Matthew 23:1-12 (4)


How can we tell whether someone is a Christian?
Reading: Matthew 23:1-39

When you meet someone for the first time, how can you tell whether that person is a Christian?
How can you tell whether that person goes to a church?
How can you tell whether that person loves God?
How can you tell whether that person makes God happy?

Can we tell it by the way they dress?
(3) Let’s say that that person wears this kind of hat.

By the way, what does it say?
“Know Jesus Know peace”
It means that if you know Jesus, you may know what peace is.

So now, can we say that the person who wear this is a Christian?

What about this?
(3) Someone may wear this WWJD t-shirt.

By the way, do you know what WWJD stands for?
Right it stands for:
"What would Jesus do?"

Some Christian think about this question a lot, because they want to know how Jesus would live in their particular situation.
So they ask this question to themselves:
What would Jesus do?
What would Jesus do?
How would Jesus live in our situation?

They want to know the answer, because they want to live like Jesus.

So, if someone wear this, can we say that that person is a Christian?
Can we say that that person is committed to follow Jesus?
We don’t know.
That person might borrow this t-shirt from his brother.
That person might wear this without knowing that it means.
Who knows?

What about this?
(4) Here are some big expensive necklaces.
If someone wear these crosses, can we say that they are Christian?

(4) What about this?
Someone might wear all of these together, like this.
Now, can we say that that person is a good Christian?

Can we say that that person follows Jesus?

This person may follow Jesus and may be a Christian.
But we don’t know.
Maybe this person just wants to wear something like this, because that person thinks it is pretty.
We don’t know.
We cannot tell by the way they dress.

Then how can we tell if someone truly believes in God?
We cannot see their hearts.
So, how can we know whether they really love God or really believe in God.

Then the only way that we can find out is by looking at how they live.
Do they love God?
Do they love people?
Do they obey Jesus?

Are they careful in what they say thinking of Jesus?
Do they thank God for all blessings?
Do they put God first in their lives?

What do they produce through their life?
Do they produce something good because God helps them?
Do they experience the power of the Holy Spirit?

If they do, we may say that they are Christians because they live like God.

But here is one more questions:
How does Jesus know whether someone is a Christian?
How does God know whether someone is a Christian?

Jesus knows this by looking at their hearts.
Jesus understands people’s hearts.
Jesus understands their unspoken words.
Jesus knows how they think.
So, Jesus just knows.
God also just knows.

God has been working in their hearts so that they can believe in Jesus.
So God always knows whether they belong to God or not.
God helps them to love God and love Jesus.
God helps them to receive the Holy Spirit.
God works in their life for them to follow Jesus.

So, we can be a Christian, only if we allow God to work in our hearts to help us to believe in Jesus.
Then we will be a Christian.
So, let’s allow God to live among us and lead us.

Let's pray:
Jesus, you know us.
You can see what is in our hearts.
If there is something that you don’t want, change our hearts so that we can believe in you.
Change our hearts.
Make our hearts ever true to you.
Change our hearts so that we may be like you.
In Jesus name, we pray.