Matt 25:14-30 (2)


Use your gifts to serve God and people
Reading: Matt 25:14-30
Blanks: Blanks: servants, ability, returned, faithful, many, happiness, money

(3) Jesus said that one day, he would come back, right?
But what would happen when Jesus is back?

(3) Well, we can think like this, too.
Jesus will find all those who use their gifts.
Jesus will be happy for all those who use their gifts, because these people allow the Holy Spirit to work through them.
So they were able to help people using their gifts.
So Jesus will ask them to live with him forever.

But then what is a gift that we are talking about here?
What is like to have gifts?
It is like this:
(1) Look at this baby eagle.
This baby has a gift.
Her gift is the ability to fly.
So, she is practicing.
This eagle cannot fly at this moment.
But when she grow up, she will jump from this tree and fly.
But as you can imagine, it requires a lot of courage to jump from the tree.
(4) But one day, she will jump and fly.
In this way, she will use her gift.
And God will be very happy for her.

(2) What is the gift of a squirrel?
His gift is the ability to climb.
It is natural to him.
And his feet are perfect for this.
So, when he becomes a good climber, God will be very happy for him.
This squirrel will also have fun climbing up and down.

(3) Jesus also gives us a gift.
So, think about what your gifts are?
Find your gifts and use them.
Using your gifts, you can help people.

We may have different gifts.
That is good for us.
Then we can help each other.

But if we don’t use our gift, as a group, we may not function very well.
But when all of us use our gifts, as a group, then we can do some good works in Jesus.

So, what are your gifts?
Your gift may be speaking.
You can explain things well.
And God prepares you to speak so that people may understand.

You gift may be explaining who Jesus is.
When you explain, people may realize God’s love for them and God’s goodness for them.

(4) Your gift may be having a good conversation with other people.
You listen to them well.
And when you listen, you realize what God wants to do with them.
So, you pray for them.
Then, they may experience God and get to know God.
They may have the faith of Jesus Christ, knowing what God is trying to do with them.

(3) Your gift may be worshiping God and praising God.
The Holy Spirit has taught you to worship God and praise God.
So, you now know how to worship God and sing praise to God.
Now you may even know how to help other people to worship God and praise God.

(3) Your gift may be managing media and various machines.
God may help you to manage well those tools.

(4) Your gift may be communication.
You can write.
You can use PowerPoint to communicate ideas well.
You can draw well and design to communicate ideas.

(4) Your gift may be welcoming people.
The Holy Spirit may make people to feel welcome through you.
The Holy Spirit may help people experience God’s comfort and God’s healing through you.

Or you may have the gifts that Jesus had.
Jesus also had gifts.
(1) For example, he had the gift of knowledge.
So, he knew who he was and what to do with his life.
He knew how God works, and how he should carry out his ministry.

(3) He also had the gift of healings.
So, he healed people.

(3) He also had the gift of faith.
So, he saw things through the eyes of faith.
That is why he started his ministry trusting that he could finish his ministry on the cross.

(4) Then when Jesus rose back from the death, he asks his students to receive the Holy Spirit and become the students of the Holy Spirit, because from then on the Holy Spirit would give them gifts according to their calling.
Using these gifts, the students can help people in the power of God.
They can help people to get to know God.
They can live like Jesus the Christ.

(3) So, the Holy Spirit will give you gifts.
You will receive some gifts.
The Holy Spirit will help you to use these gifts to serve God and serve people.

But if you don’t use your gift, it may be taken away.
Even the Holy Spirit may be taken away.

So, we want to use our gifts and serve God and serve people.
In this way, we can live with the Holy Spirit.

So, ask God to give you the Holy Spirit.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help you use your gifts.
Then God will help you use your gifts humbly and patiently.
In this way God will work in you and through you.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for the Holy Spirit and for the gift.
Help us to use it faithfully.

And if there is anyone who has not received the Holy Spirit, may you give your Holy Spirit to them so that they may also work with you.
May they allow the Holy Spirit to work in them and through them.

