough for God.
You are not good enough by your own power.
So you need to let God work through you.
Then you will have eternal life.
You will enter into the life of God.”

He couldn’t understand it.
He still wanted to do something.
So, he asked again:
“Can you tell me what exactly I need to do to have eternal life?
What does God ask me to do?

(2) Jesus said:
“Well then. Let’s start right here:
Don’t murder.
Don’t commit adultery.
Don’t steal.
Don’t lie.
Honor your father and mother.
Love your neighbor as you do yourself.”

But the young man still couldn’t understand and said:
“That is it?
Well, I’ve done that.”

Jesus was like:
“No, you haven’t done that.
If you want to obey it perfectly, give all you’ve got to the poor.
Go sell your possessions and give money to the poor.
In this way, you can store all your wealth in heaven.
So, it will be perfectly safe.
Then come follow me, because you can only be perfect by God alone.
Then I will help you to live your life perfectly good in God’s way.”

This man could have given some of his money to the poor.
This man could have given some of his money to Jesus.
This man could have used his money to do something good.
But he didn’t have enough faith to give all to the poor to store up in heaven.
He wanted to have the money and control them, because it comforts him.
He didn’t want to live without his money.

He also didn’t want the life style of Jesus.
Jesus’ clothing, hair and transportation spoke all about his financial state.
He knew how Jesus lived financially.
Jesus lived in freedom without seeking financial security.
So, he walked away with his money.

Why did Jesus ask him everything?
Because he wanted to obtain everything of God.
Those who have everything of God, need to give everything and depend on God for everything.
Otherwise, whatever this man tried to do was not good enough or perfect enough for God in terms of the motive or energy.
So, Jesus challenges him to let all go and walk with Jesus who is God.
Then God can do every good things through his life.
Then Jesus can make him good and perfect.

Jesus says “Follow me,” because Jesus wants to teach people that God does not need their effort to give them eternal life.
God is perfect.
God is good.
Jesus can meet all their needs in God’s way.
They just need to allow God to be perfect in them.
Jesus wants to teach them that God can be perfectly good in them and through them.

But then Jesus told his disciples something like this:)
“It is difficult for the rich people to follow me.
It’s easier for a camel to pass through a needle’s eye than for the rich to follow me.”

(3) Then the disciples asked:
“Then who can be saved?”

Jesus looked at them and said the same thing:
“You are not good enough to be saved, by your effort or by your power.
But if you let God do God’s work in you, you will be saved.”

(2) But Peter still didn’t understand and said something like this:
“We left everything to follow you.
What do we get out of this?”
He still talked about what he did.

But then Jesus decided to kindly encourage them at the moment.
Jesus said something like this:
(3) “In the future, I will rule the coming world with God’s power.
Since you have followed me, you will rule Israel.
And all those who left home, family, fields, or whatever, because of me, will get it all back a hundred times over, and have eternal life.
But then there will be many turnovers.
Some who left everything for me would go back and seek again earthly things.
Then some who have everything would leave everything to find me.”

Jesus asked some people to give up their way of life and buy into God’s way of life.
Jesus asked them to follow him.
Because then, they will experience God living through them.

But then no one is good enough to live God's life.
So, the Holy Spirit has to live in us so that we may be part of God’s movement.
Jesus will help people to experience the Holy Spirit, so that the Spirit of God may live through them.
Then when we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us:
The Holy Spirit can help us to choose Jesus over our possession.
The Holy Spirit can help us to choose Jesus’ freedom over our financial securities.
The Holy Spirit can help us to choose Jesus over our social statues.
The Holy Spirit can help us to choose Jesus over our reputation.
The Holy Spirit can help us to choose Jesus over our comfortableness.
The Holy Spirit can help us to see the worth of Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit can help us to pay the cost of following Jesus.
The Holy Spirit can help us to help people to find this truth.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, help us to love you.
Help us to love you more than anything and anyone.
We pray this in your name.