Mark 1: 29-39 (2)


Pray alone
Reading: Mark 1: 29-39
Additional reading: John 1: 44
Blanks: helped, healed, prayed, preach

(2) Jesus started his ministry here at Capernaum.
He preached here, healed many people and cast out demons and so on.

(Bethsaida or Tabgha was where Jesus multiplied foods to feed thousands of people.
Mark seemed to say Peter had a house at Capernaum. (Mark 1: 29-39)
But John seemed to say that Peter was from Bethsaida. (John 1: 44)
Maybe all these areas were called Bethsaida.)

(2) Anyway one night, Jesus came to the house of Peter and Andrew.
And he healed their mother.

(3) When people knew where Jesus was, many people came to this house.
So, Jesus healed more people and cast out more demons and so on.

(3) Then in the morning, when his students were asleep, Jesus got up and went outside.
Then he prayed and thought about his ministry awhile.
Jesus prayed for people.
Jesus prayed for many people who wanted to experience God.
Jesus prayed for all those who were praying for the coming of the Messiah.
The Holy Spirit also informed Jesus many people who needed his help in their own towns.

So, Jesus decided to visit all those people and add value to their life.
Jesus decided to go and answer their prayers.

(3) But about this time, people of Capernaum have already gathered at the house of Peter.
They wanted to listen to Jesus and be healed.
So Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew tried to find Jesus.
They were calling his name.
Then eventually they found Jesus praying.

(3) Then Peter was like: (Mark 1:36-37)
“What are you doing here?
People are already looking for you.”

They didn’t know that they were disturbing his prayer time.
But Jesus didn’t say:
"Go back to your house and wait for me until I finish my prayer."

Jesus also didn't say:
"Sit here.
Let me teach you how to pray."

(2) Jesus was like:
“Yeah, this is our new home, Capernaum.
We will be back here many times.
But let’s first go to other villages and preach.
Let’s travel more and reach out more people.
Because that is why I am here.”

(3) Peter was ready to use his house for Jesus.
Many people came to his house already.
But Jesus had another plan.
Jesus realized that he needed to travel for God.
So they traveled with him.

(3) Following Jesus, they saw Jesus made various decisions praying alone.
Jesus prayed in order to know God’s will and do God’s will.
Jesus prayed because he realized many things through praying alone.
He realized God’s will for his life.

(3) Through prayer, Jesus had a good time with God..
God also energized him and gave him a peace of mind.
Sometimes, God excited him or made him smile.

(3) So they wondered about how to pray like him.
They tried to pray like him.
Sometimes, they listened to his prayer.
They practiced various prayer techniques and so on.

(3) But instead of teaching his students more about prayer, Jesus just continually prayed alone and meditated alone.

(3) Why is that?
Maybe because Jesus is God.
So his prayer life might be different from everybody else.

(3) Or maybe Jesus was thinking like this:
Since Jesus explained to them about who God is, now they understood God.
So they can pray and meet God in their prayer.
Then God will help them realize what to pray and how to pray.
God will guide them in their prayer.
They just need to pray in order to learn prayer.

(3) So Jesus was sure of this.
So, he just prayed alone.
He also asked his students that they should pray alone.

(3) Then when Jesus finished his ministry, he gave them the Holy Spirit so that they could pray even better.
The Holy Spirit helped them to spend time in prayer and meditate on God like Jesus.
The Holy Spirit helped them to make decisions according to God’s will.
The Holy Spirit helped them to pray alone like Jesus.
The Holy Spirit helped them to add value to the people in their lives, in Jesus’ name.

What do you think Jesus will ask today?
(3) Jesus may suggest that you also pray alone with God daily.
Then you may be able to meet God in your prayer.
You may be able to make decisions according to God’s will.

(3) The Holy Spirit will help you spend time with God alone.
The Holy Spirit will help you make decisions according to God’s will.
the Holy Spirit will help you feel the peace of God in your heart.
The Holy Spirit will energy you and even make you smile.

Then you will understand that God is listening and understanding your prayer.
So, let’s pray alone in the name of Jesus.
Then you can add value to the people in your life.
You can add God’s value to the people around you.

Let's pray:
Jesus, help us to pray and make decisions in your name.
Help us know your will; follow your will and live according to your will.
We pray this in Jesus name.