Thank you Jesus.
We worship you and praise you.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Matthew 25: 31-46 (2)


The shoemaker and his guests
Reading: Matthew 25: 31-46
Actors/Puppets (For Puppet Show): Martin, street sweeper, woman carrying a baby
Props: bible, shoes, baby shoes, window

While these musicians prepare next songs and so on, I am going to tell you a story.
This is a children story.

(3) Once upon a time, there was a man called Mr. Martin.
He was a shoemaker.
He owned a little shop.

(3) One day he was reading the Bible.
The story was about how the wise men visited the baby Jesus, and offer their gifts.
Reading this, he was like:
“If I were there, I would have given him this gift!
(3) I would have given him this tiny little shoes!"

He was happy just to think about this.
Then he closed his little shop and went to bed.

(3) In his dream, he heard Jesus calling his name.
Jesus was like:
You have wished to see me.
So tomorrow I will pass by your window.
When you see me, please ask to come in.
Then I will come and stay with you.”

Then in the morning, he remembered this dream.
So he cleaned his little shop and prepared his table.
He prepared something to eat and drink.
(3) Then he started to wait looking at the window.


(4) Then he saw someone working outside, in that cold winter.
Martin was like:
“Oh, poor fellow, he must be half frozen.”

Then he opened the door and called out to him:
“Come in, my friend, and warm yourself.
Let me offer something to drink.”
(3) So, the man came and warmed himself up and ate some cookies and got back to work.


(3) After an hour, Martin saw a young woman poorly dressed and carrying a baby.
When the winds blew, she hid herself in the shelter of his doorway.
Then Martin was like:
“Oh, poor lady, she must be half frozen.”

Then he opened the door and said to her:
“Come in, my friend.
Warm yourself and have some cookies and a hot drink."

Mother was like:
“Oh, thank you.”

Looking at the baby Martin was like:
“Is the baby alright?
He doesn't look so well.”

She sighed and sadly explained:
“Yeah, I am going to the hospital.
But I don’t have any money.
I hope they will take care of him.”

Then Martin prepared something for her to eat and gave a cup of milk to the baby.

Then he noticed and said:
“How come your little one has no shoes?”

The mother was like:
“I have no shoes for him.”

(3) Martin was like:
“Then can I give this shoes?"
Then Martin took down the soft little shoes that he wanted to give Jesus yesterday.
When he slipped the shoes on him, they fit perfectly.

Then, as they leave, Martin says:
“Here is some money for the doctor.”

Mother was like:
“No, no, I can’t take that.”

Martin was like:
“Please for your baby’s sake.”

Mother was like:
“You are very kind.
Thank you.”
Then she left.


(3) Many people passed by his window.
He invited some people who needed his help.
So, his neighbors loved him and respected him.

But he expected that Jesus would be there.
Then he was like:
“ I thought Jesus would be here today.
Well, it was just a dream.”

Then being disappointed, he closed his shop and went to bed.

(3) Then in his dream, he saw a strange light.
(3) Then all the people he helped during the day appeared before him.
They were all smiling.
Then a gentle voice was saying:
(3) “You have seen me.
I did come and stayed with you.
I was cold, and you welcome me.
I was hungry, and you gave me food.
I was a stranger, and you take care of me.”

Then Mr. Martin was like:
“What do you mean?

(3) Then Jesus appeared and reminded him of this text in the Bible: Matthew 25:35-40
“I was hungry.
You gave me something to eat.
I was thirsty.
You gave me drink.
I was a stranger.
You took me in.”

“When you welcome these people in my name, you welcome me.
Whatever you did for these people, you did for me.”

Then Mr. Martin understood.
The end.

Let's pray:


Matthew 25:31-46 (5)


Help the poor
Reading: Matthew 25:31-46
Blanks: Enter, gave, Get out, visited, reward

(3) One day Jesus will be back.
He will come back as the King of all nations.

But what will happen, when Jesus comes back?

Jesus said this kind of things will happen.
(3) When he is back, Jesus will try to find all those who help the poor.
Jesus will find all the people who helped another person.
Jesus will find all those who take care of the sick.
Jesus will find all those who visit people in prison.

