Mark 1:21-28 (1)


Live in the authority of Jesus
Reading: Mark 1:21-28
Additional reading: Matthew 28:18-20, John 1: 44
Blanks: sermon, authority, commanded

(3) Do you know where this is?
It is Capernaum.
(3) Jesus started his ministry right here.
And Jesus came here many times during his ministry.

(3) From here, Jesus went to various places in Galilee.
He performed many miracles around this town.
For example, the Mount of Beatitudes was nearby where Jesus preached the sermons of the mount.
Bethsaida was nearby where Jesus cured a man to see clearly.
Bethsaida literally means "house of fishing."
Bethsaida or Tabgha was where Jesus multiplied foods to feed thousands of people.

(3) Capernaum might have been the hometown of Peter and Andrew.
(John 1: 44 says that Peter was from Bethsaida. Maybe he had two homes. I don't know. Or when John wrote the Gospel, it was called Bethsaida. I don't know.)
James, John, and Matthew were living nearby.
So for Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew this could be a very familiar place for them.

(3) In this town there was a Jewish church.
This could be the home church of Peter and Andrew.
They might have come here to learn various stories of the Bible.
This could be a very familiar place for them.

Then one day Jesus and his disciples came to this Jewish church.
Jesus preached the good news there.
Then, everyone thought that he was a very different preacher.
(3) He explained God, as if he had a real relationship with God.
He talked about God as if he really knew God personally.
For example, Jesus explained the character of God:
He also knew what God does like, and what God does not like.

Also when he spoke, God’s power was felt.
Jesus spoke in the authority of God.
So when he talked about God, some of them felt the presence of God.
They were surprised.

(3) But in this church, there was a man who was possessed by an evil spirit.

(1) By the way what is the evil spirit?
The evil spirit are the spirits that are not willing to serve the will of God.

That evil spirit lived in this man’s body and tried to do what was not the will of God.

(3) But the more Jesus spoke the holy words of God, the more this evil spirit wanted to get out of there.
But because Jesus spoke in God’s power, the evil spirit could not move.
Then, this evil spirit cried out:
“What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth?
Have you come to destroy us?
I know who you are: the Holy One of God!”

(3) Then Jesus said:
“Be quiet!
Come out of him!”

When Jesus said this in God’s authority, the evil spirit could not resist.
So the evil spirit shook the man violently and came out with a piercing cry.
Then the man was freed from this evil spirit.

It showed Jesus had the power of God.
Jesus had this authority of God!

God created heaven and earth with his words.
Now Jesus cured a man with his words.
Jesus had God’s power and spoke in God’s power.

(3) But even though he had the authority of God, Jesus lived obeying God.
He used God’s power to obey God.
In fact, Jesus obeyed God all the way.
He always prayed:
"God, let your will be done.” (Matthew 26:39)

When Jesus understood God’s plan, he obeyed even when he was to be betrayed and killed.

(3) Because he had God’s power, he could have run away from the cross.
But no.
He wanted to obey God taking the cross.
He obeyed all the way.

Then after that, God handed over all the power and all the authority to Jesus.
(3) So now Jesus had all the authority of God.
Then using his authority, he protected us.
Then Jesus was like:
“You don’t need to be afraid of anyone, because you are under my authority.
I will protect you.
So go, teach and preach people.
Go and free people from evil spirits."”
Jesus asks us to go and share the story of Jesus.

(3) Jesus spoke these words and every words in God’s power.
So when we listen to him, we experience God’s power in our life.
When we obey Jesus, we experience God’s power.
As you obey and live under his authority, God’s power will stay with you.
God will work miracles in God’s way.
Jesus will work powerfully in your lives.
Then you can change the world.

Let’s pray:
Jesus, thank you for helping us to live under your authority and under your power.
Help us to know you and obey you.
Help us to obey your words that you spoke in God’s power.

You can truly help people.
You can use us to help people.
You can use us to heal many people.
So use us and help us to live under your authority so that we may heal your people and add value to people around us.
In Jesus name, we pray.