Matthew 26:36-46 (1)

Making you feel peaceful
Reading: Matthew 26:36-46

Let's think about the emotional life of Jesus.
Since Jesus was also a fully human, Jesus felt tired emotionally and physically, after a long hour of ministry.
So, he often went up to a mountain to be alone.
There he found a rest and relaxation.
He prayed there and release some of continual emotional pressure.
In this place, he had no pressing needs or worries.
He just spent time with God, who gives him new energy and strength to face another high pressure moments that were coming.

Jesus often withdrew himself from various emotional situations, because he knew his human limits and his breaking point.
So, he refused to reach his limit.
Instead, he stopped his ministry and sent people home.
Jesus withdrew intentionally to quiet places where he could unwind and refocus.
He took various emotional mini-vacations throughout his ministry.
Sometimes, it was just a momentary relief from the mounting pressures.
But he knew that he must free himself from these high stress activities, time to time.
If he had continual emotional pressure with no relief or downtime or rest or break, he would have felt depressed
Then he might not be able to continue his ministry.

But then right before the cross, Jesus felt sorrowful and troubled.
He might not have experienced anything like this.
This was the lowest point of his emotional life.
He said that he was overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.
It was very painful to stand and wait knowing fully well what would happen at the cross.
So he wanted to pray.
So he wanted his disciples to stay awake with him.
He needed their help.
But they could not give it.

Jesus has been pressured in every way.
He felt the weight of the world bearing down on his shoulders, crushing him, and depressing his spirit.
He suffered as he was tempted.
Through this, Jesus has won the victory for us.
Jesus has died for us and shed his blood for our wellness.
Because he was emotionally healthy, he could have finished this ministry.

Today, depression affects all of us to some degree.
It is the common cold of our emotional health.
But for millions of people, depression is far worse than a cold.
It is a chronic, debilitating problem that takes a devastating toll on the overall quality of one’s life.

People enter into depression slowly through a process.
People slowly find ourselves depressed and beaten down more and more.
If you don’t know how to have rest and have a renewal in God, you enter into it.
Depression occurs because of harmful thoughts in a not healthy emotional environment.
Depression may accelerates when we don’t trust the word of God and the promise of God.

As one becomes depressed, his thinking becomes progressively more painful and harmful.
Then because of harmful thoughts, he feels more and more hopeless, helpless, and guilty.
Then these harmful thinking leads to more harmful thinking.
In this way people enter into a depression.
So, this person needs to change his or her mind.

Today we are going to think about how to help those who need to manage their feeling well.
We are going to talk about those who, if they are not careful, their emotion can be out of control.
They may be surprised by the sudden movement of your emotion or some thoughts.
They may find their emotion does not work against them.
Then they need to learn to take care of their emotion.

If your emotion does not function very well, if it goes up and down out of control, you may need to learn to manage this emotion.
You don’t have to trust your emotion, when it does not serve you.
It is your servant, not your lord.
So, question your thought or emotion.
If you believe a wrong thought, you suffer.
If you have a wrong pattern of thought, you suffer.
So, if your thought does not serve you, add doubts to your thoughts.
Ask: are you really sure?
And think about who you will be without these thoughts.

You can think about yourself as a machine.
How can you make it function well?
Can you fix it by changing your daily food?
Can you fix it by changing your daily routine?
Can you fix it by giving yourself more time to sleep?
Can you fix it by doing more of those things you love?

What makes you peaceful?
Write down when you feel good and when you feel bad.
Also learn about what thoughts makes you feel depressed.

Pay attention of your thoughts and emotion and learn to change your thoughts and emotion.

If you are depressed, find something make you peaceful.
Don’t worry about what other people need.
Find something make you feel peaceful.
Do more of those things that makes you peaceful.
In this way you can help people.
If you feel depressed, you don’t need to worry about forgiving people or worry about what people think of you.
Forget about them.
Then think of Jesus and focus on Jesus.
In this way you can forgive and help people.

So, read the gospels of Jesus.
You can read out loud to fight back your depression.
Read again and again.
If you feel depressed, try not to read Old Testament, because some stories of Old Testament are about how people made God disappointed.
It can be sad and depressing.
Reading it, you may feel more depressed.
So, read about Jesus who loves you and died for you.
Meditate on that.
Read and think about that.

Don’t worry.
Your every experience will work together for good one day
All things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

In the New Testament, we read that Jesus healed many people.
Some of them were physically ill.
Jesus healed them.
Some of them were suffering from evil spirits.
Jesus healed them.
Some of them had mental illness.
Jesus healed them.
Jesus healed their minds.
I am sure that Jesus can heal those who feel depressed.
And Jesus can also sympathize with our weaknesses because he has been tempted in every way, just as we are, yet was without sin.
So, he knows how to help us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, you see who I am.
You were familiar with the human condition.
I do not want to hide anything in my heart from you.

Thank you for your guidance.
Thank you for your blood that you shed for us.
Thank you for dying for us to give us eternal life.
Thank you for delivering us from evil.
Change our mind and emotion for good.

Jesus, thank you for freeing us.
Thank you for your victory in life.
May we proclaim your freedom wherever we go.
In your name, we pray.