Then Jesus will thank them and said:
“I was sick.
But you looked after me.
I was in prison.
But you have visited me.
I was alone.
But you have come to visit me.

“You took care of God’s children in the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit was very pleased taking care of the poor with you.
So, now come and receive what I prepare for you.”

(3) But then Jesus says to those who didn’t help the poor.
“I encouraged you to help the poor.
I gave opportunities to help the hungry.
I gave you couple of chances to visit those in prison.
Like this I showed you those who needed your help.
But you were not interested in helping them.
What happened to you?

(3) I was hungry.
I was thirsty.
So, I ask you to come and help me.
But you ignored me.

“All these years, I was inviting you to be part of God’s mission on earth.
I wanted to help you so that you could show God’s love to the poor.
But I could not work through you.
So our relationship was weakened and eventually broken.
So, go away from me, because I don’t know you anymore.”

What do we learn from this story?
We learn that when we see the hungry, we are seeing Jesus who is hungry.
When we see the thirsty, we are seeing Jesus who is thirsty.

So, we have done some ministries to help the poor.
Let’s see what we have done.

(3-3) For example, you have went to Salvation Army Soup Kitchen to provide a lunch for the poor for a couple of times.
When you provide lunch, I am sure that Jesus may be saying to you:
“When I was hungry, you gave me food.
When I was thirsty, you gave me drink.
You provided what I needed.
I was able to use your hands to serve the children of God.
So, thank you for feeding the hungry with me.”

(3-3) You also have done a car wash to raise funds to help the poor in Nicaragua.
In fact some of you went to Nicaragua to help the poor.
I know it was difficult.

We are continually supporting them.
We also donated some money so that they could build a medical facility in Nicaragua.

(3) You have performed many concerts at various nursing home to comfort the elderly.

(4) We know that many people need clean water.
Millions of people die every year because they don’t have clean water.
Many children under the age of five died because of it.
That is why you are practicing today for annual charity concert.
In this way, every Christmas season, you have raised fund like this.

(3) Then we donate those money to Living Waters for the World.
(3) Then this organization goes and sets up a water purification system at remote villages to provide clean water.

(5) I also know that some of you sponsor a child through this organization called Compassion.
What does this organization do?
When they receive donation from you, they find a child who lives without schooling and without proper food and clothing.
Then, they provide them food, and new clothing.
They educate them so that they can become at least a High School graduate.
In this way, they share God’s love with children.
In this way, they share the story of Jesus with children.

(1) I also know some of you bought shoes from TOMS.
What does this company do?
This company is found to give out shoes to the poor.
If they sell a pair of shoes here in US, they give a new pair of shoes to the poor for free.
One for one.
If they sell a pair of glasses here, they give a pair of glasses to the poor for free.
One of one.
This is a new shoes company that gives out shoes to those in need.
With this One for One business model, they are continually able to give out shoes.
And they are growing and sustainable.

(3) Lastly, you are doing a food drive today to help the poor.
On Thanksgiving season, we donate food to the Bethesda House of Schenectady who provides food to the hungry.
We’ve also donated some clothing to them so that they can give to the poor.

Last year, I was asked to deliver our donation to them.
Then it was funny when I gave them our donations, I felt the presence of God.
I felt God was with me as I give those donations to them.

Anyway, we do these services because we know that Jesus would love this and say:
“Thank you for helping the poor.
Whenever you share God’s love like this, I am there.
Whenever you share God’s love like this, you become the body of Christ.
I love to take care of those who need clean water, food and clothing.
I love to help the poor with you.
So, I will help you so that you can use God’s power to help the poor.”

You see, Jesus wants to work through us.
Jesus wants to help the poor through us.
Jesus tries to teach us so that we can help them better in God’s way.

In this way we also share the story of Jesus with our own hands.
In this way, we can share the story of Jesus.
So, let's continually help the poor in the way that Jesus guides us.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, we pray for the poor.
They are your precious children.
You want to help them.
So, help us to serve you and work with you.
Help us to live your life in your power.
Help us to use your gifts and talents to serve you.
In Jesus name, we pray.


Matthew 23: 1-12 (1)

Let God do God’s own work in us
Reading: Matthew 23: 1-12
Blanks: practice, preach, Notice, equal, one, Messiah, humbles
Prop: dried noodles

(3) In the time of Jesus, the Bible was very expensive.
So, many people didn’t have the Bible at home.
So how could they learn about God?

Well, there was a group of people who studied the Bible together at their religious schools.
Other people thought that they understood the Bible.
So people respected them, and asked them to teach.
So, this group of people started to teach.
But they didn’t really know what they were talking about.
They didn’t know how to practice what God said.
They misunderstood the Bible.

But then people asked them to give them some spiritual rules to follow.
So, they made spiritual rules, a lot of spiritual rules for them to follow.
But since they really didn’t know who God is, they made some wrong rules.
Some of those rules had nothing to do with God.
Besides, many of those rules were too difficult to follow.
Even God could not keep those rules.
The fact is God does not like many of those rules.
But then they were proud of being the religious law and rules makers.

But because it was difficult and impossible to follow those rules, many people didn’t practice what they taught.
Then when they didn’t follow their rules, these proud religious lawmakers said to them:
“You sinners!”
This wasn’t nice.
This wasn’t fare.

But then they made more rules.
Then they asked people to practice these rules.
They made their life difficult, more difficult than what it should be.
And they took secret pleasure in watching them struggling to keep those rules.

(3) (Example) It is like this:
When they prepare a meal, they could have cooked their food.
They could have cooked their noodles or pasta.
But instead, they gave food that was not cooked.
Their food was difficult to eat.
But then they asked people to eat it.
If people didn't eat them, they said: “you are sinners.”

They really didn’t understand God.
They didn’t know how to obey God, either.
But since people treated them important, they wanted to be called, Teacher, or Leader.
They liked to receive honors.
(3) And they started to make religious garments like this.
Then they liked to show up.
They wanted people to watch them and talk about them.

Thinking that people admired them, they wanted to have more authority over people.
They wanted more attention and power.
Without knowing, they wanted people to obey them instead of God.
So, one day, they would be humbled.

(3) So, Jesus came to stop this nonsense.
Then Jesus said something like this:
“Just be content and simply be yourself.
Don’t try to puff yourself up.
Don’t try to stand out.
Just be yourself.
Or if you want to be greater, then try to step down and be a servant.
Humble yourself so that God can lift you up.”

“Also know that God is looking inside of your hearts.
And know that God cares more about what is going on in your heart.
God is not interested in your rules but your heart.
God cares more about who you are.
So God wants to change your hearts.
Let me help you to love God and love people.
Otherwise, you have no chance to get to know who God is.
Then Jesus said something like this to all the people:
“Well, because you don’t have the Bible at home, I guess you may listen to these law makers.
But know that you don’t have to do what they ask you to do.
Because sometimes, they don’t understand the Bible.
I think that people cannot become your teachers anymore about spiritual matters.
From now on God has to be your only teacher.
And everyone else is your classmates.
God is your teacher.
So, don’t have another teacher.
Don’t be another teacher.
Simply give God the chance to teach you.
Allow God to lead you.
Allow God to work in you and among you.
Allow God to help you believe in God.
Then you will see clearly.

Then since Jesus is God, Jesus is saying:
“I am your only teacher.
And everyone else is your classmates.”

So, let Jesus be the Teacher.
Let Jesus show you the way.
Let’s learn from him.
Think about what he said.
And try to understand his words.
Then you will learn more of God.
Then you will learn how to live your life.
You will know what is like to put God first in your lives.

In fact, only when Jesus helps us, we get to know God personally.
Then you will know how to be faithful to God.
You will be able to love God.
You will be able to love like God.
Only God can help you continually believe in God.
Only Jesus can help you grow in God and be a follower of God.

Let's pray:
Jesus, you know what's in our hearts.
Come and change our hearts.
Continually do your work within us and among us.
Thank you for your works within us and among us.
Thank you for taking care of our future.
We pray this in Jesus name.

Bring our Heart to God to change us.